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Among some people of the Caucasus in Russia, there was a custom that a very small boy should marry an adult woman. The boy had to wait until he was mature to have any sexual relations with his ‘old’ wife. In order not to leave the newly wed wife without a lover, a clever arrangement was made.

Claudia Cardinal needing constant cooling down after her marriage

The boy’s father acted as husband to the wife. The problem of potential offspring from this relationship was solved too. All the children from the relationship belonged to the son. The father of the married boy was said to be merely the “seed raiser” for his son, only contributing to the building of his son’s family.

In Somalia, people believe that evil spirits may attack a bridal party so a false couple is substituted for the real bride and groom. The false couple are married in the house while the real couple stay in the nuptial chamber to deceive the evil spirits. The false couple may exchange their clothes and dress to impersonate the opposite sex. The girls dress up their partners, using padding to make the disguise as complete as possible.

Then, assuming all the airs of husbands, they flog their partners with horsewhips and order them about in the same way as they themselves have been treated by young men. These activities may last for a week. Those who impersonate the real couple to rescue them from the forces of evil are paid well for their service……

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  1. And that girly in the last pic what is she impersonating?

  2. Oh, I do like this post. Quite hot, nursey.

  3. Since these are normal practices in these societies, can they also be considered fetishes?

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and a Happy Thursday just to celebrate.Thursday Thirteen

    • no, I wouldn’t class these customs as a fetish

  4. So for the Caucasus in Russia, just about everybody ends up with a great deal. Nice!

  5. Is that last image a candid moment with the inventor of the electric toothbrush? I can’t quite make it out but the object looks Pepsodent-ready from here.

    Kay Nines

    • I don’t think you’ve quite nailed it Mark 😉

      • I’m with Mark. It looks more like a electric toothbrush than an eggplant.

  6. How complicated! I wonder why the need for the Caucasus custom. Did they need to ensure more and faster births or something?

    • the dads just wanted more sex….

      • That would be my guess.

  7. You shoud tell yer readrs how many fokes in Islammick cultures get to scope out th ol Juyubihinna!

    • just about everybody but the milkman…..

  8. What is in that last picture? I followed the link, great images.. and fascinating story!

    • I think doctoratlarge may have recognised the object – looks like an eggplant to me too

  9. Crikey! everybody else has much more fun with marriage. The last image looks as though she is trying new ways with curling tongs – a bit ouchy!

  10. I think the object in her hand is a brinjal (eggplant). And look at the concentration on her face!

  11. I do like the older wife/young kid idea. Not sure I’d be so keen on my dad plowing my wife while I grew up. Or about having half-brothers be my sons. But it’s better than nothing, right?

  12. haha. i love the idea of a false couple. i’m sure the people who ‘play the part’ are interesting indeed.

  13. Furthermore, as it is Thanksgiving here in the States, I would like to say that I am thankful for the tireless efforts of the good nurse. Without whom Fridays and every other day for that matter would be less fascinating.

  14. Why is that woman stick a phone in her nether regions?

  15. Why is that woman sticking a phone in her nether regions?

  16. Let’s see. I impregnate a woman and someone else has to raise them and be financially responsible for them. Sounds like welfare to me.

  17. eggplant? i’d say ‘squash’. if not before she inserted it, certainly after…

  18. OMG!!! This is just too disturbing!!!

    • I agree !

      • Why fancy seeing you here Ann 🙂

  19. So what you are saying is that the Caucasus were simply redneck Russians? Fair call, though I don’t think anyone lays claim to redneck off springs 😦

  20. Can I just tell you that I was perusing this post on the lovely dial up connection in eastern NC while I was with my family (of birth)? Although I am a grown woman, you can imagine my impulsive click of the “x” when my dad walked by and asked me what the hell I was looking at. Good times, good times.

    • ah yes…. that last photo would be a little hard to explain….

  21. …now all i have to do is convince my son that this father/son’s wife thing is a good idea…

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