quills or pig bristles tonight my dear?

Natives of Borneo and the Philippines will go to great lengths to attract lovers. After creating a channel through their penis glans, they decorate it with ingenious contrivances made from ivory or metal and often ending in brushes or tiny bristles.

The apparatus could be a round wheel with projecting points (like a spur held in place by a pin), stars, rings, fine twisted wire, pig bristles, bamboo shavings, seeds, horn, coral, agate, hornbill ivory, beads, broken glass and, in one case, an object that looked like a snake head. Quills, as well, were used as nonfunctional retainers. The early explanations from the Codex say the women insisted upon the piercings to discourage the men from sodomy.


image found here

On Borneo and Sulawesi, a splint is used to hold the penis for the actual piercing procedure. It varies in length from several inches to a foot, approximately a one-and-a-half inches thick with a hole in both sides. The slats are placed on either side of the penis and then tightly secured, flattening out the penis. After sufficient time has passed for the lack of blood and cold water to decrease sensation, the penis is pierced – sometimes, a pigeon’s feather anointed with oil would be inserted and taken out each day. The piercing takes about one month to heal.

penis adornment

“The lady had various ways of indicating the size of the ampallang desired. She might hide in her husbands plate of rice a betel leaf rolled about a cigarette, or with the fingers of her right hand placed between her teeth she will indicates the measure of the one she aspires. The Dayak women have a right to insist upon the ampallang and if the man does not consent they may seek separation. They say that the embrace without this contrivance is plain rice; with it is rice with salt.”

borneo women

In Japan, this site claims that having the foreskin constantly “decapped” or retracted, is part of the national character of the Japanese.

“Every Japanese entering maturity asks himself in the beginning why his glans is not completely free like that of other adults, and in this way arrives at an unfortunate suspicion of the naturalness of his own member”. He therefore shoves the foreskin back. “This operation is practiced by every one, but it is kept secret”. It is no custom “but an almost universal and quite secret usage”, which is “dictated by that shame of kawakamuri”.

penis head

The perpetually free glans of the Japanese is called “an artificial phenomenon”. The denudation is attained in the following manner: the foreskin is shoved back behind the corona glandis and often retained in that position by means of a string, so that finally, in many cases, it “cannot be extended forward any more to cover the glans”. The conduct of Japanese is interesting when the penis is to be exposed. At the bath or medical examinations a Japanese would never present himself otherwise than decapped. If, as sometimes happens, the prepuce slips forward again, he quickly draws it back in order not to offend against good form. ***

The Sumatran Islander goes farther: he implants in his penis a number of small stones or silver and gold platelets. The skin of the masculine organ is stretched with the fingers in such a way that it is drawn strongly to either side and back toward the root of the penis. Then with a sharp knife a cut about two centimeters long is made, and into this cut is set a small white stone, usually of one centimeter, but sometimes double this size, prismatic in form and with rounded edges. Then the skin is let go, which, due to its elasticity, returns to its former position and covers the stone. The man whose penis I saw had had these stones set in about twenty five years ago, in order, as he said, to please the women, who were “crazy” about such a man. There had originally been ten such stones, but only four were now left; the others, as he put it, had been lost in the course of time, that is, had been cast out by the tissue.


In Celebes the stimulative effect of the Kambiong is further supported by the eyelids and eye-lashes of a buck that are tied around the margin of the glans. The Araucanians of South America seem to make use of similar devices; they apply to the same part little bristles of horse hair, the so-called geskels.”

eyelashes of a buck

Motilinia reports about the people of Teoucan, Teotetlan and Cozcatlan “that the young men of marriageable age perforated their penis and drew under the skin a rope as thick as one’s finger and from ten to twenty ells long, and if any one fainted during this operation it was said of him that he had already sinned and had had intercourse with women. We hear exactly the same thing from Yucatan where sometimes penitents place themselves in a row, each one perforates his penis, and a string, as long as possible, is drawn through the members of all the penitents together.

homer swami by keith boadwee

image by Keith Boadwee

*** I wonder if headbang8 can ask Master Right if this is true?

a dark and stormy night

golliwog perfume of romance

On 10 July 1923, London experienced its worst storm for many years.

For over two hours the sky was illuminated by continuous flashes that gave buildings an eerie appearance, and at least once what seemed to be a gigantic fireball broke into a million fragments of dazzling fiery sparks.

wedding night

At the height of this thunderous activity, Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey who was staying at the Savoy Hotel, was shot dead by Marguerite, his French wife of six months. She claimed she was trying to protect herself from his violent sexual advances.


“He had spoken of his responsibility to extend the Fahmy dynasty, but his sexual modus operandi, done behind her back, so to speak, was neither purposely nor incidentally towards that end. Being petite of rump, she was physically pained as well as mentally disturbed by his unconventional approach.

1950s spanking

She shot him three times during a heated argument about, among other things, an operation which she wished to have in a Paris hospital and her husband preferred her to have in London.

“Her ailment had been caused by her husband, and made worse still, by the continuance of the pastime that had caused it.

Sir Edward Marshall-Hall, the barrister who defended the  Princess, cast aspersions upon the murdered husband’s character and implied an improper relationship existed between the Prince and his male secretary. Many believed Marguerite was acquitted because the jury found the idea of a beautiful white woman being constantly watched by black servants too abhorrent


The testimony that turned the tide and made Marguerite Fahmy a free woman was her recital of how her husband had her shadowed “by ugly black men,” who in obedience to his orders invaded even the privacy of her boudoir and the room where she slept.

That melted the heart of this stern English jury. They could not think of finding her guilty after hearing how she had been followed while she waked and slept, while she dressed and undressed, followed through all the most intimate moments of a woman’s life by the eyes of these spies.

One presumes the acquitted Princess was able to then have her surgical procedure at the hospital of her choice. She was welcomed back to Paris as a heroine, appearing in the social pages for a few years before dropping into obscurity. Marshall-Hall was criticised for his racist remarks but remained a popular figure in legal circles. The dead Prince became another name on the list of those who were cursed by the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb…..


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castle of my youth

I’ve lived in Australia for decades now but the first 17 years of my life were spent in Dunedin, New Zealand. It’s a pretty enough city with interesting architecture and gorgeous gardens but the weather is way too cold.

One of the attractions in Dunedin is Larnach’s Castle built in the 1870s by William Larnach.

Larnach was married three times and had six children. He was pre deceased by his first two wives and his eldest daughter, Kate. He took his own life in the New Zealand parliament buildings in 1898.

The Castle has its fair share of ghost stories, mostly based around the Larnach’s tragic lives. One of the stories is that Katie, Sir William’s favourite daughter, haunts the ballroom which was reputedly built for her as a 21st birthday gift. Kate died shortly after that birthday.


Larnach’s first wife Eliza Jane was supposed to have died of apoplexy at the age of 38  in what is called the South Bedroom. After his first wife’s death Larnach then married his wife’s sister. She too died unexpectedly.


This is Barbara Parkins, not one of the many Mrs Larnachs

Larnach married again, his third wife Constance was much younger than William, the match was doomed from the start. Constance had an affair with Larnach’s son Donald. Donald later took his own life in the Grand Hotel and Larnach himself committed suicide in his office in 1898.


In 1906 the New Zealand government bought the castle and used it as a mental hospital for shell shocked soldiers. Later it fell into a state of disrepair but has been restored by its present owners.


As a teenager I attended a party in the ballroom, of which I remember little except that my boyfriend and I ran around the parts of the castle that were open, holding hands and pretending to be Romeo and Juliet. I was wearing a long red velvet shift and had flowers in my hair. A group of med students dressed as court jesters had brought along cannisters of nitrous oxide and helium and were talking in high squeaky voices…..

angie and david

Angie and David weren’t there

It was the first time I smelled marijuana though I was busy with the mulled cider and didn’t take much notice of what people were smoking. In the early hours of the morning I leaned too far over the wishing well out in the garden and dropped a greenstone earring, one of a pair my romeo had found at a building site earlier in the week.

I still have the other one…..

greenstone 003

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bovine benefits


The first newspaper ever published in Australia was the Sydney Gazette. Just like the papers of today, unusual advertisements and human interest stories captured the public’s imagination.

john wilson webb

“As a reward for the Encouragement of growing Peaches for the purpose of making Cider, it is His Excellency’s pleasure to announce, that the person who will produce, in the next Peach Season, Two Hogsheads of Peach Cider, which when One Year old is judged by him to be the best, shall receive a Cow from Government as a Reward.

14 December 1806

Three corn porters were drinking together on Wednesday, when one of them, for the trifling wager of 5 shillings, undertook to eat the worsted stockings which the other two then had on, fried in oil, and half a pound of yellow soap, by way of bread to the delectable ragout. The fellow once before undertook to eat as much tripe as would make him a jacket; he was accordingly measured by a tailor, and the material cut out, when, to the great surprise of everyone, he ate up the whole in less than 20 minutes.


25 November 1804

On Thursday night last a Settler at Kissing Point attempted to put a period to his worldly difficulties by applying a noose to his neck. The noise occasioned by this alarmed a young girl in an adjoining room, who, with remarkable presence of mind, severed the suspending cord, and thus restored the care-devoted victim to a current of anxiety. This attempt upon his own existence had been occasioned  by a superabundance of sensibility, and an insupportable vexation, occasioned by the elopement of an amiable partner, whose paramour, to add to his mortification, wore a wooden leg.

outdoor sports

17 April 1803

A few days ago a fine young boy hung himself on a farm at Hawkesbury, and was found lifeless, though his feet were on the ground, his knees half bent. He had fastened the rope to the rafter of an outhouse, placed a looking glass before him and thrown himself from a height of two feet.

old age

3 July 1808 *

* Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong?

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corset friday 13.11.2009

harem 1 harem 2

harem 3 harem 4

I was in two minds about using the 4th photo as instead of revealing a glimpse of pubic hair, it looks more like I’ve been sitting in the wet spot… ah, well.. no such wardrobe malfunctions for my inspirations today…..

jayne_mansfield stretch uschi obermaier

Jayne Mansfield & Uschi Obermaier

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crisp advice

Recently I read Quentin Crisp’s Manners From Heaven, a slim and delightful book which advise the reader how to glide through life without behaving like a cad.

a minute with venus

One should never introduce a sexual element into a relationship if none is intended, if you do, you cannot claim to be surprised  if someone tries to seduce you. If you have misled someone into thinking you are available, if you have accepted gifts and shown no concern where such generosity might lead, then instead of protesting when The Pounce comes, you should acknowledge responsibility and accept the consequences. In most cases, an act of sex is no more bother than being vaccinated. With good manners you can avoid having to make this sacrifice, but should you find yourself in a situation of your own making, you should stop defending your virtue and start worrying about your maturity. It will give you something to think about while the savage pumper bangs away.


Advice to gentlemen readers

“When you have actually kissed her and she has not squeaked, run away or hit you, you may assume you can proceed further but with caution. A man should treat a woman’s feelings with all the acute respect he would have for nature when shooting the rapids in a wild river. You proceed tentatively in Braille with your seduction, the less said the better.

porn for the blind

Later, when the beast-with-two-backs has finished its lowly task and reverted to its separate selves, and the woman is musing over the mystery of life and you are contemplating the meaninglessness of existence, whilst the two of you are sharing a post-coital cigarette in an effort to boost your mood after so much anxiety and strain, as you lie exhausted after the ritual of compulsive excitation and hollow release, you may well wonder if it was all worth it

When an affair is over

There is probably no polite way of ending an affair except by constantly putting obstacles in the way of further meetings between your unstable self and the man foolish enough to believe he loves you. A man should take three consecutive refusals to meet him as a definite sign that an affair is over. As a general rule in our modern times a man must accept that when the cock cries thrice and is thrice denied it is time to take his erection elsewhere.

martin van maele

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unadulterated delicacy

alain delon

Alain Delon goes fishing for fugu

Regular readers know that nursemyra loves exotic food and I’m always keen to try something new. I’ve never had the opportunity to sample fugu but Adam Platt has and he tells us about eating a certain part of it here

art by chen fei

Art by Chen Fei

With the possible exception of the illicit liver, no part of the fugu creates quite the same flutter of excitement among blowfish lovers as the fugu sperm sac. The literal translation of shira-ko is “white babies.”  The appeal of the dish, according to Chef Masa, comes in part from its pure, milky texture (“It’s smooth,” he says, “like Brie cheese”) and its obvious overtones of virility. But the dish’s most enticing quality is its extra touch of lethality. It’s the only edible part of the fugu innards, and when not fully engorged, the sperm sac looks uncannily like a set of the deadly fugu ovaries. “If you eat fresh ovary by mistake,” says Hashimoto, “then you die.”


Presently, Hashimoto returns from his little kitchen with what looks like two glistening plastic bags of condensed milk. He wants us to see the real thing, the raw, unadulterated delicacy, before he starts preparing his dish. The shira-ko are as white as snow, bouncy to the touch, and disturbingly large, about the size of a pair of healthy water balloons. As we examine them politely Shinji’s eyes light up. “That’s a really nice sperm sac,” he says.

Another dish I’ve never tried is Eskimo Ice Cream.

The native people of Alaska have a distinct version of ice cream. It’s not creamy ice cream as we know it, but a concoction made from reindeer fat or tallow, seal oil, freshly fallen snow or water, fresh berries, and sometimes ground fish. Air is whipped in by hand so that it slowly cools into foam. They call this Arctic treat akutaq, aqutuk, ackutuk, or Eskimo ice cream.

reduce your flesh

Akutaq can also be made with moose meat and fat, caribou meat and fat, fish, seal oil, berries and other Alaskan things. Traditionally it was always made for funerals, potlatches, celebrations of a boy’s first hunt, or almost any other celebration. It is eaten as a dessert, a meal, a snack, or a spread

Here in Australia we also eat unusual foods like the ubiquitous Vegemite, kangaroo steaks (delicious and low in cholesterol) and an Aboriginal favourite – witchetty grubs


Witchetty grubs are traditionally eaten live and raw. Their meat is rich in protein and makes for a highly nutritious snack if you’re tramping through the bush. Raw witchetties have a subtle, slightly sweet flavour and a liquid centre.

Barbecued, witchetties are often eaten as an appetizer. They are cooked over a fire on pieces of wire, rather like shasliks or satays. It takes about two minutes each side for the meat to become white and chewy and the skin crusty. Barbecued witchetties taste quite like chicken or prawns with peanut sauce.


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turn over a new moon

Why would anyone change their name from Henry Moon to Henry Smith? Especially if they were a magician and an escapologist?

Henry was imprisoned in a New Brunswick jail for horse stealing. During his incarceration he feigned illness and escaped though was recaptured shortly afterwards.

strong man

This time he was forced to wear handcuffs and neck and leg irons. These were connected to each other and attached to an iron ring in the wall, so he couldn’t move at all. The iron collar was made of a flat bar of iron over an inch wide, but Smith managed to twist it from his neck and broke it in half.


One night the jailer investigated a noise coming from Smith’s cell. At first he found nothing. But then he noticed that the bars of the cell had been practically sawn through and that the prisoner had somehow freed himself completely from his chains. On another occasion, despite new window bars and heavy-duty door locks on his cell, the prisoner was discovered with a woman kneeling at his bed. It was an extraordinarily convincing figure of his wife, and the magical scene was made in the pitch dark from scraps of cloth and straw, and a three-foot wooden trough that had contained his drinking water. He was chained with heavier irons, but next morning was found to be free again. After a thorough search a minute saw was found that Smith had made by cutting microscopic serrations in a steel watch spring.


image by Araki

One morning the jailor found that Henry had again freed himself from his chains. The links were found to be separated, but they had been somehow broken and not cut. Thinking they had some kind of magican on their hands they replaced these chains with seven feet long ox chains stapled to the floorboards, which Henry also managed to break into pieces.

Later, again handcuffed in total darkness and without any tools, he made an entire troupe of full-size puppets using straw, rags, burnt wood and his own blood for colour. The incredibly life-like group consisted of ten players – men, women and children – who danced with motion, ease and exactness. Word spread and Smith soon had visitors for his extraordinary magic show from all over; there was even one gentleman from Ireland.


Ann Pennington (click photo to make Felix dance with Ann)

Smith also seems to have had the ability to make fire at any time, and proved it by starting fires in his cell with no apparent means. Telling fortunes using tea-leaves was another of his skills. He left the jail a free man, but a few months later, was arrested again. Apparently he’d crept into a young lady’s bedroom and stolen one of her earrings as she slept.


When this term of imprisonment was up, he presented his prison keeper with a pocket knife, into the handle of which he’d set a tiny watch which kept perfect time.


watch found here

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use puppies or the gills of a cock

Gould and Pyle have some fascinating things to say about early skin grafts.

Rodgers reports the case of a white man of thirty-eight who suffered from gangrene of the buttocks caused by sitting in a pan of caustic potash while intoxicated.  Rodgers used grafts from the under wing of a young fowl, as suggested by Redard, with good result.


Vanmeter of Colorado describes a boy of fourteen with a severe extensive burn. Grafts were taken from two young puppies of the Mexican hairless breed, whose soft, white, hairless skin seemed to offer itself for the purpose with good prospect of a successful result.

selma hayek

Two beautiful Mexican puppies found here

Masterman has grafted with the inner membrane of a hen’s egg, and a Mexican surgeon, Altramirano, used the gills of a cock. Fowler of Brooklyn has grafted with the skin from the back and abdomen of a large frog.

Rooster frog

rooster and frog found here

Leale remarks that as common warts of the skin are collections of vascular papillae, admitting of separation without injury to their exceptionally thick layer of epidermis, they are probably better for the purposes of skin-grafting than ordinary skin of less vitality.


Ricketts remarks that the prepuce of a boy is remarkably good material for grafting. There is recorded an instance in which the breast of a crow and the back of a rat were grafted together and grew fast. The crow dragged the rat along, and the two did not seem to care to part company.


rat’s ass t shirt worth crowing about found here

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corset friday 6.11.2009

Here’s a special treat for underwear aficionados. Ms. Mysterious, whom I have never met in person, sent a photo of herself in a very chic pink striped corset, taken, I believe, by her devoted husband. She also gave me permission to publish it on Corset Friday!

Spinach Pie did an excellent job last weekend, she not only took the photographs for today, she donated the cute little flip skirt I’m wearing

So a big thanks to Ms. Mysterious and Spinach Pie for making this weeks’ corset friday extra special. I love you gals…..

flip 1 flip 2

flip 3 flip 4



Ms. Mysterious

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