caring for your neovagina***

The decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery is not one to be taken lightly. This fascinating site tells you everything you need to know as well as dispensing dating advice for the postoperative new woman

Sydney’s Carlotta photographed by Rennie Ellis

“You must be sure to regularly dilate to at least 35mm in width in order to take in an average-sized male, and 38mm is even better. Remember, your vagina is not as elastic in diameter as a GG’s vagina. It will stretch out only to the maximum size you’ve dilated to, and will then go no further. If you are in doubt about someone’s size, be sure to carefully “feel the width” of your date before indicating a desire for intercourse. That way you can see if he’s likely to fit into you. If he’s definitely too wide, you can decide that you are “too tired” that night. Then find someone else to date.”

It’s interesting to note that many men who have undergone sex reassignment surgery are still capable of orgasm when they have become women.

Most postop women having healthy libidos begin to experience their first postop arousals within a month or two after surgery. After a initial period of low sensations and even numbness, they then experience “turning on” due to engorgement of remaining internal erectile tissue (corpora and spongiosum) that was left during SRS. The arousals produce a feeling of “erection”, but one that is different than for guys, since it is inside their bodies.

image of April Ashley found here

If done properly, the post-operative patient can have powerful feelings of sexual arousal (erection of the corpora stumps remaining inside her body) and can easily be orgasmic (the prostate is left intact, and can spasm during orgasm just as before SRS – while the nerve tissues throughout the corpora, the clitoris and the vulva spasm, throb and release at the same time, just as in any other woman).

You can read the story of beautiful French transsexual Bambi here

image found here

Her friend Coccinelle, who started out as a female impersonator before making the transition into a fully fledged woman, attracted world wide media attention by marrying not only once but three times.

read her story here

***I’m often asked where I find the stuff I post here. I found the original site (linked in the first paragraph) by googling “Did Aristotle Onassis sponsor sex change surgery?”

And, yes, he did

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not such a capital idea

Lucha Loco found here

Silly me, I thought capital punishment was for serious offences like murder.  Not so in ancient times….

Gina Lollobrigida as the Queen of Sheba

Places Offenses Punishments
Hebrew transgressions affecting whole community stoning
mob beating
Babylon selling bad beer
sex with mother
accepting pawns from slaves, minors
perjury in murder trials*
unproveable murder claim
kidnapping a boy
helping slaves escape
not capturing rebels in your bar
a non-temple priestess in a bar
poor house carpentry
father’s carpentry kills a boy**
stealing sacred property
inability to pay for stolen property
robbery of a free person
the usual
Assyria being a bad barber the usual
Egpyt injuring a cat the usual
Greece transgressions affecting whole community stoning
mob beating
forced suicide
Rome singing unruly songs
immorality in vestal virgins
the usual
feeding to lions
gladiator battles
India stealing a royal elephant the usual

* the penalty for perjury in a murder trial was for the perjurer to be executed by intravenous embalming while still alive.

**In Babylonia a punishment had to fit the crime, often in a bizarre parallel. If a poorly erected home collapsed on the owner, the architect was executed. If the home fell in the owner’s son, the architect’s son was put to death. If the homeowner’s wife or daughters were killed, the architect was only fined.

image of Rita Tushingham found here

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a girl’s privilege and a boy’s duty

The Bechuana tribe of Southern Africa believe that someone who has recently had sex should not visit the sick, their polluting effect may be so strong that a sick person might not recover.

The most dangerous polluting effect is said to occur when the sick person hears the voice of a man or woman who has recently engaged in sexual activity.

If a married Bechuanan woman has committed adultery, a merciful husband may agree to a purification rite. The guilty woman sits on the ground opposite her husband, close enough that her knees are between his. A burning herb is placed between them for fumigation purposes, then they each make a small cut beneath each other’s navels. Their blood is mixed together with more herbs and then rubbed into the incisions. This is all that is needed to wipe out the stain of adultery and their life returns to normal.

In Central India some young people are educated the Ghotul way.

Anthropologists say that the Ghotul is an ancient institution. It is a living university. There are no books or tests, yet one is taught life’s education. Students are teachers here, and teachers, students.

image found here

Equality, simplicity, and freedom form the fundamental fabric of the Ghotul life. Members eat, play, dress, and sleep without any separation of males and females. They can even swim in the river together without clothes on.

In Ghotuls, no distinction is made between love and sex. Everybody is free and behaves responsibly. Since sex is considered a very natural phenomena at the Ghotuls, there arise no perversions. Sex is seen as natural as hunger or sleep. In some civilized societies, sex is considered to be a man’s right and woman’s duty, whereas at the Ghotul, it’s a girl’s privilege and the boy’s duty. Since partners are continuously rotated, every pair gets a chance sooner or later.

Although youngsters enjoy free sex at Ghotuls, they practice strict monogamy during married life.  Married people cannot enter the Ghotuls and the youngsters strongly protest any meddling in the Ghotul’s affairs by their elders.

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georgie’s rules

While still a youth, George Washington transcribed over 100 Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation. Click on the link if you want to see them all, otherwise you can read the most amusing ones here

george washington's teeth

When in Company, put not your Hands to any Part of the Body, not usually Discovered.


Shew Nothing to your Friend that may affright him


In the Presence of Others Sing not to yourself with a humming Noise, nor Drum with your Fingers or Feet

Put not off your Clothes in the presence of Others, nor go out your Chamber half Dressed.


Spit not in the Fire, nor Put your Hands into the Flames to warm them, nor Set your Feet upon the Fire especially if there be meat before it.

Shake not the head, Feet, or Legs, Roll not the Eyes, lift not one eyebrow higher than the other, wry not the mouth, and bedew no mans face with your Spittle.


Do not Puff up the Cheeks, Loll not out the tongue, thrust out the lips, or bite them or keep the Lips too open or too Close.

Let your Discourse with Men of Business be Short and Comprehensive.

greetings convention participants

In visiting the Sick, do not Presently play the Physicion if you be not Knowing therein.


Run not in the Streets, neither go too slowly nor with Mouth open go not Shaking yr Arms kick not the earth with yr feet, go not upon the Toes, nor in a Dancing fashion.


Happy Boxing Day!!!

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corset friday xmas

ok, fourth friday of the month is supposed to be t shirt friday but it’s xmas so I’m doing the festive thing instead. Hope you all had a wonderful day, it’s actually overcast and raining here in Sydney but still warm and the Christmas lights in my garden look magical….. love and best wishes from nursie…xx

all photos taken by syncopated eyeball

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sealing wax and string

You may think the fashion of breasts enlarged by various means is relatively new, but that is not the case.

In The School for Fashion published in 1800, Madame Thicknesse related the true story of a girl about to be married who fainted at a party. A number of women eagerly flew to her assistance, and upon loosening her gown to give her more air, were shocked to see a beautiful pair of wax breasts tumble out on to the floor.

Anita Ekberg disdained wax

In the early 19th century, ladies who did not need an enlargement bought a special corset called a ‘divorce’. It was designed to separate what the hand of the Creator had brought into the most graceful union…. a piece of steel or iron, of a triangular form, gently curved on either side… covered with soft material… placed at the centre of the chest to divide the breasts. The idea was to push the breasts apart to prevent the appearance of cleavage.

Elaborately carved whalebone was often used as a separator. It would be inserted in a panel down the centre of a corset such as the one below

image found here

To facilitate the lacing of their corsets, many women had a lacing bar installed in their boudoir. It was a horizontal bar positioned high enough above her head that she could grab and hang from it. This position lengthened the body and narrowed the waist so tighter lacing was possible.

image found here

Often a ‘perineal strap’ was included with a corset. This was used to attach sanitary napkins but also as a way of preventing exploration.

No need for a perineal strap here

Even Tom Cruise’s ex, Mimi Rogers, likes a bit of corset action. Here she is in a yellow and black combination that holds her assets up nicely

image found here

Lacing is not restricted to body corsets. BME have many interesting variations including this leg lacing effect which would make it all but impossible to break into a run

For a completely different take on corsetry, check out Ira Sherman’s Impenetrable Devices.

Many of Sherman’s pieces are, in fact, “prostheses” created around a humorous social concept. These are worn on the body, and may be shockingly intimate. The devices have names like Bear Trap Corset (below), Saber Tooth Speculum and Intimate Electric Fence. They are mostly steel and brass, with some electrical wiring and small mechanical parts.

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cry “Spanko”

Towards the end of the 17th century, the streets of London were haunted by a man known as “Whipping Tom“. ***

Tom would wait in dark alleys for unsuspecting ladies out and about at night, grab them, lift up their skirts and beat ‘an Alarum’ upon ‘their Tobies’ with his bare hand as he cried out ‘Spanko!’.

image found here

His attacks went no further than a harsh spanking, but a contemporary account recorded that one one occasion ‘he so swinged her tail, that tis thought, she will not be capable of her Trade for some time.’

There is no record of him doing anything other than spanking. A pamphlet printed at the time describes in great detail the tale of a poor, stunned pease-pudding seller:

“Another time the Woman that cries hot Gray Pease about the Streets, coming up Ram Alley in Fleet Street … a cold hand was lay’d upon her, and up flew her heels, and down fell the Pease Tub, when (as she has farther related) her sences were so charmed, that she lost all power of Resistance, and left him to Tyranize over her Posteriors at pleasure, the which when he had done, he left her to scrape up her ware as well as she could, for the use of such longing Ladies as are affected with such Diet.”

***found here

Spankometer found here

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making a Chinese toyshop of it

The development of the contraceptive pill changed women’s lives. Prior to that, things were pretty hit and miss, with IUDs generally only being available to married women and condoms having a high fail rate.

“In light of the growing number of available contraceptives such as pessaries and suppositories, the New York Medical Journal ran a parody entitled “A Raid on the Uterus“.” The article detailed 123 different varieties of pessaries on the market, from a simple plug to a “patent threshing machine, which can be worn with the largest hoops”. This proliferation far outweighed the need, the author insisted. “I do think that this filling the vagina with such traps, making a Chinese toy shop of it, is outrageous.”

According to this book there was also the Venus Apparatus, a small rubber ball filled with Venus Powder which was connected to a larger ball by tubing. The smaller ball was inserted into the vagina and at the moment of ejaculation the woman squeezed the larger ball which expelled the Venus Powder within.

In the late 19th century, German women favoured suppositories with grandiose names; The Sib-torpedo, Spermathanaton, Pudi de Paris, and Dr Hutler’s Vaginal Insufflator For the Malthusian.

As recently as last month, this site was promoting ‘natural’ methods of contraception involving the ingestion of peppers, hibiscus flowers and Indian gooseberries. Or you could place a piece of rock salt in your vagina for 100 seconds. I think I’d rather abstain…..

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make butter and scold the maid

I love the novels of Thomas Hardy, even the films made of his stories are pretty good.  Made in 1978, The Mayor of Casterbridge starred Alan Bates*** as a man who preferred the old custom of selling his wife as an alternative to getting a divorce.

image by John Willie

“In a sale by auction the husband would lead the wife to a market on market day by a halter round her neck or waist. The sale would proceed only with the wife’s consent and she could also veto it if the purchaser was not to her liking. In one report from Manchester (1824) it was said that after several biddings the wife was knocked down for 5 shillings; but not liking the purchaser, she was put up again for 3 shillings and a pint of ale.”

image found here

According to the periodical “All the Year Round” (1832), Joseph Thompson, a farmer, agreed to separate from his wife of three years. He put her up for auction with this sales pitch…

She is a born serpent and my tormentor. but she can also read novels and milk cows, make butter and scold the maid, and while she can’t make rum, gin or whiskey, she is a good judge of the quality from long experience of tasting them. She is offered at 50 shillings.”

However, Thompson seemed to have oversold her faults. After an hour, she was knocked down to Henry Mears for 20 shillings and a New Foundland dog, with the parties then going their separate ways, apparently mutually pleased with the bargain.

***Alan Bates had a lengthy affair with Peter Wyngarde, better known as 60s television sleuth, Jason King. You can read about Alan and his many paramours here

image of Peter Wyngarde found here

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the romance of lust

A couple of years ago the Bibliothque Nationale presented an exhibition of erotica and pornography gleaned from the forbidden section of the state library

The French are not the only ones to have a hidden stash of such things. The British Library at Saint Pancras also has a Private Case, kept in a strong room and usually only accessible to academics. It holds the correspondence between 45 year old Lady Cavendish and the much younger Count de la Rochefoucauld which was used as evidence in the divorce case of Lord and Lady Cavendish.

image of Private Case found here

“Rouchefoucauld’s letters were so erotic that 12 of them occupy the last 26 pages of the fourth volume of the pornographic classic “Romance of Lust” published in 1876 and confined to the Private Case.

When counsel for Lord Cavendish produced them, he said they were too scandalous to be read in open court. The judge had a look at one or two and told the court, “I entirely agree with my learned friend. I shall take them home and refer to them in my summing up.”

image found here

In them, Rochefoucauld said the Lady Cavendish had picked the ‘flower of his virginity’. He talked of the joys of cunnilingus, fellation, drinking urine and sharing all of the delicacies of each other’s body.

He talked of introducing a naked serving girl to their lovemaking who would perform cunnilingus on Lady Cavendish and ‘violate you with her breasts… filling your womb with her milk to excite your senses’.

image by Becat

He wrote of more debased practices than this but repeatedly stated that Lady Cavendish’s replies were even more explicit than anything he could dream up.

Fast forward to 1930 and another scandalous divorce case used the love letters of Jessie Matthews to her married paramour as evidence.

image of Jessie Matthews found here

Outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, crowds stood ten deep, together with an army of photographers, all waiting for the conclusion of what promised to be Britain’s first great showbusiness scandal of the 20th century, an astonishing saga of intense sexual passion, illicit love and steamy, pornographic letters.

The wronged wife was not in court. She was in Hollywood, making a film called One Heavenly Night. In her absence, the court was told about the heavenly nights enjoyed by her husband and his devastatingly attractive mistress, and listening to the sexually explicit love letters which Jessie Matthews had written to her married lover, which his wife had discovered.

Presiding over the court on this afternoon in July 1930, was the most censorious and inflexible divorce judge of his generation, Sir Maurice Hill, a 68-year-old widower with a deeply ingrained distaste for divorce proceedings, which he once described as like having ‘one foot on sea and one in a sewer’.

‘It is quite clear,’ he said, ‘that the husband admits himself to be a cad, and nobody will quarrel with that, and the woman Matthews writes letters which show her to be a person of an odious mind.’

You can read extracts from the letters by clicking the link at the end of this paragraph – they appear to be much tamer than Lady Cavendish’s were purported to be. Her affairs were certainly interesting and included a curious night with two royals and a lover who hired a Gypsy Moth to drop matchboxes containing raspberries on the lawn of her house

Raspberry Moth found here

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