yellow rose of denver

Jennie Rogers ran a lavish, opulent bordello in Colorado for nearly 40 years.

“In 1884 she was arrested for vagrancy and for being a professional morphine taker. Probably Jennie had been too hoity toity  to some member of the police force and he had taken revenge.

There is another story, possibly apocryphal, that the town council ordered all the “soiled doves” to wear a yellow ribbon to indicate their occupation. Jennie and the other madams got together and ordered their girls to buy complete yellow outfits including yellow parasols. Plumed and beribboned they drove in buggies all over town until the town council retreated in dismay and rescinded the order.

parasol nipple tassles found here

Jennie’s friend Mattie Silks, was also a Colorado bordello owner whose name was often in the papers.

“At a party in 1877, Mattie and another madam, Kate Fulton, exchanged fisticuffs over Mattie’s lover, Cortez Thomson. Both Cortez and Kate’s beau, Sam Thatcher became embroiled in the fighting. Things escalated when someone shot at Cortez and Mattie called Kate out to a duel. Both women fired their pistols, missing each other, though Mattie manged to wound Cortez who was standing on the sidelines watching.

Laura Evans was yet another madam who led an interesting life

In 1896 she smuggled the payroll past striking miners to the ones who had stayed on the job. That same year she and one of her friends went tearing through town in a horse drawn sleigh, smashing into Leadville’s elaborate ice palace, destroying much of the $200,000 erection. ‘Miss Laura’ was known as a hoyden, specialising in pranks, wiles, peccadilloes and boisterous drunks. She died just before her 90th birthday, still rolling her own cigarettes and telling her profanity-laden stories of the good old days.”

Leadville Ice Palace found here

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  1. I love Yul Brynner …… is that so wrong …….?

  2. No, it’s not wrong daddyp, I love him too.

    • Oy. He’s bald, and he’s mine!

      • cat fight coming up

  3. I love Leadville. I visited as a kid and panned for gold!

    • headbang8, you’ve been everywhere!

  4. A professional morphine taker??? Hmmm…sounds like my kinda profession!

    And oh Yul Brynner….i LOVE I LOVE!!!!!

  5. So many questions, so little time…

    What keeps a tassle on a nipple?

    Is nipple-tassle-removing a profession like morphine-taking?

    Is an ice palace a fun kind of erection to have?

    What kind of idiot goes anywhere near his girlfiend when she has a gun?

    • Glue, Yes, No, Dunno.

  6. I wish that my erection was worth $200 000. My wife seems to think so but…..

  7. Intrigued by the Leadville Ice Palace, d’you think it was the forerunner of the trendy Scandanavian ice hotels everybody seems to be going to these days

    No men come near me when I have a gun in my hand

  8. I’ll bet I would have gotten laid a lot more when I was single if my first name was Cortez. How fabulous. What is Mark? Just another hum-drum dime a dozen moniker.

  9. I think Mattie was purposefully trying to hit Cortez. That cheater.

  10. “….for being a professional morphine taker

    yep. new dream job. never mind the last post…

  11. Never underestimate the power of women. Jennie showed that town council who not to mess with!

  12. A prostitute ran a horse drawn sleigh over someone’s erection. Now that’s kinky.

    • Sounds perfect for a few upcoming Christmas Fetish parties.

  13. How can I apply for the position of professional morphine taker? Talk about a dream job.

    I wonder if the Yellow Pages got their idea and slogan from those yellowed ladies.

    Lastly, I’d even like to see what a 200k erection looks like. Just to compare notes.

    • Sorry, I really have to start reading your other comments before I hit submit.

  14. I think Yul Brenner was one of the sexiest people ever.

    Name That Christmas Song

    • He was an early crush of mine, from his days of torementing Nefretiri (Anne Baxter) in ‘The Ten Commandments’.

  15. It’s interesting that Focus on the Family makes its home in Colorado, considering most of Colorado has a deep tradition of sinning it up.

  16. does this mean my erection could be worth more than 200,000$? Can I mortage that for an extension on my loan?

    Sydney huh? I found u by looking for really supportive underwear when I came across ur ball bra blog. The idea of a bra for my balls, I guess I owe to u. It looks like a bag within a bag

    • I think I’d run a mile if I ever encountered a man wearing a ball bra 😉

      • with the offered support of the ball bra in guessing that man could comfortably run multiple miles after u : )

      • haha…. good one. Have you got a blog?

      • no I don’t, I know, I should have one but what would I blog about? Uve pretty much nailed it down

  17. ‘Miss Laura’ was known as a hoyden, specialising in pranks, wiles, peccadilloes and boisterous drunks.

    i have GOT to party with this one… ;->

    • I think you’ve already partied with that Miss Laura’s doppleganger

  18. Anyone specializing in pranks has a special place in my book. It’s a talent not enough of us carry through today’s unnecessary seriousness. Good for Laura Evans.

  19. Ahh, gotta love houses of ill repute!

  20. I like the sound of parasol nipple tassles as this years’ Christmas craft project. People seem to love the handmade gift.

    Hewlett P. Lovecraft

    • You can make some for me 😉

  21. Personal applause for a western-themed post, Nurse! Hoydens and drunken duels, it’s fantastic. I wonder if the Jewish prostitutes had to wear a yellow ribbon together with a yellow star?* Or would that be upstaging the sherrif?

    *Flashes ‘LTMJJ’ badge – License to Make Jewish Jokes.

    • Mitzi – have you seen “A Serious Man”? You’d love it!

  22. One of Seattle’s founding fathers was a madam named Lou Graham. If the police had tried to tie a ribbon around her or her girls …. well it wouldn’t have happened. She was TOUGH

  23. I would love to smash an ice palace 🙂

  24. I am wondering if one would be censured for posing in nipple tassels in an amateur physique competition in the Masters division. It’s almost enough for me to buckle down, cut up and go for it.

    • oh please do Sled

  25. Now those were hard living women!!!

    Professional morphine taker? I didn’t know they had such a class.

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