corset friday 4.12.2009

all photos were taken by syncopated eyeball

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  1. Two bonus shots over at my place! Don’t know how to do a trackback/pingback thingy.

  2. Very lacy. And very nice as always.

  3. Lace is a good thing, always.

  4. You’re smokin hot and pretty in pink! I love the third (clockwise) pose. It shows panache.

    • I agree with Scott, NM.

      Panache indeed!

  5. were you ever a burlesque dancer?

    • Nope. But I was a champion Irish dancer when I was 10

  6. Parfait!


    The King

  7. Beautiful, as always !!!

    Bottom left pic reminds me somewhat of a Victorian bathing costume –

    albeit you look a whole lot sexier !!! πŸ˜‰

    • thanxx Duncan πŸ™‚

  8. Great outfit, great photography. I can’t get hold ups to hold up – can you?

    • Funny you should say that – most of them I can but these ones kept falling down

  9. Very stylish indeed. A little provocative laciness is always a head turner.

  10. Do you actually wear this and do you a think it’s cool? Each to his own but as far as this gear goes it’s a bit… tired looking.
    You come across as an articulate and intelligent women who is still understandably grieving for her lover. Not too many ***** names in Sydney and from what I’ve read of you I find this side of you a complete enigma.

    • I wear the top beneath my clothes, and I often wear stockings. The skirt has never been worn outside the house.

    • Articulate, intelligent, and you missed out sexy. Is being or wanting to feel sexy enigmatic?

      After all, this is the Gimcrack or haven’t you noticed certain recurrent themes err popping up?

      The King (feeling slightly defensive over our favourite handmaiden!)

      • What about classy and tasteful King Willy?
        If you have the need to show bits and pieces of your anatomy to guys and girls of course then that’s your prerogative but I wonder why she does that to herself. I would have thought a confident woman such as NURSEMYRA surely would have other outlets.
        To me this just looks like a low self esteem issue and the constant need for acceptance and adulation from
        others. After all we re all entitled to our opinion especially when you put yourself out there. The themes as you say are quite informative but the corset photos which I don’t think are tastefully done showing at times pink streaks and tatts, hinting also of visible pubes all that tasteful.
        What I said was from what I’ve read on the net of this woman in her chosen profession yes she is enigmatic. I find it a complete contradiction of the real
        nursemyra. She can be sexy, classy, tasteful, intelligent and articulate without the need to please your eyes King Willy. You see that’s why I’m the Celtic Queen lol. So off with your head!

      • Well, Ann, the mystery here, to me, is your motivation for leaving these comments, though I really doubt that your concern is for my friend’s self esteem.
        A revised list of some of NM’s attributes: articulate, intelligent, sexy, kind, generous, charitable, beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside, fun.
        None of which are mutually exclusive.

      • I think Syncopated Eyeball is right on the money here Ann. I guess it’s all a matter of taste isn’t it?

        As for the ‘real’ Nursemyra she doesn’t seem to have a problem pleasing anyone’s eyes including her own… But it does disturb me to think I’ve been hanging out with the ‘fake’ Nursemyra. Perhaps next time we have lunch I’ll see if I can verify her ‘realness’!

        As for your kind offer regarding ‘offing my head’ I might decline for now as I’m a happily married regent you know. I’ve yet to even see you in a corset, and I do like to know what I’m dealing with in these err delicate matters. I’ve nothing against the Celts mind you, but seem to have failed to be apprised at court of the various classy skills of the Celtic Queen and indeed the entire court of Skowron has ne’er been mentioned by any of my most dutiful courtiers…

        The King

  11. Number 4 is sublime.

    • Freeman, I just read your incredibly moving post about Timmins and Baby Z. My heart goes out to you

    • Syncopated eyeball there is no ‘mystery’ and if I was her ‘TRUE’ friend I’d be steering my friend in another areas. That’s what true friends do. I believe she has all the qualities you say and probably more, all but maturity and at her ripe age I’m surprised she still feels the need to exhibit.
      By the way I’ll look out for your corsets now and compare notes. Don’t be shy.

  12. frilly and fun! you have the teeny-tiniest waist!

  13. excellent. this brings to mind a saloon hall girl of the old west. beautiful.

  14. Cue up the Psychedelic Furs… Caroline walks and it’s raining all day/ loves to be one of the girls…

  15. What’s shaking Little Bo Peep?

    • Yes, very bo-peepish!

      • I’ll be her sheep!

  16. Love the lace and the combination of sweet girly pink with naughty black πŸ™‚

  17. NM & SE make a great team!

    • AGREE!

    • Thankyou, we have a lot of fun.
      Unfortunately, due to tiresome logistical problems moving pics from my phone to her computer, I use the Nurse’s horrid little camera rather than my camera phone which I have much more control over.
      One day we will get it sorted.

  18. This outfit is very cute in a very sexy sort of way, of course.

    Flash 55 – Love

  19. Dammit!! Forgot about it…wanted to join you. Next week

    Looking gorgeous as usual by the way

    • you’re going to join in next week? Fabulous!

  20. Gorgeous!

  21. yes, lace become you nursemyra! we dont usually see you in lace. nice pics!

  22. What a fun outfit and it looks great on you!

  23. I forgot it was Friday. Special for me. Its so cool you have like, a team on here. I should start a local blog so I can have a home team. Could I keep my cool green icon guy that represents my physical image and phenotypes in this domain?

  24. Jesus Christ, I like that one WAY TOO MUCH, I must leave right now!

  25. Well. This is a great photo shoot as usual, and I find it tasteful and tasty. I see no problem with the occasional hint of the tattoo. I think Ms. Ann above must be jealous or something.

    • I don’t think so healing magic hands I think it’s classless and for a health professional a tad scary if you get my drift! Now Loon’s blog is what I call having fun. Having a lend and having a laugh
      but bad and tasteless corsets, no wonder they don’t get out the house. I wouldn’t wear them in the house and I do love sexy lingerie. But this isn’t it.

      • Hey Ann, If it “pains” you to visit here on Corset Friday and you think it is so bad and tasteless, don’t read the blog. I think what anybody does in their private time and private life is their business. If NurseMyra prefers to walk around Buck Naked at home, what does that have to do with how she does her job or with what kind of person it makes her. There are a lot of bigger problems in the world than a beautiful lady who is confident in her body and herself, sharing a few sexy and tastefully taken photo’s with whoever she likes.

      • Oh. I followed your link to your Facebook page and now I see clearly.

    • Classless for a health professional? Why is it more classless for one of them than it is for any body else? And what is scary about it? I’m not sure exactly what is scary about an extremely in shape and lovely person with an excellent collection of very pretty corsets posting a few pictures of herself in them.

      And your previous comment objecting to seeing a hint of her tattoo? Just how old are you honey, that a tattoo is some sort of horrible thing to have?

    • Magichealing hands I fotgot to add that I’m not as old as you but slightly older than ‘Myra”. Tatts are fine but on older woman they look kind of slutty. You tend to get stereotyped when you’re older with tatts. You have that “Old whore look” When I see women at the shipping centre with then on arms, back and legs I think it cheapens them. It’s a wee nit feral looking. You can just imagine the nursing homes later on with all the old tattoed women. They would be so old and wrinkly you won’t know what the tattoo says. As for health care professionals, if a doctor or a gyno or school teacher who deals with kids for that matter was exhibiting their bits on here it would be a “worry” let’s say. So for the elderly and vulnerable I feel the same applies. I don’t think I’d care to have my husband or father’s antics written about either. So in my view it’s not such a good idea especially when you send your ‘real’ name and email, date of birth to someone. The health department in Oz may view it differently to you.
      But that’s just my opinion.

  26. i’ve said this, and i’ll say it again. i love corset fridays. you have a wonderful, sexy fashion sense. you have the whole package.

  27. and poo on people who don’t appreciate that you have a little fun with your blog. i mean it when i say you are the whole package- you’re a sexy, intelligent, beautiful woman with a sense of humor. that’s special.

  28. Frills, very syncopated indeed.

    BTW, congrats on killing the ETS. I know it was all your hard work, or soft work, depending.

  29. Atlas came and looked once more

    At Myra’s corset, gloating

    Then stripped it down upon the floor

    And started motorboating.

    • hahahaha…….

  30. Damn!

  31. Sadly you can’t really reply to a reply here so here we have it alljoedirt. If you want to blog you need to be able to take the good with the bad. As I’ve said before we are after all entitled to our opinion, good or bad so if you can’t stand the heat….. You see, I see things a little differently to you and perhaps it’s good that we aren’t all the same. Sure you can all walk around butt naked at home and do whatever you like but write about it or present it to the world and you can come under scrutiny if the content isn’t always to their liking. Blogging can have it’s setbacks too you see. But it’s good to see nursemyra has lots of friends.

    • If you walk around naked, kindly pick your tits up off the floor.

    • OMG NM, i just can’t help it, i know it’s an old post but i’m just catching up and i have to comment here:

      hey ann! how about this? if YOU can’t take the heat, stay in your own freakin’ kitchen?!! trouble is, then you’d have nothing to eat. it’s your choice, no ones holding you hostage. i am so glad i saw this side of you,it speaks volumes of your character. what you are doing is nothing short of mean spirited.

  32. You are pretty cute your own self.

  33. That’s eyepoppingly gorgeous!

  34. Simply gorgeous πŸ™‚ x

  35. I like the name, the corset and you in it as usual Nurse.

  36. Aphrodisiacal. Nuff’ said!

  37. Good stuff nursie…. hope this week’s offering is just as lively! πŸ™‚

  38. Yum yum those corset shots. Curves, boobs, flesh. Oh women’s bodies. Yum yum.

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