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Let’s play 6 degrees of separation with Annie Besant, Charles Leadbetter, Charles Manson, Mary Ann MacLean, Mary Tyler Moore and Sugar Ray Robinson… the connections are diabetes, animal rights, cults and people who travel with an entourage.

Sugar Ray Robinson was the pioneer of boxing’s bigger-than-life entourages, including a secretary, barber, masseur, voice coach, a coterie of trainers, beautiful women, a dwarf mascot and lifelong manager George Gainford. When Robinson returned to Paris in 1962—where he was a national hero—to get him to cross the seas the French had to promise to bring over his masseur, his hairdresser, a guy who whistled while he trained, and his trademark pink Cadillac. In his later years he was diagnosed with diabetes and Alzheimer’s.”

image found here

The actress Mary Tyler Moore is well known for her charity work and various political causes, particularly on behalf of Animal rights and Diabetes.  In the photo below she is shown with the editor of Process magazine.

The Process Church of the Final Judgement was founded by Mary Ann MacLean and Robert DeGrimston Moore. Several sources report her as having once been married to Sugar Ray Robinson, but an equal number refute this claim.

In 1965, Compulsions Analysis, a derivative of Scientology, became the Process Church of the Final Judgement. The following year, Mary Ann, Robert, about 30 of their entourage and six Alsatian dogs travelled to Mexico City and down the Yucatan coast to the hippie paradise of Xtul before returning to London. Processeans hit the streets asking for donations. Mary Ann was a fanatical anti-vivisectionist; cult members were told to say the money was going to ‘animal welfare,’ although most of it landed in the DeGrimstons’ pocket. They also set up a church in Cole Street, San Francisco where they were close neighbours with Charles Manson.

Charles Manson was interested in Scientology and the Church of the Final Judgement. Two Processeans visited Manson in jail; Manson later contributed a stream-of-unconsciousness rant for the Process “Death” issue, calling death “total awareness, closing the circle, bringing the soul to now.” DeGrimston wrote of Satan and Christ coming together; to those in the know, that was just another name for Charlie.

Annie Besant also lived in London where she supported humanitarian causes, mysteries and occult teachings. In 1902, she and six others journeyed to Paris where she became a member of the Theosophical Society and met Charles W Leadbeater who convinced her she was a clairvoyant.

“In 1906 Leadbeater suddenly became the centre of controversy when it emerged that he was sleeping with young boys and engaging in mutual masturbation with them — Leadbeater explained that he had been offering them advice and guidance in order to keep them from sleeping with women”

more images of Annie Besant and C W Leadbeater here

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  1. Lovely meandering, Nursie.

    • that was an off-the-cuff response to that post-thread, too – we posted within an hour of each other….

      this more like The Six Degrees of Sir Francis Bacon

      • How about that… slightly creepy huh?

  2. I’m starting to feel connected now ………

  3. I just assumed we all had dwarf mascots in our collective entourages. Am I wrong??

  4. I never travel without my masseur and personal whistler to serenade me while boxing training. He gets a lot of requests for Eye of the Tiger.

    • He needs a bigger repertoire 😉

  5. Well, sleeping with women is pretty yucky.

    Yes, We Have No Bananas

  6. I’m not sure why, but the photos made me realize that I want to outlive Charlie Manson. There is absolutely nothing funny about this but there must be something to be said about the masturbating Mr. Leadbeater. There just must be.

    Kent Beatum

  7. i need a midget mascot. more than a masseur and pink cadillac. mine will wear a cowboy outfit…

  8. Fascinating! How on earth did you come up with this post?
    And, wow Manson has aged.. for some reason I think of him as captured in time..

    The photo of Mary Tyler Moore and the bearded guy: he looks like the Caveman on the Geico ads here in the USA. Geico being an insurance company. Uncanny!

    • I’ve been wanting to post that photo of Leadbetter with the kitten for ages but it wasn’t until I stumbled across the (possibly apocryphal) story about Mary Anne MacLean being married to Sugar Ray that I thought of a way to hang it all together

  9. I always wondered about that old scoundrel Leadbeater, who wanted to move the second chakra over to the left, if I recall. But as for Sugar Ray, anyone who gets beat up for a living should expect to travel with a masseur.

    (Why doesn’t someone rich and celebrated — and not too psychotic — discover me and offer me a huge retainer to be a personal masseur? Sigh.)

    • The uberwealthy German woman I used to work for years ago had a personal masseur on retainer. She also paid a ‘channeller’ $300.00 per phone call to tell her stories about her past life in a French village….. it’s so often the wrong people who have too much money *sigh*

  10. There is clearly a connection between having bad hair and a hilarious dress sense and wanting to join/start a cult

  11. You are an enigma, NM.

    I love coming here, I never know what I’ll learn next.

    (Even if I do have to look up words like “vivisectionist”…)

    • Well when you do…share the meaning with the rest of us.

  12. Leadbetter.. should that not have been Leadbeater perhaps?

    For some reason I seem to have a thousand things to do of a night, and therefore seem to be missing out on some of your posts.

    This must stop…

    I’m losing out on too much of what I enjoy best.

  13. If one of your nighttime obligations is named Siobhan, then please don’t let my blog interfere with that jimmy

  14. This blog is a HAVEN for history of the weirdest kind. Thank you for the continuing education!

  15. So where does Tiger Woods fit into this?

    • Forget Tiger what about Kevin Bacon?

  16. The frighting thing is how many brushes old Charlie Manson had with people of note. He was trying to beak into the music industry. I wonder if he would have gone the same direction if he had. The man is biological refuse.

  17. I worked with a woman who’s brother was a prison guard where Manson is caged. He said Manson is the most pathetic creature he’s ever seen. Whenever someone comes in to interview him, he becomes this rambling, scary, tough sociopath. However, when no cameras are around him, he’s constantly absorbed with some other prisoner killing him.

    I’m kind of torn about him. I would have liked to see him executed, but in a way it is justice that he lives every day of the rest of his life in constant fear of being murdered.

  18. The cats control the church. That’s why there’s a lot of references to fish in Christianity. It’s the cats’ way of letting people know what they want to eat.

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