flow into the rapid extrusion

It seems I’ve been missing out on something… the out of body astral sex experience….

Astral sex is a human-nature complication of consciousness and bioenergetic incarnation. In real life, sexual thoughts and fantasy type sexual imagery pop into peoples minds all the time, privately and harmlessly. These are perfectly natural and do no harm whatsoever.

Jeanne Moreau

In the sensitive out-of-body environment though, where projectors really are what they think, thoughts are not quite so private and harmless. The sex instinct is one of the most powerful primal urges and, like all strong emotions, can cause serious energetic problems if allowed to flourish unchecked in the sensitive out-of-body environment.

La Notte

A real time sexual encounter, accidental or deliberate, always has the same outcome. It results in almost instantaneous orgasm for the physical body of the initiator. The same thing can also often happen to the initiator’s passive or unwary sexual partner as well, when another projector is involved.

Once real time sex is triggered between two projectors, a strong two-way energetic connection forms. This can cause them both to experience uncontrollable sexual arousal which may be completely out of character for either of them. In most cases there is no deliberate intent on the part of the initiator of the real-time sex act; only a few stray sexual thoughts gone awry

image by Toyen

Real-time sex does not require physical close contact as it does in the physical dimension. Sex can be initiated and consummated from a distance of several meters or more, with the two projectors involved never getting any closer.

Valerie Leon

Because of this enhanced sensitivity, genital sensations experienced during real-time sex encounters are highly abnormal and feel nothing at all like they do in the physical dimension. The nearest I can describe this abnormal sensation is that both projectors feel themselves expanding into and becoming their oversensitive genitals.

A male real time sex initiator perceives the rapid extrusion of a giant penis-like limb as extending from his genital area. He then flows into and becomes this penis-like limb. This extends rapidly and deeply penetrates the body of his real-time sex partner in the genital area, even from several meters distance.

It rises up through and fills his partner’s whole body. The initiator has the sensation that the inside of his partner’s body is made of dense, warm, energetically tingling and throbbing, ultra-erotic jelly.

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  1. and then there’s Orgone to consider…. William Burroughs claimed he had a “no hands” orgasm in an orgone accumulator. (I’m not sure if I like the imagery that evokes…)


    • I’ve read 30 pages of Naked Lunch – William Burroughs cannot be trusted 😉

  2. Funnily enough, we did try the oul swing thing for a while, but it was the terrible nose bleeds that Siobhan got after a couple of hours, and for the love of god… all my loose change kept falling out of my trouser pockets.

    • a couple of hours huh? Do you have a brother for me Jimmy…?

      • No hen, but I am available Fridays…

  3. This sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to have an out of body experience. A sexual out of body experience would be even better. God, you wouldn’t even need a shower afterwards…..

  4. Dumbfounded, I am.

    • and a Doubting Thomas too ?

  5. holy shit, this would make meetings so much more bearable….

  6. Does this come under the heading of “Mind-blowing” information?

  7. That appears to be an unfair swordfight in that Toyen image.

  8. myra, I know its not Friday, but one of my irregular regulars posted this. I instantly thought you would approve–maybe not the title, but surly the attire.


  9. “Once real time sex is triggered between two projectors, a strong two-way energetic connection forms.” I think I experienced this is the sixth grade-
    I had earned my audio/visual card and was in charge of the movie on “Boy’s Health Day.” Transition from reel one to reel two? Nailed it!

    Earl E. Oudabody

  10. It’s all in the mind then …… I’ve lost mine of course …… dammit

  11. Sex without sex? Seems too good to be true.

  12. I guess you should start wearing protection on Corset Fridays. Avoid in astraltots.

  13. This all sounds so bloody complicated! Jeeze! My needs are so basic and ordinary in comparison and I *still* have difficulty having them met.

  14. I’m bendy like those women.

    Silly Haiku

  15. Blimey that guy from Pompeii is certainly worth his weigh in gold 😉

  16. Now if only I could project halfway around the world to you, Myra. Well, maybe I should practice first projecting to Daisyfae, she’s a bit closer distance-wise. Then work my way up across the US until I can get it over the Pacific.

    • Sounds like an astral restraining order waiting to happen.

  17. Astral sex ? Never heard of it or tried it. Know a few things though about Tantric sex…favourite position ?

    The Plumber. You stay in all day, and nobody comes…

    • haha… I hadn’t heard that one before…

  18. is this anything like Astro Sex? sex with George Jetson’s dog?

    need to learn this astral sex thing. i have a few ladies in mind. hell, i’m thinking of one right now… ooo, she’s available!

  19. Wow, this is like L. Ron Hubbard Sex!

    • That doesn’t sounds like a good thing Malach

  20. Definitely mind-blowing information nursemyra! 🙂
    You’re like Dr. Ruth but only sexy and with a different type of accent.


  21. I thought everyone could do that?

    • Posing again I see, procrastinating Claire 🙂

  22. Sounds like my ex …he was a DICK!

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