baby claus 9

Canadian Charles Millar died in 1928, leaving behind an unusual will

Charles Chaplin NOT Charles Millar

Millar left lucrative shares in the Ontario Jockey Club to men who were strong opponents of gambling. He gave equal shares in a vacation home to three fellow lawyers who intensely disliked each other. He gave shares of the O’Keefe Brewery Company to every Protestant minister and every Orange Lodge in Ontario, all strong supporters of prohibition. The fact that the company was owned by Catholics only added to the discomfort felt by the “heirs”.

However, it was Clause 9 of the will that drew the most interest. By it, Millar left the remainder of his money to the Toronto woman who could produce the most children, certified by registrations under the Vital Statistics Act, in the ten year period following the date of his death.

image of Keys quadruplets going to visit Dionne quadruplets found here

Contestants, some of whom became close friends, were quickly identified and became overnight celebrities. Staid Ontario papers began covering topics often verboten in the past – birth control, abortion, illegitimate children, and divorce. The legal system became involved.

On October 31, 1936, the contest officially ended in a tie. Four women, Anna Katherine Smith, Kathleen Ellen Nagle, Lucy Alice Timleck, and Isabel Mary Macclean, had nine children each. They were each awarded $125,000 (US $1,500,000 today). Two other women would have also tied but were eliminated. Pauline Clarke had nine children but admitted that one was by a man not her husband. Lillian Kenney had actually had twelve babies, but several had died and she was unable to prove that they were not stillborn. As a consolation prize, each was given $12,500.

The image above is of The Fultz sisters, the first black quadruplets born in the USA. You can read their story here. The babies were delivered by Dr Fred Klenner, the father of Fritz Klenner

Years later, Klenner would gain fame as an early advocate of massive vitamin-C therapy, and then infamy as the father of Fritz Klenner, the delusional, kissing-cousin survivalist behind the made-for-TV murder-suicides of 1985.

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  1. Dammit. Now I am compelled to think of an even more bizarre cause to will my fortune (ha) to.

    • If anyone can do it you certainly can anaglyph

  2. Isn’t there a easier way to tell triplets apart?

    • Ha! I love the way all three are at different angles

  3. I can’t help but wonder how Mr Millar’s beneficiaries reacted to their, um, gifts.

    • From memory, I think only ONE person refused their bequest. It wasn’t one of the three lawyers

  4. This story has inspired me to by lottery tickets, just so I can do this sort of thing.

  5. Where there’s a willy there’s a way ……..

  6. Why do all of your posts, except Friday, have young hairless men showing off their thingy’s? It makes me feel tingly and calls into question my sexuality. Well, until I see boobs then I am all good again.

    • Because nobody wants to see old hairy guys showing off their thingies.

      😦 More’s the pity…

      • I’ve seen that photo of your naked hairy chest Tom. and I’m impressed 🙂

  7. What a brilliant idea for how to share his wealth after death.

    I am going to give mine to those big companies that wouldn’t hire me over the years…oh wait, maybe that would backfire.

  8. (6+8) six plus eight kids of Nadya Suleman
    Where Babies Come From
    “14 fourteen babies popped out”

    • Mark, that’s hilarious

      • The women in this video frighten me for different reasons but still, they frighten me terribly.

  9. warning: nude men”

    *snort* how about “HEY! WEENIES!” you are so much classier than i am!

  10. God I hope I have some money when I die, just so I can do this sort of thing. I feel bad for all the ladies who had 7 or 8 kids in the 10 years and didn’t get anything but more mouths to feed though!

  11. “He gave shares of the O’Keefe Brewery Company to every Protestant minister and every Orange Lodge in Ontario…”

    Oh deep joy.. the man had a grand sense of humour till the end.

    Great post!

  12. I want all my money converted into cabbages, and then allowed to rot in a warehouse.

  13. missed ya lately Myra. Been busy to a disagreeable degree. as usual though, your content wows.

  14. $1.5 million? Still. Not. Enough. Good vaginal reconstruction surgery and a boob lift would eat up a large amount of that. And then you’re STILL left with 10 kids.

  15. The ultimate revenge and last laugh: giving people schtuff that they intensely dislike when you die.

  16. I don’t think having nine kids would be worth the money.

    Car Goes Boom

  17. I think I can convince a lawyer to write up something where my estate can be won in a corset modeling contest.

    • Where can I sign up?

      • As contestant, not as lawyer!

  18. Why did it matter who was the father of the children, as long as the poor woman had to grind the little bastards out? I was kind of liking the guy until you got to clause 9.

  19. Massive Vitamin C? I wonder if that would cure my annoyance at certain things right now. I’m always game for anything. Better stock up before my flight to Houston.

  20. A most amusing tale, Nurse, of some truly lucky canucks.

  21. Brilliant. That’s the way a will should be written.

    By the way, thanks for the warning that “bestfreegaypornsite” might contain pictures of naked men. I know that at “secondbestfreegaypornsite” they refrain from that kind of activity.

    • hahahahahaha……

  22. I went to that website, it is not at all what I expected, I expected happy porn . .

  23. The Dionne quints are still talked about in Canada, as much for the rarity of the phenomenon itself (they’re the only set of identical female quintuplets ever recorded) but also for how they were taken from their parents and treated like zoo animals on display while they were still little.

  24. Those Visconti triplets have terrible posture!

  25. Your last pic makes me offer 2 to 1 that JFK was one of the first presidents of the USA to shag quadruplets.

  26. Brilliant.
    Now that is what I call having the last larf!

    I wouldn’t try that nowadays..I’d hate to encourage the likes of uberbreeder Michelle Duggar who just pupped #19! Her hoohaw is gonna fall out one of these days.
    For gawdsake Jim Bob, give it a rest!

  27. And yes, the octomom could have used this man for her “pursuits.”

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