corset friday 11.12.2009

ok so it’s not a corset. If you want to register a complaint please form an orderly line. We’ve had the annual Gimcrack Christmas party today and I’m feeling a little cranky and tired. It must be the Director of Nursing’s fault as she made the punch this year and I think she was a little heavy handed with the vodka……

The artwork on the wall in the middle photo (magenta#1) is by Tim Schultz

(and if you look closely at the last photo you can see part of a 12″ scar on my right hip. I’m very fond of that scar)

all photos taken by syncopated eyeball

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  1. Looking at these, I’m reminded of banging my head on your ceiling; at least I didn’t fall down the perilous stair well! 🙂

    • haha… people will think you’re really tall until I reveal that I sleep up high on a plinth. I like to live dangerously at night 😉

  2. You do a much sexier job of showing off your scars than I do! 🙂

    Nice pics, SE.

  3. Bravissima, bravissima! Just as fine as a corset are stay-ups that actually stay-up. Swoons all round!

  4. Ooh you naughty nurse! You must tell us bout the scar…..please please…

  5. A 12 incher eh, whoa, well done! I am a bit envious. x

  6. God, someone was tipsy (middle right).

    Looking forward to Sunday lunch, especially the part when I find out whether you’re ‘real’ or not!

    The King

    • Is queenwilly giving you permission to pinch me all over?

  7. I join the chorus, how did you acquire that lovely scar?

    • see reply above FJ

  8. Thank heavens you didn’t start photographing your bum on the copier …….

    • No, it was the patient’s Christmas party, the staff one is still to come

      • Your staff is very nice to your geriatric patients then – Vodka – if you got tipsy, what happened to them??

        I like the stockings being a bit askew, a by-product of the vodka, I assume. 😉

      • I have a very low tolerance for alcohol. Only two of the patients look like they had a little more than they should – they were the two with the biggest smiles who kept coming up to my desk to thank us for the wonderful party.

        The food was really good, I had salmon in hollandaise sauce. And the band excelled, all volunteers from our head office… I work for a great organisation

  9. Gorgeous as always, NM!

  10. Is that the first time we’ve seen you lying on a bed, Nurse? You look ripe for a massage.

  11. These are always so cute. Love them. Now, your previous comment on Gropius about the vommit was hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh first thing in the a.m.

  12. Christ the gimcrack nurses have the best uniforms.

  13. you have an adorable bum, dear… love the scar… i have some little slips that are similar (a royal blue/black lace one comes to mind). do we need to start coordinating wardrobe for greece?

    • bring as many fripperies as you can stuff into your suitcase daisyfae 😉

  14. corset, shmorset. this is a lovely good morning smile for me, courtesy of nursemyra. delectable and edible, as always, dear lady.

  15. You look pretty in pink. have you told us what the scar is from?

    Flash Dancing

    • yes, see link in reply to 4th comment

  16. Incredibly beautiful! My preference is always more towards the soft, silky fabrics so I have zero complaints!

  17. My only complaint is that there is only one Friday per week.

    Pretty in Pink indeed!

  18. Nice heels. And magenta and black is an awesome color combo.

  19. Does this mean if you show me your scar I have to show you mine? Scars remind us we’ve actually lived…

  20. This one is very cute, I like it a lot, and the colour is lovely.

  21. Pink. Swoon. And you’re right. That’s not a corset. You should be punished. Wink.

    BTW, I’m taking in the Robert Frank exhibit next week. Wish you could join me…

    • *sigh* wish I could be there too

  22. Looks like you and eyeball have fun!
    Nice colors..

    • oh we do we do!

  23. I have my formal complaint ready…..not enough skin 😛

  24. I volunteer to help you and DaisyFae coordinate uniforms for Greece.

  25. How strange, it’s friday and I’m wearing a corset and you’re not.

    • I require photographic proof Thomas

  26. Corset or no, they’re nice knickers anyway.

  27. I’m not going to have to wear a corset, am I? They look much nicer on you.

    Besides, that magenta is not my color.

  28. Your best shots were on 22/05/09…yum!t

  29. myra, you should take a look at this from ember over at DoubleplusUndead.…#c28

    • thanks for the link cb, it’s a great outfit, particularly the stockings

  30. I have something in my hand that will help measure that scar to see if it really is 12″.

    • I am SO envious of Siobhan

      • Why? I had a boyfriend similarly endowed when I was in college, and excessive size is highly over rated. IMHO. at any rate, it requires some excellent technique to keep your partner from getting majorly sore.

  31. I really like this outfit, nursemyra. Now, since you have opened the door to outfits other than corsets, all I need to do is get some proper hose and I can join you next week with my little green number. I’m hot to show off my new figure before the holiday cookies do it in.

    • looking forward to that HMH!

  32. no complaints love, NEVER! But if there is a line forming I’m up for it. A;ways nice, to boot, when being not first in line is no disappointment.

    Now I must go and say a rosary. later.

  33. I love scars, where didya get that one?

    • see the reply to comment #4 Malach

  34. I think I need to take some pictures specifically of that scar, Nurse Myra. We many seem enthralled.

  35. Oh,so its not a corset…but the stockings are pretty and that scar…impressive. I have tons from my dirt bike riding days and they’re just messy.

  36. I see lots of scars in my line of work. Yours is quite an elegant one. I also get to see pretty much all the tattoos (I said Pretty Much) and piercings too. I really don’t “get” having extra holes, especially when they are put on major chakras or energy points on meridians, but I’ve seen some positively gorgeous art work in ink on skin. I’ve also seen some real bad stuff too. Not every tattooist is an artist.

  37. no complaints from me.
    none at all.

  38. I get my scars in boring places like my hands…maybe they would look sexier if I put some cool gloves on letting only the scar peak out…maybe not. 😦

  39. woweee NM superb 🙂

  40. Thanks for slipping into.

    Brightens up this Canadian woodsman’s day.

    Corset Friday is a great idea. Now I have to resist the temptation to return for more. Not…strong….

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