making a Chinese toyshop of it

The development of the contraceptive pill changed women’s lives. Prior to that, things were pretty hit and miss, with IUDs generally only being available to married women and condoms having a high fail rate.

“In light of the growing number of available contraceptives such as pessaries and suppositories, the New York Medical Journal ran a parody entitled “A Raid on the Uterus“.” The article detailed 123 different varieties of pessaries on the market, from a simple plug to a “patent threshing machine, which can be worn with the largest hoops”. This proliferation far outweighed the need, the author insisted. “I do think that this filling the vagina with such traps, making a Chinese toy shop of it, is outrageous.”

According to this book there was also the Venus Apparatus, a small rubber ball filled with Venus Powder which was connected to a larger ball by tubing. The smaller ball was inserted into the vagina and at the moment of ejaculation the woman squeezed the larger ball which expelled the Venus Powder within.

In the late 19th century, German women favoured suppositories with grandiose names; The Sib-torpedo, Spermathanaton, Pudi de Paris, and Dr Hutler’s Vaginal Insufflator For the Malthusian.

As recently as last month, this site was promoting ‘natural’ methods of contraception involving the ingestion of peppers, hibiscus flowers and Indian gooseberries. Or you could place a piece of rock salt in your vagina for 100 seconds. I think I’d rather abstain…..

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  1. Good grief. I’ve never been so appreciative for the Pill in my life.

  2. is that fine young lady in the Mars photo, perchance, lighting a fart?!?!? oh, joy of joys! i thought i was the only one…

  3. I hear we are hot on the trail of 7 billion humans on Earth. Any boosterism for contraception is appreciated. Bring back Spermathanaton!

    Willy Blanks

  4. I’d like to have one of those Pink Panzer outfits.

    • I’d just like to see the movie about the Naughty Nazi. Then again, I am not sure if it is a comedy.

  5. Rock salt? sounds very scratchy – – –

    But Ich vould like to join ze Pink Panzers – I loff der univorms.

  6. I never knew maj-jong could be so sexy.

    • Haha! You should be a fly on the wall when I play with queenwilly and The King

  7. @Daisyfae Fancy a competition ……. I reckon I could win ….. I do have an age advantage though ……

    • I’ve smelt daisyfae’s farts and they have a delicate perfumed aroma. I wouldn’t want to be within 10 feet of one of yours daddyp!

      • and the marquis de sade enjoyed inhaling the farts of prostitutes.

        -he wished, above all, to stimulate the prostitutes’ intestinal functions and have them produce a maximum of gases. So he covered large doses of spanish fly with a coating of anise, equally known for its capacity to increase flatulence-

        At Home With The Marquis De Sade: A Life
        Francine Du Plessix Gray, penguin. ’99.

        [yeah, but no, but yeah, that’s just… nasty.]

      • sounds like a fascinating book you’re reading

  8. Christmas seems like the perfect time to visit a Chinese Toy Shop.

  9. Spermathanaton

    Thanatos being the Greek root for death, this kind of makes an almost modern product name. The Sperm-Deathonator!

    • Hey thanks for the trivia Tom. We love that sort of thing here. When are you going to post again – it’s been days and days since your last one…

      • I’ve had a flu. I can’t imagine anybody wants to see my HNTs when I’m sick in bed.

      • oh that’s no good, hope you feel better soon

    • I present my second reference to Evelyn Waugh’s ‘The Loved One’, a most delightful black comedy about some funeral customs: one character named Aimee Thanatogenos. Love and Death.

  10. I watched a programme today about the abandoned children of Romania today … there was this woman who put her 15 children into care homes [she had more after the 15 btw]… I am guessing there is no contraception over there or maybe they rely on ‘rock salt’

  11. I’m marveling at the extent to which contraception WAS available in the 1800’s, pill or no pill. Fascinating book at that “grandiose names” link. Hm: doctors prescribing IUDs (and nearly killing women with ’em), guys learning about condoms in the army, assorted things to stick up your twat, and at least some reasonable availability of abortion if there were system failure: almost more advanced than the way things are in a lot of places nowadays.

    More sterilization, I say.

  12. “Dr Hutler’s Vaginal Insufflator For the Malthusian”


  13. Yah I could, possibly from up to three feet…

  14. Hey, at least the rock salt would melt any snow

    • Who has snow in their vagina?

  15. instead of my word of the day…I’m going to use the term ” Chinese Toy Shop ” and when I start to laugh like a crazy person, we’ll know who to thank.

    N.M you do brighten the day.

  16. “patent threshing machine, which can be worn with the largest hoops”.

    Now I know what I’m imagining can’t possibly be right.

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