corset friday xmas

ok, fourth friday of the month is supposed to be t shirt friday but it’s xmas so I’m doing the festive thing instead. Hope you all had a wonderful day, it’s actually overcast and raining here in Sydney but still warm and the Christmas lights in my garden look magical….. love and best wishes from nursie…xx

all photos taken by syncopated eyeball

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  1. I do so like that one of your legs from above. X

    • that’s my favourite too… looks like my legs are floating

  2. Actually I’m really pleased with all of them. Happy Christmas angel friend.

  3. you have a lovely…. Christmas, nursemyra!

  4. Merry Christmas!

  5. Veery festive.

    Have a loverly Christymas

    The King and Queen

    • Is the Crowned Queen ready to receive your sharpened pencil?

      • It was a meeting made in gimcrack heaven.

        Merry Xmas beautiful nursemyra.

  6. Fortunately I am privileged to know just how well this stunning outfit would match your hair. Thanks for sharing festive cheer and even your garden gets to drink itself silly tonight.

    On hols with my mate-ettes we played ‘if you were a beer, you’d be’, and I reckon if you were a cocktail you’d be a very, very strong Cosmopolitan. Merry New Year, Nurse M, happiness and blessings.

  7. Merry Christmas Myra!!!

  8. Merry Christmas Nurse Myra.

  9. excelent as always Nurse Myra!

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

  10. Fabulously festive fotos!

    Overcast and raining here too. But the Christmas tree lights make everything feel magical.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, honey.

  11. lovely, lovely, an x-mas gift for us all.

  12. merry christmas! gorgeous pics, and yes, the floating legs are a bit of magic!

  13. merry christmas, Doll… and lovely as always

  14. It’s 10 am and 22F degrees up here in New England. Thanks for warming me up a bit this morning!

  15. A very merry christmas, nurse myra! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day

  16. I wish you a Merry Christmas
    I wish you a Merry Christmas
    I wish you a Merry Christmas
    And a Happy New Year.

    Be glad you didn’t have to hear my actually sing it. Big smooch from New Jersey.

  17. every week i think ‘this is nurse myra’s best corset yet’ and this week, i really mean it!
    christmas brings out the best in you. or, perhaps truer, you bring out the best in christmas.

  18. Have a wonderful Christmas, ma’am. And the same for your new year, come to that…

  19. …with visions of Nursemyra dancing through their heads…

    Looks like you’re wearing your hair shorter in this picture. And you’ve got your ruby boots on. It truly is a joyous season for us all.

  20. Merry Christmas Nurse!!

  21. Merry Christmas NM!! Did you get your hair cut?

    • Yes, my son performed the Big Chop on me a few weeks ago. Much cooler for summer.

  22. Merry Christmas! Also, phwoar!

  23. What a lovely, festive outfit! I’ll have to see about getting a t-shirt pic up in a bit today. I completely spaced that it was Friday. 🙂

  24. I love it! Sequins! Glitter is probably one of my favorite things, so much so some people call me the Glitter Queen. I think today you have taken that title!
    Something warm to accompany us over here where it is suddenly freezing, the snow is sticking, and the wind is blowing. Temp is presently -8C. We are having a cosily merry christmas at the Havens, heard from Jesse who is well.

    I am totally envious of your wardrobe and photography! I need a dress like that. I need stockings like that really bad. One of the results of my weight loss has been amazingly loose skin at my thighs. Looks great as long as I am standing up straight, but without support it makes some amazing wrinkles. I feel like one of those weird bull dogs with the loose skin. So I truly admire your beautiful skin.

    Hope your New Year is merry too! More sequins? Or maybe tinsel next time?

    • Shar Peis are gorgeous!

  25. I’m jealous of syncopated eyeball 😉

    Hope you had a good Xmas, NM !!!

  26. Your looking like a figure from the Gil Elvgren pin up book that turned up in my stocking today! Just a quick “Joyeux Noel” from round the other side of the world.Stay stoked in 2010. BB

  27. Festive! Merry Christmas Nursie!

    ps: need to see more of the boots….they look fun. 🙂

  28. Merry Christmas m’dear!

  29. Merry Christmas! Hope Satan Claus was good to you! xx

    • Indeed he was – books and dvds – just what the doctor ordered!

  30. Happy Christmas dear NM you look gorgeous as usual but with a festive oo la la [ it has been minus whatever over here … I am afraid the thermals have had an airing … why do I feel like I am in a ‘baby grow suit’??


  31. Red . .

  32. i bet even tired old santa, dreary after delivering all those presents on christmas eve, half-blind by old age and shriveled form the cold, would find mad cheer and renewed spirit seeing you in your xmas corset.

  33. The red works. Thanks for the festive. This is a wonderful, weekly event post.

    But if I may offer some constructive criticism,… there doens’t seem to be much variation in terms of pose, environment, lighting, or frames.

    I’ve had a good look at previous fridays and aside from the wardrobe, it’s all kinda the same.

    This is nice eye candy, but I think the photos could use a bit more imagination.

    Surprise me…please.

    • You’re absolutely right Bill. Back on 18.9.09 I moaned about how bored I was with corset friday. Up until then I had been taking 95% of the photos myself and since I never have been able to work out the timer on my camera, the poses were of necessity pretty similar.

      Syncopated Eyeball put her hand up to be my photographer and I think you’ll notice a vast improvement since she took over. But the main problem is that I’m not a professional model and I feel very self conscious and awkward.

      The photos are taken in my bedroom or in SE’s apartment. We don’t have professional lighting at hand and SE is hampered by having to use my recalcitrant camera which she doesn’t like at all.

      Imagination is not one of my strong points, so given the circumstances I don’t think I’m going to be able to offer too many surprises you but I do appreciate the comments

    • Thankyou for the criticism, which is indeed constructive. I am very aware that I do not do Nurse Myra justice. As she says though, we have some annoying logistical problems. Clearly I am not a professional photographer. However, maybe your comment is just what we needed to try a bit harder! Thankyou. Wish us luck!

  34. Great outfit. cheery and very festive. Hope you had a great holiday.

  35. Sorry I missed this one on Friday…I love it! The stockings are a great touch.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, NM!

  36. Where is the mistletoe!?!?!

  37. very pretty red like it a lot!!!

  38. how did i miss this one? that red is gorgeous…

  39. Very nice!
    Hope you had a gr8 X-Mas!

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