a girl’s privilege and a boy’s duty

The Bechuana tribe of Southern Africa believe that someone who has recently had sex should not visit the sick, their polluting effect may be so strong that a sick person might not recover.

The most dangerous polluting effect is said to occur when the sick person hears the voice of a man or woman who has recently engaged in sexual activity.

If a married Bechuanan woman has committed adultery, a merciful husband may agree to a purification rite. The guilty woman sits on the ground opposite her husband, close enough that her knees are between his. A burning herb is placed between them for fumigation purposes, then they each make a small cut beneath each other’s navels. Their blood is mixed together with more herbs and then rubbed into the incisions. This is all that is needed to wipe out the stain of adultery and their life returns to normal.

In Central India some young people are educated the Ghotul way.

Anthropologists say that the Ghotul is an ancient institution. It is a living university. There are no books or tests, yet one is taught life’s education. Students are teachers here, and teachers, students.

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Equality, simplicity, and freedom form the fundamental fabric of the Ghotul life. Members eat, play, dress, and sleep without any separation of males and females. They can even swim in the river together without clothes on.

In Ghotuls, no distinction is made between love and sex. Everybody is free and behaves responsibly. Since sex is considered a very natural phenomena at the Ghotuls, there arise no perversions. Sex is seen as natural as hunger or sleep. In some civilized societies, sex is considered to be a man’s right and woman’s duty, whereas at the Ghotul, it’s a girl’s privilege and the boy’s duty. Since partners are continuously rotated, every pair gets a chance sooner or later.

Although youngsters enjoy free sex at Ghotuls, they practice strict monogamy during married life.  Married people cannot enter the Ghotuls and the youngsters strongly protest any meddling in the Ghotul’s affairs by their elders.

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  1. That’s interesting, there is something very consistent here with the Bechuana tribe customs and a recognition of the subconcious power of smell and sound that are almost universally ignored in modern Western cultures. Interesting as well that apparently the ‘chakra’ for sexual power is located just below the navel, from what they say.

  2. where do i sign up to be reincarnated as a Ghotul?


  4. Some of us who are well would prefer not to hear about certain peoples sexual escapades either.

  5. Yes yes….where and how do i join these Ghotul people???!!!

  6. That all sounds very sensible ……

  7. ‘Not all policemen are on the beat.’ Ha ha!

  8. WAH HA HA HA HA HA! Just got to the end of that page. I love you, you’re so funny.

    • I hope you’re not the only one who read all the text on that image 🙂

  9. “…no distinction is made between love and sex”

    what? there’s a difference?

  10. Hypothetically, if a person did have s*x, are there any periods of prohibition to be observed before reading or commenting on the Gimcrack Hospital(PG) blog? Perhaps a purification ritual of some sort?

    Justin Case

    • You’re welcome anytime Mark

  11. I’m tempted to make a Tiger Woods joke here..
    The Ghotul way sounds so simple and yet so wise!

  12. i will make him an offer that he cant refuse 😀

  13. So when does the Hospital explore necrophilia, I am reading The Zombie Survival Guide, and there is nothing in there

    • Malach, I give you Karen Greenlee.




      • Thanks for the link P. I didn’t know about Karen Greenlee before. Wonder if she was the inspiration behind Barbara Gowdy’s wonderful short story from the collection We So Seldom Look on Love. It was my favourite book from 1992.

        It was also made into a film called Kissed which starred Molly Parker of Deadwood fame. Have you seen it?

      • nope. but i will, thank you.

  14. What are the health benefits of bathing in gin anyway? Sex Kitten, I must know!

  15. Fuck yeah it’s their fucking duty.

  16. It makes me sick to hear people boasting that their sex lives are better than mine. too.

  17. hmm so does this mean deadheads are part Ghotul? it sounds so familiar.

  18. Ghotul must be Indian for theater.

    • frighteningly similar cultures, aren’t they?

  19. Love this cultural post! The distinction between love and sex is always an interesting topic, isn’t it? So many different beliefs based on deeply personal things, religion, etc. A lot to ponder…

  20. Just back from a week in a NY hotel and must admit, I was sentient about who had just been shagging in the bed before our arrival. Silly really but I guess there are very good reasons

  21. just realized that I have posted a completely inappropriate comment – oh well God bless you Nurse Myra!
    Its just the jet lag

    • It’s not inappropriate for the Gimcrack 😉

  22. I need to visit the Ghotul people. Good times to be had. Also lends credence to the saying make love not war.

  23. I always figured a society like the Ghotuls existed somewhere. I wonder if they have issues with jealousy after they get married, or because they’ve all had each other, they just don’t care about that? Are they really monogamous after marriage?

    Reminds me of college. More organized though.

    • writerdood, monogamy is so over-rated….

      • Really? I’m in favour of serial monogamy. It’s a bit much to expect humans to get married at 28 and then just fuck the same person for the next 40 years.

        But I could easily be faithful to the right man for a decade or more

      • I guess given an option to have a lot of sex with one person, or a little sex with different people every time, I’ll opt for the lot of sex. Of course, then there’s the quality over quantity issue, and I am somewhat fussy there, but I’m currently satisfied with the quality, so that’s not a problem either.

        No if I were a Ghotulii male, and it was socially acceptable for me to have a different partner every night, and the females were amenable to this, then that would be a different story. Sadly, that would not be the culture I currently live in.

      • i couldnt agree more NM.

  24. The Ghotuli sound pretty cool, but i’d rather be reincarnated as a bonobo, personally.

    I’ve often thought, on the rare occasion when i’ve had some sex, that it’s a bit weird to be just walking around the shopping centre (later in the day, that is, not just afterwards; we don’t have sex in the shopping centre much anymore) like everything was normal, and yet i’ve just been inside a person, and my swimmers are still frolicking about in her insides…

    I don’t think it would make anybody ill, though, me talking to them. Unless i was talking to them about having just had sex, that is…

  25. heh. i’m not sure i’d enjoy
    having no perversions.
    what fun would that be?

  26. Ghotuls sound like a very healthy society.

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