corset friday 1.1.2010

all photos taken by syncopated eyeball

(to the commenter last year who suggested more variation in the poses, lighting and background; last week’s, this week’s and next week’s photos were all taken on the same day. Synchy and I are hampered by camera and location restrictions at the moment but we’re working on it)

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  1. Happy New Years Baby Cakes.


  2. the powder blue is pretty! and love the corset on top!

  3. I do like the rococoesque pose bottom right ….. or should that be the right bottom ….. I get very confused. Happy New Year nursey!!!!!

  4. Happy New Year babes…love the blue…is perrty :p

  5. Happy New Year to us!

  6. To 2010 and hoping it is your best corset year ever! x

  7. What a great start to 2010. May each day be better than the last for you, sweet nurse. xx

  8. Happy New Year Nursemyra. How about gifting your fans with autographed corsets this year 🙂

  9. The pale blue and white is all so very Florence Nightgale, nurse! How appropriate! Hope Woody the songbird did not get too freaked out by the fireworks.

  10. Feliz Año Nuevo!

    Nice fresh colours for a new year.

  11. Very elegant for the New Year, I like that powder blue.

  12. Ooooh! That’s gorgeous. I love the blue and white. Very Little House on the Prairie. Happy New Year!!

  13. P.S. Saw a clip of the fireworks in Sydney…they looked beautiful. …And I think Flanders may have a Staff. Terr. in her.

  14. You are most kind….

    Have I joined The Board of Advisors?

  15. Hampered? I don’t see that you’re hampered at all. What is he talking about? Happy New Year to you, Little Missy. Thank you for the Friday gifts and the stuff in between, as well.

  16. Wonderful start to the New Year. I don’t see many people complaining about the background… No apologies needed

  17. Happy New Year NM! And another year of fabulous corsets!

  18. Lady Gaga may want to a look at your amazing collection of corsets. All the best in the coming year NM.

  19. Lovely. Happy New Year Nurse!

  20. And the new year starts off sexy.

  21. Happy New Year hun…. hope you have a good one 🙂
    Love the ensemble… very lovely as usual

  22. So pretty. So pretty.

  23. Happy New Year! Very pretty choice to start. 🙂

  24. What matters is the bottom-line.
    Wishing you a great year ahead (and your blog-readers too). 😉

  25. Holy crap what is that one made from, looks painful

    • It’s actually very comfortable, fits like a glove and gives me back support as well. Best worn over something like the blue slip though as it’s made of vinyl so would get a bit sticky next to skin.

  26. Hey, Nurse Myra – do you have a tattoo?

    • Yeah, it’s a gold star with the Vietnamese words for Peace beneath it

  27. what kind of eyeball?
    cinco? isn’t that five in spanish?
    (you look beautiful, btw).

  28. Syncopated – usually refers to music or a rhythm where beats or accents have been jiggled about. Often found in jazz and funk.

  29. A wonderful visual to ring in the new year.

  30. Kind of reminds me of a milkmaid… is there a hat and some plaits to go with it.

  31. Cute cute cute!!

  32. “There’s a big future in plastics, Ben.”

    Apparently he was right.

  33. Very pretty NM love the pale blue and white!!!!

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