stinging, biting and swelling for sex

Recently I read The Strangest Human Sex Ceremonies and Customs by Talalaj and Talalaj and I know you’re all keen to learn what I’ve discovered…..

On the Micronesian island of Ponape, a man will place a particular type of tiny stinging ant on the clitoris of his partner, as it is said to produce a short but acute tingling erotic sensation. Lovers also bite each other’s eyebrows during sex play.

A few centuries ago the Topinamba men of Brazil encouraged poisonous snakes to bite their penises. Even though the practice was dangerous and painful, they felt it was worth it for the monstrous swelling it produced.

A Trobriand girl demonstrates her interest in a boy by hurting him. She attacks her chosen mate with a sharp shell or bamboo knife and the boy accepts this as it is regarded as an invitation to sex.

A girl who attacks most vigorously is said to show she has the best temperament as a future lover. The beating and scratching by a girl is considered to be an expression of appreciation of a boy’s beauty. The boy’s ambition is to receive as many wounds as possible as they signify how sexy he is.

The young men of the West African Fulani tribes take part in a seven day beauty contest in the hope that a woman will choose him as a husband. He paints his lips dark red and decorates his head with a ram’s beard, chains, beads, rings and ostrich feathers. They stand in a line and sway gently while rolling their eyes and flashing their teeth.

As part of the contest the men choose a challenger to whip them. While he is being beaten, he expresses his virility and sexuality by submitting without flinching, holding his arms above his head or languidly fingering a necklace and gazing at his reflection in a mirror.

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  1. biting of the eyebrows…I can see that. I’ve done that. It’s fun. They are a good thing to bite (gently) during sex. Everything else? No.

    Ants on genitals? No.

    Snake bites on genitals? No.

    Assault and battery upon potential lover? Well…maybe.

    Men in a beauty/whipping contest? No.

    • Funny… I’ve never thought of biting eyebrows before

  2. Hell, it all sounds fun to me. I could do with a beauty contest/whipping now and again.

  3. Can you by any chance find these stinging ants in South East Asia???

    • Saby! Are you back on the turps again?

      • LOL!!! NO!!! In fact you can blame the craziness on the lack of alcohol! Hahahahaha

  4. No ants on my secret button please…

    • Hey Synchy, remember this ad?

      • That has my Fruit of the Loom ad beat all to hell.

        Hugh Jorgasm

      • I’m pretty sure that ad never made it on to US tv.

      • I do indeed. 🙂

  5. I guess whether it’s physical or emotional abuse, the chasing game is the same everywhere really, isn’t it?

  6. Good heavens …… crikey ……. gosh ……. ouch!

  7. This ants-on-the-button business looks pretty hazardous. What if there are hungry anteaters around?

    • See video above 😉

  8. A girl who attacks most vigorously is said to show she has the best temperament as a future lover

    tame that shrew!

  9. A girl who attacks most vigorously is said to show she has the best temperament as a future lover.

    Hey, some of us have to pay $250 an hour for this.

  10. Biting eyebrows…think how much I could save on waxing.

  11. All this proves is that all those penile enhancement spams are rather based in reality. Apparently men will do ANYTHING, including being bitten by a poisonous snake, in order to have a larger penis. silly boys. It is not how much you have, it is how you use what you have.

  12. That first shot looks like a really swell picnic and we all know there are always ants at picnics! Ants are the most successful form of life on earth… we do well when we do well by others.

    E. O. Swellson

    • Did you enlarge the photo to see who it is?

      • Well worse, I enlarged the photo and didn’t recognize anyone. But I tried again and I’m going to go with Michael Caine and Judy Carne. Judy, Judy, Judy! What is more special than the part that is spared the sun?

        Lao Tzu

  13. Some of the best sex is the most violent sex, after all.

    I had an ex who was into blood drinking so I suppose nothing’s deviant anymore.

  14. I’m reminded of Mike Harding’s sketch about his tour of Australia. He was alarmed at just how many deadly dangerous animals there were lurking round the houses and back gardens, including the red-backed spider “and they’re dead sneaky! You know what? They hide under toilet seats. Imagine where them buggers are going to bite you! ‘Aagh! Oh… Oh… Oh..! Nurse! Nurse! Can you take away the pain but keep the swelling?”

  15. myra, I have some bad news. Remember that Weblog award I nominated you for? You won’t be getting it.
    They cancelled the the whole shebang. Their excuse is pitiful.
    Here’s the real reason–It’s my fault.

  16. What movie was that with Michael Caine in it with a topless nun?!

    • I’m not sure, I’d have to imdb it and I’m too lazy

  17. Those men had better be careful with the snake bites. They may need someone to suck the poison out for them.

  18. I kind of like the idea of beating the crap out of a guy to show your affection. I can think of a few…

  19. All that business about a women cutting and beating a man as an invitation to shag her. That’s precisely the defence I used at my rape trial.

    ‘C’ Hall
    HMP Shotts

    • are you writing me from jail?

  20. I’m up for some fighting sex. You want to stick me with a knife? You’re gonna work for it.

    • Bring it on RF…..

  21. Nice video . . .

  22. I HATE bugs… and snakes yucky yucky yucky- however the teeth deal ….

  23. “…tiny stinging ant on the clitoris of his partner…”

    i’m liking this. a more natural Spanish Fly substitute (though i guess Spanish Fly is natural). both stimulate the clit by aggravating it. hmmm, maybe i’m a Spanish Fly…

  24. Re: West African Fulani tribesmen, read about this tribe. After the beating, and the languid fingering of necklaces and mirror gazing, they have to buy them dinner and tell them they are pretty.

  25. I’m afraid none of these things are my cup of tea. Really a compliment will do much better than this.

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