the handkerchief of devotion

Lida Baarova was a Czech actress who had an affair with Joseph Goebbels.

She was born Ludmila Babkova in Prague on May 12 1910, and made her first film, The Career of Pavel Camrda in 1931. Three years later she was signed up by a German company and cast in Barcarole as the innocent sexual pawn of squalid male intrigue.

Goebbels told me he loved me time and again,” she recalled 60 years later, “and I felt his eyes burning into my back every time we were in the same room together.” The Fuhrer too, was given to staring mutely in her direction; indeed, when he visited her film studio he seemed to her to be mesmerised. Shortly afterwards he invited her to tea.

Hitler teapot found here

She arrived at the wheel of her BMW which Hitler seemed to consider rather too liberated. On this occasion, however, he found his tongue to the extent of telling her she reminded him of his half niece Gerri Raubel who, he encouragingly explained, had committed suicide on his account.

Lida’s BMW found here

Goebbels invited her to hear him speak at a Nazi congress. He promised to touch his face with a white handkerchief during the speech as a sign of his devotion.

Panicking, Baarova tried to leave town. But as her train waited at the station, a messenger arrived with roses and the minister’s picture.* “He was a master of the hunt, whom nobody and nothing could escape,” she said.

The actress, who died alone in poverty in November aged 86, reveals that Goebbels’s wife, Magda, proposed a ménage à trois to save her marriage but Hitler ordered an end to the two-year affair on the grounds that it could damage the Nazis’ image as guardians of traditional family values.

Lida saw Goebbels one last time at the 1942 Venice film festival. He ignored her. “He must have recognised me, but he did not make a single movement,” she said. “He was always the master of self-control.”

If interested you can see a photo of Hitler and Lida here, with Goebbels photoshopped out

* There is also a photograph of Goebbels’ corpse here. Be warned: the image is very graphic

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  1. “…….it could damage the Nazis’ image as guardians of traditional family values…”


    What was that man high on?????!!!!

  2. That poor girl. To be so unbelievably beautiful but then be basically stalked by out of control, ego-maniacal Nazi’s…..that would suck. I’m surprised that she wasn’t able to find a rich suitor after the fall of Berlin.

  3. I love the Hitler teapot and intrigued by the “Goebbels isn’t there” photo you linked to. I never knew that Hitler was a mac user.

    • I love that photo! It’s so much fun running your mouse over it and making Goebbels appear and disappear

  4. If I awarded awards which I don’t, I’d award you an award for bestest illustration to content award …..

    Fondest regards

    Mr D. Papersurfer

  5. Those guys with club feet seem to get all the action>

  6. what is it with the hypocritical douchebags who like to claim ownership of that “family values” tag?

  7. On the traditional 1-10 Creepy Scale, having the Gestapo deliver roses for you has to be – what? – a 13 or 14…?

  8. Oh, and speaking of ‘shopped pix, Goebbel’s “family group” has had the montage treatment. Check the shadows on the noses. The son in the spiffy SS uniform definitely had far different lighting, but some of the kids may be subtler drop-in candidates, too.

    • Trust a photographer to observe these things. I really like the images on your site coyote

      • Thanks, ma’am. I appreciate your appreciation…

  9. OMG did Goebbels get shot in the crotch?

    • He shot himself and his soldiers then doused his body in petrol and burnt it

  10. Just to look at him, it’s hard to imagine that a one-nut doofus like Hitler had so much power and directly caused the deaths of so many people.

  11. Fascinating story.. and love the teapot.. that would be the creepiest pot of tea ever!

    • the teapot’s something else isn’t it?

  12. Belated New Year wishes … I’ll never think of the Venice film Festival in quite the same way.

    • And a happy new year to you too BB

  13. Loved the teapot, sniggered at the sanitary towel between the crispy fella’s legs.

    Diversity and a rather sexy charm simply oozes out of you my dear.

  14. It does look like a sanitary towel doesn’t it?!

  15. it is sad she died alone and in poverty .. she was certainly a ‘looker’ in her youth ….

  16. It always appalls me how little of their own history most people know. Yes, Hitler was elected on a family values ticket. We like to imagine he wasn’t elected, that he did not fool the people, that he was only a madman fueled by ambition and hate. He was, in fact, a common politician. A modern American politician espousing the same rhetoric of hard on immigration, pro-family values, and pro-homeland security no-matter-the-cost, would get many votes.

    We like to pretend we aren’t always one vote away from the same thing, because the truth is too scary.

    She was gorgeous. What a terrifying time to be objectified.

  17. Should I use this in my dating profile? “In search of innocent sexual pawn of squalid male intrigue.”

  18. Hitler was indeed a common politician, very interesting item NM. Against Hitler’s election has to be viewed the presence of Stalin and the known fact of mass starvation, oppression and terror in the USSR responsible for the death of many millions. Many Germans must have seen Hitler as someone who would resist Stalin…how ironic then for the 2 of them to sign a “peace pact” together.

    Stumbled across this too, NM.

    • thanks for the link Ayrdale

    • Yes, we hardly hear of that but fear of Stalin’s genocide in the Ukraine played a significant part in the rise of the Nazis.

  19. Hitler teapot is disturbing but I kind of like the hand grenade.

  20. Ouch, Gobbels was a French Fry

  21. Beautiful woman, terrible taste in men but at the time they had power. Lots of hot babes were at the disposal of these monsters.

    The photo is a fitting end to the bastard.

  22. Uh oh! I’ve got brain overload on this one. Hitler and co really do creep me out.

  23. But: Eew! I definitely don’t want to imbibe of anything brewed in Hitler’s head.

  24. The teapot is brilliant. So very Jeff Krueger.
    Couldn’t find a good image of his ceramic stuff.
    But this image may lend a taste.

  25. Syncs, funny! I certainly wouldn’t wish to drink tea brewed in any Adolfian cranium – wierd! I can’t touch the Nazis on this post, other than to say, if I could’ve gone undercover as a soldier standing at the ready to douse Goebbels’ bleeding wreck of a carcass in petrol, I would’ve been content to serve the Reich in that regard.

    Just one vote away – precisely, rageomatic. Ayrdale’s parallel with Stalin can be most useful: but I like to see the Germans as using the threat of Communism as a pretext for electing a hardline nationalist.

  26. Happy Russian Christmas, myra.
    Here’s something for you.

  27. I’ll take your precautionary warning and not look. 😉

  28. Can I tell you again and again how much the Hitler teapot freaks me out? And on another note, I do love cream on pancakes.

  29. It’s a good job he abandoned the touching his crotch with the crusty pink frilly knickers as a sign of his devotion idea.

  30. I wonder if a Hitler teapot would be any good for nasal irrigation?

  31. I love how that photo of Goebbels is “graphic.” I got all ready to be disgusted and ended up laughing.

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