corset friday 8.1.2010

photo by syncopated eyeball

Legal disclaimer: nursemyra is not now nor ever has been a nurse. gimcrack hospital does not exist, it is a figment of imagination as are its patients

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  1. Um…! You look amazing! As you know, I’m a huge fan of silk and satin and all things soft, and that one does it for me. Especially with the stockings!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Uh oh. Have you been dooced?

  4. You’re not a nurse… then how do you explain all the sick people that visist here… like me?

  5. Why the disclaimer? In any case, very pretty Nursie!!

  6. Now you tell us you’re not a nurse? Love the pic anyway.

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I knew! I knew!

  8. And I’m not really an eyeball. Actually I have two in my head but I’ve got arms and legs and everything!

  9. that’s warmed me up!

  10. What’s with the disclaimer? Is there an interesting story behind it?

  11. What a delightful way to end a long hard week. Thanks again, non-nurse Myra 🙂

    [looking around for the stalker]

  12. Now who do I show my bunions to? …….

    • Daddyp, I’ll still look at your bunions darling xx

  13. We’re all nurses at heart, even me!! Il V

    • thank you my lovely non-nursing friend xx

  14. just love the lace top stockings…it’s like it’s an invitation to explore more. happy friday, oh luscious one.

  15. Ruh roo….what happened?

  16. Oh, to be a fly on the camera of Ms. Eyeball!

  17. very ’40’s pinup girl’ – love the shot today…

    and i’m guessing you’re being pestered by a troll. ignore the trolls, honey. this one is likely a jealous and mean-spirited one….

  18. I’m almost as curious about the disclaimer as I am about what’s under wraps. I’ll bet there’s a story there.

  19. Well maybe you could just pretend you’re a nurse, like in one of those latex nurses uniforms that i see at the store where i buy my whippets ;), stunning as usual

  20. Does this mean I should stop following your prescription? I would hate to, as my skin is finally clear and my eyeballs are really shiny.

    Phil Lated

  21. WTF? I was so busy admiring your corset (in a non-threatening way, mind you), that I almost missed the disclaimer.

    If you aren’t in the medical field, then you should be! I’ve learned more about the human anatomy from you than any other…

  22. The world is no longer as we knew it. Do you really exist?

  23. Where do you hide the gun?

  24. How pretty! Is it embroidered?

    • It’s just machine embroidery, it actually photographs better than it looks

  25. Darn. I really fancied some of your incontinent old patients. Will have to stick to the old ladies at my writer’s club.

  26. I guess one assumes? Seems that with all this prodding you’re still not sharing the fuller story.
    I am sure that alan tru ( where is he???) really is a dog…

    And, by the way, the outfit is stunning.

    • Yeah, and Crabby Old Fart really is a crabby old fart, renalfailure really does have bad kidneys, singingmoon is a coyote that types and queenwilly is royalty that lives in a castle. Actually, that last bit is true, I’ve been to their castle and kissed The King’s sceptre.

      • A treasured memory for me, I’m sure.

        My sceptre will never be the same again.

        The King

      • and trippin’ rip really trips…right?

  27. I’m still going to think of you as a nurse.

  28. Love the top! Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  29. I know it’s been said before, but Thank God it’s Friday!!!

  30. Is that really a girdle I see? I’ll forgive you for resurrecting that garment of torture for the exquisite photograph and pose it enhances.

    I too am absolutely agog to know why the disclaimer?

  31. Not a fecking nurse? Holy jaysus… but you’ve had your hand on my…. and your fingers up my… and not forgetting that time you made me strip and fecking cough. I just knew that examinations were not usually carried out in the back of a taxi at 3am on a Friday neet.

    I feel abused… wonderfully satisfied, but oh so abused.

    • I’m sorry jimmy, please forgive the liberties I took.

      • me next, ME NEXT!!!

  32. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.

  33. Well I am a doctor, but not the useful sort

  34. Lovely pose. Simply lovely.

    And obviously you’ve been Ninja Vicki this whole time.

  35. oh the bubble of later life has burst … pray tell that this life after life does exist .. I want to pee in my pants and still have oodles of wicked fun ….

    lol 😉

  36. What? Not a nurse? Can we still play doctor though?

  37. Probably my fave corset in your digital collection…maybe a tie with the light blue from last week. WTF? You are SO a nurse. Really? What on earth do you do for a living?

  38. The Kolotex shop on Parramatta Road at Stanmore is a further good source of suspenderable stockings and a great place to stock up. A timely reminder, I thought Gimcrack was real and the world was farcical!

    • Oh I have to go there one day. Is it open on weekends?

  39. Vintage loveliness.

    As for the disclaimer, well, that explains why the oil isn’t working.

  40. You’re just not rubbing it on the right area

  41. If you are not a nurse then you are the most brilliant liar I’ve ever encountered. Sorry, not liar, what’s the usual euphemism… oh yes, creative writer.

  42. Sensual, as usual!
    Love it!

  43. That is soooo beautiful I just love stockings and garders!! Very sexy!

  44. No-ruse! Myra. 🙂

  45. I’m confused. I thought you were a nurse who worked at a mental hospital.

    If my wife knew I was looking at this post in paticular, I don’t know what she would say.

    She would be confused by your employment choices as well, I imagine.

    Thomas 🙂

  46. yes loved the colors in the floral corset. ~NM, you having a problem with folks thinking The Gimcrack is real? that’s funny, you must be doing a great job with this blogging thing. 😆

    • I thought somewhere further down the line there was a comment that that names and places had been changed to protect the patients and herself. Gimcrack of course is not a real place thankfully but the scenarios would appear to be. Is that not right?

      • No Squeaks, you are incorrect in your assumptions

  47. Lovely lacy thing ya got there. Though, at the risk of offending, I will say that if I were in the neighborhood, I’d take you out for a nice steak dinner, baked potato loaded with the works, and a couple of bottles of wine…

    • I’m not coming unless I can have dessert as well. I’m particularly fond of pavlova or lemon meringue pie

  48. You’re not a nurse!?!?! But I was counting on being your hospital orderly!!!

  49. “Legal disclaimer: nursemyra is not now nor ever has been a nurse. gimcrack hospital does not exist, it is a figment of imagination as are its patients”

    Bummer. My whole blogger reality thing is shattered.

  50. Dammit. Now everyone is going to think I’m not really a Reverend.

    • It’s ok anaglyph, I’m still coming to you for my bat mitzvah

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