beware the jack dempsey erection

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Lina Basquette was a prima ballerina and silent movie star who was married nine times. She also caught the attention of Adolf Hitler.

“The man repelled me so much” she recounted. “He had terrible body odour; he was flatulent. But he had a sweet smile, and above all, he had these strange penetrating eyes.”

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Her first husband,  Sam Warner, was 20 years older than his bride.

“He died two years later of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 40. She had one daughter, Lita, by this marriage. Husband No. 2 was cinematographer J. Peverell Marley and they divorced about a year later. She was also widowed by Husband No. 3, actor Ray Hallam, who married her in 1931 and died that same year at age 26. Husband No. 4 and 5 was Theodore Hayes, former boxing trainer to prizefighter Jack Dempsey. They married in December of 1931 but it was annulled when it was found he was a bigamist; they remarried in 1933 but divorced two years later after having one son, Edward. Marriages to Husband No. 6, British actor Henry Mollison, No. 7, Warner Gilmore, and No. 8, Frank Mancuso, ended in divorce.

She also had an affair with Jack Dempsey

Dempsey was a strong, powerful youth who quickly discovered he had a talent for fighting. With the help of his older brother Bernie Dempsey, he began training to be a professional boxer. His other brother, John Dempsey, shot his own wife, then killed himself in a murder-suicide in 1927

Dempsey was for a short time, a part-time bodyguard for Thomas F. Kearns, president of The Salt Lake Tribune. When the United States entered World War I in 1917, Dempsey worked in a shipyard while continuing to box. After the war, he was accused by some boxing fans of being a draft dodger. It was not until 1920 that he was able to clear his name on that account, when evidence was produced showing he had attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army but had been turned down

But Jack Dempsey is not only the name of a famous boxer.

“It’s a cichlid fish that is widely distributed across North and Central America  Its common name refers to its aggressive nature and strong facial features, likened to that of the famous 1920s boxer.

In 1997 the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a man had died when he put a Jack Dempsey into his mouth as a joke: the fish erected its fin spines to avoid being swallowed, a characteristic cichlid anti-predator response, and became wedged in the man’s throat.

In an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street, a Jack Dempsey is recovered at the scene of a murder, and is taken home by an unsuspecting Detective John Munch, who intends to give it to his tropical fish-collecting girlfriend as a present. As a surprise, he places the fish in her aquarium, where it proceeds to devour $4,000 worth of her fish before being removed. Munch later refers to the fish as an “assassin who uses piranhas as toothpicks.”

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  1. Married nine times!

    • she was a sucker for punishment it appears

      • i have a friend who is on her 4th. i tell her “honey, you don’t date, you marry…”

  2. I had no idea that Jack Dempsey was a bigamist. I learn so much over here! Plus, I think that I’ve just learned where the expression ‘unlucky in love’ originated. Poor girl.

    • No, it was his trainer who was the bigamist. she only had an affair with Jack – never married him…..

      • Ok, I just reread that part, I see what you meant.

  3. It all smells a bit fishy to me ……

    • Not as fishy as those bunions of yours

  4. As a keen collector of many species of tropical fish, I am now scouring the web looking for my very own JD to entertain me. Sex, laughter, and a bloody thorough education is to be found amongst the gems in your box hen.

    I find myself increasingly drawn towards the shape of your buttocks these days.Freudian in a bizzare kinda sexual/fishy way?

  5. “Box” is a euphemism for “pussy” in Australia 😉

    • Ahhh, Boxing Day. Best holiday ever.

      Spence Sometime

  6. “The man repelled me so much” she recounted. “He had terrible body odour; he was flatulent. ”

    hmmm…I thought women didn’t mind that much.

    • oh dear bearman… you got that wrong darlin’

  7. i had better not get a jack dempsey for my new tank of Sea Monkeys… would chew the little crowns right off their heads!

  8. Love that last image!

  9. Great poster for Agra and yesterday’s corset is fab

  10. German food = flatulence. It’s a fact! How someone stand to be married so many times? Doesn’t it start to take its toll right around the 6th “I do?”

  11. Cichlids are some mean critters alright. We used to have a huge tank of them and their territoriality was fascinating to watch. We had a mated pair of Dempseys. They quickly were out-meaned by most of the other fish. There were many fish eaten in that tank…We eventually sold the surviving 3 fish and the tank once the fish had gotten to be about 10 inches long each by virtue of having eaten everyone else in the tank. 🙂

    • Nicole, I love your often surprising comments

  12. Two fish enter, one fish leaves… that is the law of AquaDome!

  13. I love the way you come up with all of this content.

  14. I think that’s where the expression “Jack-off” has come from.

  15. I love the free-form series of connections you make in your posts.

  16. so, other than the lack of nasty body odor and the flatulence, i’m almost like Adolf Hitler…hmmm….

    • A sweet smile and penetrating eyes? That sounds like a winning combination

  17. I love the show “Homicide: Life on the Street”.

  18. Thank you for a great blog site. I find your constant upkeep of eclectic subject matter fascinating. Blogs in themselves eventually disclose so much about the person maintaining one. And I’ve come to believe that your wit, intellect and humor exhibit a depth I rarely find sustained on the internet. Bravo!

    • Stephen, you have an impressive body of work on your site. I particularly like the photo of you stroking your father’s cheek

  19. Thank You! My work is my life. In the case of my father, documenting him in the early stages of Alzheimer’s was a way to cope. Later in its advanced stages it was my way to stay connected. Touching and hugging became everything, along with laughing. He responded very well to these things. Dad died a few weeks back. He passed gently and his family was by his side. As you know Alzheimer’s really is a slow good-bye. I’m in a reflective state right now. But in a few months I will be editing through 10s of 1000s of images of my father. My simple goal for a complex project is to put a book together.

    • I’m sure your father would be very proud of you. He must have been a wonderful man to inspire such love

  20. Hitler smelled? Yeah I’ll beleive that.

  21. She had a affair with him, later, wow, I want be Jack Dempsey

  22. Yes cichlids are quite aggressive and canonly be kept with only a limited number of species. I have had several fish that have the defensive spine reflex, one being the cory catfish and another (which I still have) and another call called the clown loach.this fish has loads of personality and is quite friendly. He makes audible clicks when happy (this is strange but true, he has awoken me early in the morning in fact) and takes naps at the bottom of the tank while laying on his side. He lives in the castle I have in the tank and you can sometimes see him peering out the windows. For this I have named him, Lord James Bleers.

  23. I used to have two Dempseys named Itchy and Scratchy. They killed all of the fish in my tank and then killed each other. I loved those things.

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