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A couple of weeks ago I revealed how the phrase “did Aristotle Onassis sponsor sex change surgery?” led me to an interesting site about transsexuals. Recently I was reading an old article about Sammy Davis Jnr and his Swedish wife May Britt and I wondered if might be something I could hang a blog post on…..

“May marries Sammy Davis, Jr., at his Hollywood home above Sunset Strip. He’s 34; she’s 26; the press gives her age as 24. The Jewish rites are performed by Rabbi William M. Kramer of Hollywood’s Temple Israel. Frank Sinatra is best man, and Mrs. George Rhodes is matron of honor. May almost misses her wedding when a severe attack of intestinal flu with a 103-degree fever beds her hours before the ceremony. After the rites she returns to bed, and Davis goes solo to a reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Poor May, what a lousy way to spend your first night as a bride. Googling “May Britt wedding night” didn’t reveal any more about Sammy & Co, but I did discover another Britt whose wedding was even worse

“Flabbergasted bride Britt Kallstrom’s plans for a romantic honeymoon went awry just 2 hours after her wedding when her policeman husband arrested her for drunk driving. Beautiful Britt lay all alone in a bug infested jail cell while the grim faced groom said he had no choice but to throw the girl of his dreams into the hoosegow. “I warned her she was too drunk to drive, when she got in the car and drove off I had no choice.” Britt says she “screamed and scratched and bit him but he just kept writing out the arrest report”

image (not Britt) found here

Do my readers recognise this lurid style of journalism? It’s from the Weekly World News – a publication I’d not previously had the pleasure of reading. Click the link and you could get lost for hours reading gems such as this one about unfortunate bride Elizabeth Muller’s life….

Her husband Werner eats cockroaches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He said  “They bugged me for years, then I figured out how to get rid of them. I started gobbling up every one in sight. They’re a superb source of protein, one of nature’s best balanced snacks. I was a little squeamish about eating them so the first time I sautéed them in butter and then drowned them in chocolate syrup. They’re great in meatloaf too. All you have to do is chop them up and add them to the mixture, It’s hard to tell the difference between them and ground beef.”

image found here

Weekly World News also helps me keep with the nursing theme here at the gimcrack…..

“Sexy stripper Senta Auer was charged with manslaughter after she put on a scorching show at a local nursing home – and two bug-eyed old men died of heart attacks. Outraged investigators also filed charges against shell-shocked Hans Lehn, nursing home owner who hired her.

“I talked to some of the nurses to see if anybody would be offended and they all thought it was a great idea.”

Senta said “I’d just taken off my top and flung it into the crowd when I heard a gasp and one old man toppled over clutching his chest. a couple of seconds later another old man collapsed near the stage. I hopped down to help him but they told me to get away because I was making things worse. …..”

This image is of Senta Berga NOT Senta Auer. While looking for a photo of Senta, I found this fabulous site devoted to hairstyles. Be sure to check out Pamela Tiffin’s amazing mane.

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  1. Most illuminating re: your excellent style of blogging and just as entertaining as usual.

    • you already know how I operate darlin’

      • but it was interesting to go through the motions with you in this post.

  2. Hair… what hair, I was distracted wit that photo of Senta…

  3. myra + google = danger!

  4. I have seen that lurid style of journalism before. That rag is usually on the stands as I await to checkout at the grocery store. Where do they get the stuff from?

  5. The hairstyle link took me right back to my days at art school ….. students from Goldsmiths’ were used in the film Blow Up and the park where the ‘photograph’ was taken was a favourite haunt of the TG’s …… ahhhhhhh

    • Blow Up? Remind me to tell you about the night I had dinner with David Hemmings (what a ponce)

      • Remember to tell about the night you had dinner with that ponce David Hemmings ….

  6. The 2 old guys that died during the show, what a way to go!! I would rather die that way!!

  7. I miss even being able to see the cover of Weekly World News on supermarket shelves. I’m going to have to check it out online….I’d never thought of that.

    The drunk driving bride story was unbelievable, what a dick. Why not just stop her beforehand? Anyway, this is by far the best DUI that I have ever seen… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7iEh7TBGiE

  8. I miss the Weekly World News..ever since they’ve gone online, the tabloid world hasn’t been the same….


    Oh well, at least I got the next best thing with Nurse Myra.

  9. That’s a HOT story about the cop guy arresting his own wife. *Wolf Whistles!*

  10. We coyotes used to love the Weekly World News! It was a phenomenon! Other supermarket tabs ran in colour. WWN was always straight black and white – but competed with the most insane headlines and story arcs ever. Take, ummm, Bat Boy, f’rinstance…

    Although arguably, my favorite cover story of all time was the one about an alien eating some poor woman’s laundry, then throwing up all over her back yard.

    Had it taped to the fridge for years. Call me perverse…

    • Haha… that story is hilarious

  11. but the Weekly World News is all TRUE! Batboy told me when we were in the alien spacecraft being anally probed to cure our halitosis by the love child of Anwar Sadat and Bill Clinton.

    …how i miss that paper…

  12. i miss WWN… and Batboy…. he ran for president, you know, and joined the army to search for Osama bin Laden in the caves of Afghanistan… a hero.

    you had me until the ‘bug eating’…. yeaaaaaaaargh!

  13. I used to get WWW when I was a kid. It was just as funny as Mad Magazine.

    • As a mostly-stoned-everyday twenty-something, I wallpaperd my apartment livingroom with three years worth of Weekly World News covers.

      Better, I became an ordained minister via Weekly World News classifieds in ’91. World Christianship Ministries. $30 bucks and a handshake. Sadly, my wallet was stolen years later with the lamenated “I.D.” I recieved as proof of my vocation. But somewhere I still have the certificates of ministry framed all official like. Thanks for the reminder. I should hang them up again. And one of these comments reminded me of that Adrenaline O.D. Lp, Riding With Elvis in Bigfoots U.F.O.

      But what does it say about Nursemyra that we are all such fans of WWW and she? Are we tacky or erudite? …we are tacky, she is erudite, and at least one of us should get back to work.

      Rev. P.

  14. Love the way Myra’s mind works. You find the most interesting websites. That Hair site was fabulous, how cool to see some of the photos of Deneuve.
    We just don’t do hair like they used to!

  15. WWW was my late and ex’s favorite laugh. His all time winner was the cover photo of Rush Limbaugh shaking hands with some “Communion” type bug eyed space aliens. If only they had abducted him, Rush I mean, not my ex.

  16. I think I get where you are going with this: you are saying that May Britt used to be a man, a drunk, bug eater, and had an interesting hair style.

    When I played Renfield in ‘Dracula’, a couple of years ago, I ate crickets and meal worms on stage. The meal worms were fine, but the crickets were like very dry pop corn. After you eat a cricket, you spend the next five minutes coughing on the wings.

    • Haha… that reminds me of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode when Larry thought he had a pubic hair caught in his throat

  17. I dearly miss ‘World Weekly News.’ Batboy was a joy and you could always be sure of a killer squid story once a quarter.

  18. I was partial to Edy Williams hair style, myself. I’ve never eaten bugs on purpose even though I am aware of their protein value. That truth has allowed me to happily sift weevils out of my flour and then use it even though a few may have made it through the sifter. You just make sure you are putting nutmeg or some other spice in whatever you make, no one can tell the difference.

    • I’ve seen photos of your food and would eat anything you baked – including weevil sifted cookies

  19. Old lady with the breathalizer cracked me up

  20. The Weekly World News famous story “Bat Boy Attacks” inspired an off-off-Broadway musical that became an unlikely hit and is regularly performed in community theaters.

    • i was Mayor Maggie, of Hope Falls, West Virginia a few years back!

  21. I think you might spend more time on the Internet than I do, nursemyra. And that’s saying something.

  22. Weekly World News always reminds me of So I Married An Axe Murderer.

    WWN bit is about 3:45 in.

    “It has the eighth highest circulation of any paper in the world I’ll have you know.”

  23. We used to tell D-man we were having roaches and spiders for dinner when he asked over and over again what we were eating that night. The Swedes are great people…wild and wonderful. What a bummer to have such a feaver on your wedding night!

  24. That is your new calling writing for those pieces of journalism!

  25. I remember the WWN very well. I always loved the cover artwork. It was a bit like old Hammer Horror films.

  26. transsexuals, Jewish black entertainers and their Swedish (suspected transsexual? ) brides, wife arresting policemen, bug eaters and killing old men with tits.

    Gimcrack Hospital truly has it all and usually in one post. 😀

  27. not the old men with tits but them being killed BY them. 🙂 Or would that be taking it back to the original topic. Geriatric transsexuals?….. I’m confused, and it’s time for my medication….

  28. i could think of much better “punishments” than throwing one’s newly-wedded bride into the hoosegow. if i were her, i’d have gotten an annulment the very next day. and i would have pinched his handcuffs as a departing “gift.”

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