corset friday 15.1.2010

unfortunately, syncopated eyeball and I don’t live very near each other so I had to take this week’s corset friday photos myself. hopefully we can arrange another meeting soon.

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  1. Is it that time already!?!? How lovely a time this is.

    Wonderful as always.

  2. by gods you’re an avatar, living on Pandora!

  3. I like the change of scenery. Awesome as always!!

  4. Is that in your little garden? I like the lacy drawstring detail.

    • Yes, it’s the area usually designated to the wheelie bin πŸ™‚

  5. lovely and refreshing!

  6. ohh, outdoors… I like outdoors.

  7. delectable as always. but you’re not doing too good a job hiding behind the shrubbery!

  8. yay! outside is fun! i’m sure the neighbors don’t mind in the least!

  9. Ah summer in the garden, where the views are more spectacular.

    We here in the states are still beset by several inches of global warming. Though it began melting around here yesterday, the women are still bundled against the cold. Dammit.

  10. You and Ms Eyeball are both featuring texture this week – nice one!

  11. Beautiful and I love the setting.

  12. Very demure, are you getting coy in your dotage then?

    Perhaps there’s another reason of which we shall not speak.

    Just finished reading an Agatha Christie and they were playing Mah Jong! First time I’ve ever read the term ‘un-Pung’. I’d better go now and un-Pung myself as it’s rather late.


    The King

    • And here’s me worrying that the first photo wasn’t demure enough πŸ˜‰

      • We’ve got to nip that kind of thinking in the bud!

  13. *sigh* how I do love Corset Fridays.

  14. Just like a virgin in the Garden of Eden ….. there were virgins in the Garden of Eden weren’t there? ……

    • there was one . . . at least for a little while . . .

  15. venturing outside, are we?? πŸ˜‰

  16. Outside here in the US would have added a whole new dimension to the photo shoot…
    Nice touch w/ the foliage.

  17. just lovely!

  18. I’m loving the black get-up, and especially the β€˜nature’ shots. Happy Friday!

  19. That looks a damn sight hotter than where I am… oh the wonders of the global internet… you can easily see what one is missing

  20. how great do you look in the undergrowth .. wtg NM πŸ™‚

  21. I do believe you got a haircut, nursemyra. Short for the summer, eh?

  22. so ur not a nurse I don’t understand? How do we write u personal email

  23. Leafy!

  24. yay for corset fridays. it’s becoming quite festive.

  25. Love it!

    Thank God you’re not Canadian…you’d freeze to death.;)

  26. Boy, you’d look a lot different if you were outside taking those pictures here! There would be goosebumps and blue skin. Not a bad set of photos, NM. But you need your photographer so you can strike a great pose.

    Cool corset. I’ve decided I’m going to start doing a Fungi Friday to compete with you since I’m sort of fresh out of corsets at the moment.

  27. Outstanding outdoors, as usual.

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