pyrex and poetry for posterity

Pyrex Simpson pipe found here

I love borosilicate glass, especially the coloured kind. Most of us are familiar with Pyrex cookware but it’s also used to make laboratory equipment, pipes and dildos as well as in solar thermal technology.

According to this site, one of the inventors of Pyrex was supposedly the mother of 1940s film star Corinne Calvert but neither Wiki nor the Pyrex site seem to mention this.

image found here also credits Corrine’s mother with inventing Pyrex. this strange site about celebrity deaths and the predictions of Nostradamus recommends newbies click on the overview and update page but I’m still mightily confused. Here’s a taste of what’s in the Madonna Prophecy section

“A different danger now threatens Madonna, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton on the seventh anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, in August 2004. Paris Hilton, in particular, I feel may succumb to the “Sharon Tate scenario,” but neither Britney nor Madonna can be entirely ruled out.

Meantime, should New York Senator Hillary Clinton choose to run for president, I fear she will be assassinated and I believe this can also be attributed to the Diana influence this year.

The writer manages to link all the usual famous blondes together as well as brunette Anne Sexton who wrote one of my favourite poems. click the link above if you’re curious to see how he does it though my advice is to forget about it and just read “I Remember” instead……

By the first of August

the invisible beetles began

to snore and the grass was

as tough as hemp and was

no color–no more than

the sand was a color and

we had worn our bare feet

bare since the twentieth

of June and there were times

we forgot to wind up your

alarm clock and some nights

we took our gin warm and neat

from old jelly glasses while

the sun blew out of sight

like a red picture hat and

one day I tied my hair back

with a ribbon and you said

that I looked almost like

a puritan lady and what

I remember best is that

the door to your room was

the door to mine.

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  1. Oh! Jolly good, Nursie! Excellent post! Anne Sexton even!

    • she could really write couldn’t she?

  2. I predict that you will receive a meaningless message from a bald man. You must not let this distract you from necessary tasks in your everyday life. You will recognise his message because the bald man will show bad speling.

    • I love the bald man 😉

  3. I’m now considering shaving my head ……

    Lovely poem ……. I am evoked …..

    • Do it daddyp – as Penfold will tell, the bald guy always gets the girl !!!

  4. . . . borosilicate glass, borosilicate glass, borosilicate glass. . . mmmm, sounds good.

  5. That was a beautiful poem, I loved it!

    If Madonna, Britney or Paris is in danger of the ‘Sharon Tate’ scenario, who is this generation’s Charles Manson? Could it be Glenn Beck?

    And if Hillary did get assassinated I think it would definitely be the result of Beck’s influence over the gullible masses.

  6. Wait, so you’re saying that borosilicate glass can be used for something other than ‘one-hitters?’

  7. Good Lord that Nostradamus page makes my head hurt.

    The universal constant seems to be that loonies have all the time in the world on their hands, I mean how much work goes into a page like that!

    I prefer the simpler things in life, handmaidens, corsets etc

    My favourite line from the poem is: and what

    I remember best is that

    the door to your room was

    the door to mine.

    If only that were true!

    The King

    • Now now Your Majesty, queenwilly will be having none of that 😉

      • I think that the King’s laptop should be locked up like a chastity belt!

        and yes, that poem is exquisite.

      • Don’t be such a grinch – both of you, after all Queenwilly has Mellors amd my spies inform me I turn a very good blind eye to the goings on.

        Anyway, we have no idea how many doors there are in the french chalet, now do we?

        The King

  8. great poem. brings me to remember one of my favorites – James Joyce’ “Molly’s Soliloquoy”

    …and yes, i will…

  9. Great poem!

  10. Corrine Calvert – in that pic? the very definition of a smokin’ blonde! the poem is sweet and sad…

  11. So I could build a Pyrex dildo that could also be a pipe, eh. I’d call it the CockSmoker.

  12. OK I’ll bite.

    Why would anyone want a dildo made of glass?

    All answers to be in the form of a limerick.

    • I can’t resist a limerick.

      There once was a woman named Cass,
      Who had a dildo constructed of brass.
      While it had plenty of charm,
      The weight tired her arm,
      And so she fashioned one made out of glass.

      • There once was a lass
        Who had a dildo of glass
        It was easy to clean
        From where it had been
        Even if up it had been up in her arse

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  13. I thought that was a Homer dildo at first.

  14. I am indebted to you for the link to the Film Noir Photos blog.

    • It’s a great blog isn’t it?

  15. I read the rest of the post but my mind is still whirring with the idea of glass dildos…cold, breakable. I just can’t wrap my mind…or anything else around them.

  16. very cool poem & great corset shot of Corrine .. maybe you could imitate that pose one Friday?? 😉

  17. Love it.. and the limericks as well…
    I have seen such instruments as you show here on your post.

  18. if you make enough predictions, eventually one will come true.
    nobody remembers when you’re an idiot, because there are so many of those running around.
    but people will remember a brilliant prediction, and even shower praise upon the lucky food who said it first.

  19. How does one use some of those glass dildos?

  20. My uncle was a physicist for Corning glass, and held one of the patents for Pyrex, so I don’t know about Corinne Calvert.

    I, on the other hand, would like to wrap something around a glass dildo. If I could afford one.

  21. What about a bong? Can you make a nice bong out of Pyrex? Not that I would need one anymore…

  22. Evocative. Dildos and poetry, a combination difficult to beat – – –

  23. Lovely poem but this website you mention is sheer quackery. It’s almost like Pat Robertsons religious predictions.

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