corset friday 22.1.2010

Gnukid has decided to join in!

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  1. Ha ha ha! These are so cute, Nursie, oh, I mean Doctor.

    • And yummy skulls too! Have you visited that Skull-A-Day site?

  2. Wish the doctos here looked like you 😉

    • and the doctors too 😳

  3. Not that I’m complaining… but the boobies don’t usually make noises. No amount of time and stethoscope is going to yield a result. But, if you want someone to pay attention to them…

    Lovely as always.

  4. My students and I have been arguing whether this is a corset, or a corsetted bodice; on balance, on balance, we think the latter. They like the material, the pretty little applique bow, and the generous flattering underwired cups.
    I like the contents.

    • Keep splitting hairs like that and you’re all going to end up with really ratty hair! Hee!

  5. I like the stethoscope, not sure there’s anything wrong with that chest though.

    As for the knee….

    The King

    • …. still creaking

  6. Ha! Love the stethoscope! 🙂

  7. Very creative this week! Brilliant! 🙂

  8. oh, nurse? it hurts here…. and here…. and here… and probably will hurt over here…. ok, PILLOW FIGHT!

    love the outdoors shots! you guys must be having so much fun with these!

    • Is that what you two do on your trips?

      • going to Lesbos together in June. wanna meet us there?

    • Nursie took the shots for last week and this week with no input from me. Job very well done, I say!

  9. […] feeling just rambunctious enough to join her for her Corset Friday this […]

  10. While corseting about in your garden, please remain watchful for those funnel-web spiders. The males are particularly dangerous.

    Kent Emologist

  11. Is this my treat for being such a nobel citizen? see my update

    • I meant noble of course!

  12. Uh i think it’s about time for my check-up good Doctor.

  13. What a nice white on white combination.
    What are the green plants? I’ve never seen anything like that.

    • I think they’re unripened star fruit. My son bought them.

      • Um, Nursie, I don’t think they’re ever going to ripen as I think they’re paper mache, mate! 😉 x

  14. Loving the great outdoors – and the lovely bod

  15. Hahaha! Hilarious NM.

    I hope you gave yourself a clean bill of health…

  16. Impressive.

  17. White lace is in perfect taste. You look stunning as always!

  18. Who would win in a pillow fight …. you or DaisyFae?

    • We would.

      • We wood!

    • definitely daisyfae – she’s an engineer

  19. I didn’t even realize you were outside, till other posts mentioned it. I guess I’m not very observant.

  20. Definitely gets your heart racing.

    Boy Meets Girl in 55

  21. by gods, can you hear your heart beat from there or is there just pining bap noises?

  22. From a clinical standpoint, that is hot. 5 out of 5 medical professionals agree.

  23. some pulses racing with this corset Friday 🙂

  24. Are you playing doctor? Nice.

  25. Another lovely day in garden, myra.

  26. Do you visit patients like that?

  27. You could find some great spots to pose in my garden, Nursemyra! I invite you and Syncopated Eyeball to visit any time. Love these shots.

    Very inspiring.

    • I didn’t actually help out this week or last week – all Nursie’s own work. But oh, Healing Magic Hands, I’ve seen pics of your garden and it looks positively glorious! How I would love to take a walk there and take pictures of Nursie and other things there too. Mmmm, lichen.

      • Yeah, we’ve both talked about your wonderful garden HMH. I even sent my mother over to have a look too. I feel like I know parts of it intimately now, all those photo strolls I’ve been on…..

  28. Okay, normally I don’t give in on stuff like this, but today…yum!

  29. i don’t think you need
    a stethoscope
    to hear my heart
    on corset fridays.

  30. Love the stethoscope prop.

  31. alexthechick just put this link up over at Doubleplusundead.

    I, of course, thought of you right off.

  32. I’m so ignorant on the source of these corsets… Do you make them???

    • No, I wish I did. Most of them were bought or given to me when Stephen was alive. I used to find them at markets or charity shops, lots of them were still brand new with price tickets on them but I’ve rarely paid more than $20.00

      • They are gorgeous. Always waiting to see what the next Friday will bring!

  33. Good give with the props.

    And a still life garnish.

  34. Ah, late for this very special day but it’s wonderful!!!

  35. i love it!! how’s you heart these days nurse myra?

    • Still broken. But it beats regularly

  36. Oh lord the stethoscope (know ho to spell that and quite frankly you cant really expect anyone to spell ‘coherently’ with hot hot pictures like that in front of em’!!!) is a nice touch! Yummy!!!!

  37. I bookmark this page because I like this blog. But I check it every Friday because I’m shallow, which I’m okay with.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for dropping by. I don’t know how to leave comments on your tumblr – great images btw

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