t shirt friday 29.1.2010

thanks to YnB for my troll nursie and syncopated eyeball for the Astro Boy T. Synchy has joined in t shirt friday this week – do we have any other players?

Yes! Sledpress is in and Sabrina

and now we’ve got gnukid, YnB and healingmagichands too

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  1. Yummy yummy cute cute yummy yummy yummy.

  2. Well, the Students have had an early showing of this; general approbation for the shoes, some concern amongst the transgender community about zip-danger, but real interest in what appears to be a hint of a red lacey french knicker leg (photo bottom-left). Cool – earns a low 2:1.

  3. This is great! I love the troll and clock. I love the shirt. I love the shoes. And I really love the pants. You are a rock star!

  4. I’m in!!! Mine is a bit amateurish but hopefully it will look better next week πŸ™‚

    • Your pic is cool, Sabrina! I love T-shirt Friday.

      • Ooohhh…thanks babe :p

        I love t-shirt friday too although i love corset friday even more *Droooooooooooool*

  5. you’re rocking those pants!!!

  6. dom arigato, ms. nursemyra!

    (and i’ll join this month, if i may!)

  7. […] friday 29Jan10 By thegnukid Okay, joining in again with the delightful and delectable NurseMyra’s t-shirt Friday post. I’m thinking the theme is cartoon characters we relate to in some way, so this one […]

  8. yummy leathers! shame it’ll be too hot in greece for those. i expect to be able to wear a pair of my own by then…

  9. you titillate as usual! I keep thinking I’ll get in on the t-shirt day but then I forget! Love the red.

    is the story of your friendship w/ Daisyfae around somewhere for us to read?

    • she’s my ‘blog mother’ in some ways… we met up on holiday in spain a couple years ago, and a mutual girl crush for the ages ensued (as did a couple of double corset friday). we’re meeting up in greece this year… i’d marry her if it were legal. and if we lived on the same continent. or in the same hemisphere…

  10. T-shirts and trolls, eh? Love the leather.
    Speaking of which,there’s a lass named Louise in some leather you’ll like at one of the links here. Enjoy.


  11. Oops, I forgot. There’s also chainmail

  12. Aw, trolls! I had a little troll with bright blue shiny hair when I was a young thing and I wish I could find her again. They grow on you.

  13. I didn’t find a donkey size!

    • Maybe next month Tagazou?

  14. Those shoes MAKE t-shirt Friday.
    And the troll.

  15. you’ve got tiny feet!!!

  16. Astro Boy rocks!
    This would be a great movie to rent for the weekend.
    The kids and I haven’t seen it yet.
    Thanks for the idea.

  17. Love the pants, are they sprayed on??

  18. Lovely as usual nurse and those are very sexy red pants.

  19. When Tootsie saw Mini-Me, she just had to join in! πŸ™‚

    LOVE the outfit!


  20. Never mind the T-shirt – those pants are *fabulous!*

  21. Very cute shoes!

    Those trousers look painful…

    • Oh no, they’re supremely comfortable. The fabric is stretchy (they’re not leather), you could even exercise in them…

  22. Kickass, NM!

    I love hot red…

  23. I love Troll dolls and those shoes are adorable.

    You can’t beat fire engine red.

    Getting Reacquainted in 55

  24. I’m in too. I got distracted by the weather; it isn’t really t-shirt weather around here. But I remembered as I was finishing up today’s post.


  25. Looks like the leather pants are the real star of T-Shirt Friday, with the spunky shoes coming in second.

  26. Love the sexy red pants – – –

  27. oh ‘bugger’ I missed out again and I have just bought a fab new T of the ‘Fab 4’ & I was going to post … where the hell did January go?… great pants and cute shoes hun πŸ™‚

    • Is it Saturday already in England? Maybe you’ve still got time….

  28. Butt Machine Guns On! I didn’t do mine today, I am not feeling well, I will do it tomorrow.

  29. NM you always looks so hot !!! Love the red!!!!! !!

  30. hard to see the t-shirt because those awesome pants steal all my attention.

  31. I really would like this Michgan J Frog tshirt in a men’s medium. Preferably in Black. Are they available any where??

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