corset friday 5.2.2010

all photos taken by syncopated eyeball

Ooooh…. I’ve got a player this week. Sabrina is rocking a t shirt and heels

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  1. Heh I got in there first with the comment – yahoo!

    Stairway to Heaven?

    • wow – you’re quick off the mark – I only just posted

  2. what’s upstairs?

  3. Sexy……sexy…..

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous!!!! Love the boots!

    I’m in by the way :p

    • February 5, 1861

      The “Peep Show” machine patented by Samuel Goodale of Cincinnati, Ohio.

  5. Kickass boots.

  6. That reminds me of parties back in the day when all the bestest people sat on the stairs getting in people’s way who were rushing to go to the loo …… or the bedrooms ……

  7. this is a very good look – do you have to stay at least semi-horizontal for the stockings to stay up – whenever I try hold ups they fall down.

    • The stockings stayed up fine, it was myself that was in peril of falling down (the stairs backwards).

  8. My favorite Friday so far. You are way too sexy for your stairs!

  9. Discussed with my Friday fashion students:
    Pretty peasant top – very flattering; red is good but black bra for preference; nice lacy topped stockings. But top photo indicates that hairdressing required – did you consider a perm and a quiff?

    • How can you see her hair with all that pretty knee to look at? I hold out for red, it brings out the floral pattern in the top. But everybody’s entitled to their opinion. . .

      • It seems to be hanging down……….

  10. Maid my day!

  11. Stairs nice… what, oh sorry I’m a sucker for a good staircase.

    Nurse has nice legs.

  12. Boots and fishnets… such a killer couple 😉

  13. uh oh… boots. renal failure is off buying airline tickets… really sexy-cute.

    • You know me too well, and so does the good nurse.

  14. wow is that you? very sexy pictures!!! well done!!!

  15. Did you get that shirt from my 8th grade girlfriend? Totally retro!

  16. love the one on the left with the sexy red straps! 🙂

  17. Looking good.

    • welcome to the Gimcrack, Corve. I can’t see where to leave comments on your blog, is there a trick to it?

  18. that’s sort of a ‘come hither, my bedroom is just at the top of the stairs’ look… well, hither i come!

  19. I’d love to tear that….oh, nevermind!!

    On my way to an important job interview. This is just what I needed as a send-off.

    Off topic: Just picked up tickets for Red, a Donmar Warehouse hit from London that’s transplanting to New York. Alfred Molina plays Mark Rothko.

  20. fishnets and fuck-me boots, me likey.

  21. Excellent selection.
    Those stairs look dangerous.

  22. Great combination and I see a change in venue!

    • Not really, the photos are still being taken at my house, these are the stairs to my bedroom

  23. Nothing sexier than a long pair of legs! woohoo…

  24. That’s melting the snow outside my window.

  25. It’s supposed to snow two feet here. I may go stir crazy and dig out my own corsetry collection… maybe it would be more effective than shoveling?

    How much of that skirt is fringe?

    • The fabric part is asymmetrical, the left side of the is quite short, the right side reaches down to a few inches above the knee

  26. Boy, you really clean up nice, nursemyra! I love this set of shots, it really makes a difference when you have a photographer so you can use your arms. So when are you going to do a barefoot shot anyway? Not everybody is into fuck-up-my-knees-hips-and-back-boot, you know.

    • haha…. these are not fuck-up-my-back-boots, they actually have flat soles. It might not be apparent because I’m kind of pointing my toes in the photos.

      I don’t wear heels, if you ever see any in photos, they’re just borrowed for the occasion

  27. I love the red bra underneath. And that top photo looks just like you! Weird thing to say maybe, but I was reminded of you relaxing on my sofa (in slightly different clothing, of course).

  28. Sweet.

    Flash 55 – Buried Secrets

  29. Nice legs down under! 🙂

  30. I love the third pose, a cute sort of “Hi! Been waiting here for ya!” pose.

  31. bootiful hun 😉

  32. Wanna Arm wrestle?

  33. Those boots should come with lasers.

    • hey there Rrrick, welcome to the Gimcrack

  34. I’ve the same stairs at home!

  35. WOW very nice NM !

  36. Damn NM! Where the hell have I been, not visiting your site. Outrageous fun. That Honda ad was crazy . . . wish I got paid to think of that. Fanatstic blog, going to “Favorites” and see ya soon!

  37. Great, I can’t even spell “fantastic” at this late hour.

  38. Excellent photos.
    Nice location.

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