corset friday 12.2.2010

all photos by Syncopated Eyeball

(I’ve got two t shirt players this week – Sabrina and TerraShield)

and a Boxer Boy as well

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  1. I shouldn’t look at this, this close to bedtime…

  2. Makes me think of a Southern Belle, like Scarlet.

    Flash 55 – Priorities

    Flash 55 – So Sorry

  3. Love the parasol pic.

  4. these are adorable! and very fun! pink is a tough color for most, but you make it look very sexy!

  5. oohhh, french cut, nice choice…

  6. Used to be called passion killers in my day…or was that girdles?

    • I think it was girdles

  7. Oh Lordy!!!!!! The one with you bent over……….

    • That pose was my idea, Sabrina! Naughty Eyeball.

      • Oooh brilliant!!!!

        Can we see you in a similar pose? :p

      • Let me think. . . er, no.

  8. Pink. Why did it have to be pink? And Sabrina is right. That bent over shot makes you see so deliciously vulnerable.

    BTW, “That Face” is due here in the spring.

  9. I shouldn’t be looking at this, this close to having to go into work.

    • aren’t you all locked up still Tom?

      • What, that makes a difference? Hot women still look just as good…

  10. […] (as well as a couple VERY nice suggestions to continue sent privately), I am once again joining the delectably delicious Nursemyra for the Friday […]

  11. Ooo, quite sexy. An excellent ‘good morning’ for me!

    (thank you, syncopated eyeball! well done!)

    • Thanks Gnukid. Nursie and I are both getting more comfortable and inventive, I think. And good on you for the second boxer shot!

  12. stunning yet demure, very nice.

  13. love the parasol photo!

  14. You aren’t supposed to open an umbrella in the house. You know better. Looks like you’ll need a spanking.

    • haha…. it’s not inside, I have a courtyard!

  15. I’m reminded of a Neapolitan ice-cream ………

  16. I don’t know how you do it Nursemyra, but the shots are more amazing week by week. I love the new poses! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!!

  17. That pink must clash with the red stripes!

    Noticed the shorter hair-do. Like it.

  18. My students are in shock over Lee McQueen’s death, but these pics have cheered them up. Ten out of ten!

  19. The shoes give the look that 20’s flapper feels … lovely as ever 🙂

  20. The mary jane heels work awesome with this outfit (and with most outfits now that I think about it). And the parasol shot is just fun. Just wish there was more of you to see with the bending over shot.

    • Take it up with Synchy 😉

  21. This is why I’ve recently started to look forward to Fridays even more than usual.

    Enjoy your weekend nursemyra.

  22. The Eyeball is so lucky

  23. Great photo shoot. I agree, you are lovely in pink. Happy valentine’s day. . . Your photographer brings out the best in you.

  24. Pinko6 is the kinkiest shot by far, not that any bias is being expressed in this commendation … this photo-shoot shouldn’t remind me of a recent discussion about the difference between ‘sugar candy’ and ‘fairy floss’ but somehow it does: sweet, naughty and light, and liable to get us in a spin.

  25. Love the Mary Poppins umbrella shot. A nice choice of pink for the V-Day holiday. Did you loose something under the table? 🙂

  26. […] post: corset friday 12.2.2010 « gimcrack hospital (PG) Posted in Corset infoTags: boom, Corset, fashion-again, february, first, high-fashion, korset, […]

  27. thank you for
    corset friday,

  28. Wonderful nurse, wonderful.

  29. Wow looks beautiful! You’ve really made a few good pictures, keep up the good work.

    Emily corset pictures

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