butter wouldn’t melt…..

Paulette Goddard dated (and sometimes married) many famous men including Charlie Chaplin, Anderson Lawler and Spencer Tracy.

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“Bette Davis called Katharine Hepburn to report that Tracy had been seen leaving the Hollywood Canteen with Goddard on his arm.

“As for me, in case you’re interested” said Davis, “I ended up with John Garfield. He raped me that night and I insisted he do it again the next morning. At least the time he spent with me was denying Joan Crawford a good roll in the hay. He’s fucking her too.”

image of Bette Davis and daughter found here

Anderson Lawler also reported Paulette’s activities with Tracy back to Katharine after they were spotted dining at Ciro’s

“Paulette went under the table between Spencer’s legs and was down there for at least twenty minutes. It was obvious, certainly to judge from the expression on his face, that she was performing fellatio on him. You know how fond our boy is of oral sex.”

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The fellatio scene at Ciro’s became a Hollywood legend and Warren Beatty even incorporated it into his 1975 film Shampoo. Anderson Lawler was quite the gossip, he had news of a different type to tell Katharine a few weeks later

“You’ll never believe this” Lawler said “Last night I went to bed with Paulette Goddard. Up until now the only woman I’ve ever fucked was Kay Francis who is more lez inclined anyway. I must have been crazy. The only way I got through it was to imagine Gary Cooper naked……..”

image of Kay Francis found here

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  1. ‘You know how fond our boy is of oral sex.’

    Now to be fair… I doubt you’ll find to many men who aren’t.

  2. Probably not connected to the post, but I saw Bette Davis’ name there… Love that song Bette Davis eyes

    • everything is connected at the Gimcrack, Terra

  3. “You know how fond our boy is of oral sex” – Who in the world isn’t fond of oral sex? Actually I did date this Jewish girl once…..

    That last line by Lawler was brilliant!

  4. Well of course boys like oral sex – they talk, talk, talk about it. Frankly, that sort of thing leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

    • there’s always banana and walnut bread…..

  5. Hooray for Hollywood !

  6. I can’t believe it’s not butter!

    The King

  7. Twenty minutes of oral? That’s a whole period in hockey. Was she not doing it right?

  8. I remember that scene in Shampoo! How could I forget Julie Christie saying to Warren Beatty ‘I want to suck your cock’? I was fifteen and it was the first R rated film I ever saw.

    • I’ve never seen it. not really a Beatty fan but I do like Julie Christie. Loved her in Far From the Madding Crowd

  9. You are gifted at finding the most beautiful and profound images.

    Love that one of BD and daughter. Is that gorgeous or what?

    • My favourite is the one of Paulette, she looks amazing.

      You might be interested in this video about Bette Davis’s crazy daughter…..


      • you are an amazing blogger lolol but i just had to say that that video about Bette’s daughter was uber creepy, and I’m a Christian!! maybe i just got the feeling that if she would use her mom for money, maybe she’s using Jesus for the same reason. but I’m not supposed to be thinking that way, she could be a sincere Christian, I don’t know, and certainly couldn’t tell from that bit lolol

  10. When one of the leading ladies noticed Goddard around her man, they no doubt started to sweat. She does look like quite the seductress. I didn’t hear anything about the boys trying to escape from her!

  11. why does Bette’s approach resonate so nicely with me?

  12. Let’s not forget the girls! “If it’s a choice between a man who gives flowers and a man who enjoys giving oral, most women would take the oral. And it’s free. Oral sex is recession-proof.” That’s what Gabrielle Union says!

  13. Goddard certainly is beautiful. Having sex with everyone and anyone doesn’t make her a bad person.

    Purdie Pyrate

  14. I’ve never seen Shampoo …… is it worth it?

    • Probably only worth seeing for that one scene. Maybe.

  15. And to think, Charlie Chaplin’s last movie had several lengthy scenes in which he tried to talk down a militant socialist nine year old

    Oral sex us much more fun.

  16. “Clinton lied. A man might
    forget where he parks or
    where he lives, but he
    never forgets oral sex,
    no matter how bad it is.”

    Source: Barbara Bush/

  17. You know how fond our boy is of oral sex.

    Is Spencer suppose to be unique in that regard? What boy isn’t fond of it?! Most have a hard time getting it at all, much less under a table at Ciro’s.

  18. Wow, I should of been a 1920’s film star

  19. I would have to pass on the oral sex at the table. The enhancement is all the better for being able to push and tweak the right buttons during the ‘main course’ so to speak. And in all honesty… either they had very high tables or I am better endowed that I first thought. It is impossible for a man sitting upright to be able enjoy oral sex properly. Just take a look at the angle of the equipment for starters, never mind the dessert.

  20. Your readers nurse are agreed that Paulette Goddard was a knockout (those eyebrows…) and men like oral sex.

    But do women like oral sex? Enquiring minds need to know.

  21. Where does butter fit into this story?

    • Are you telling me to eschew obfuscation FJ?

  22. Is this how the other half live and/or am I just hanging out with the wrong crowd? (Or the right one?)

    • No worries Beth, I’ve heard the dining at Ciro’s isn’t up to scratch anyway……

  23. And there was me thinking that Spencer Tracey was a nice young man. I’m shocked to the core.

      • If it’s any consolation Madame, I believe he went to Mass the next day

  24. My mother used to collect film stars photos in the 30s and 40s and was a great movie follower… thank goodness she doesn’t have access to the internet to read how naughty they really were… phew!!

  25. The way Lawler writes you’d think all this sex was a bit of a chore.

    • I think he only felt that way about women…..

  26. there must be
    silicone leaking
    into the water
    hollywood drinks.

  27. Wow! Good for Spencer.

  28. I am now intrigued about all things butter.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on Patrik 1,5. How did you find me?

    • Welcome to the Gimcrack Lisa. I probably found you through someone else’s blogroll.

      Can you leave your link so I can revisit?

      • Absolutely!

      • Aha! It must have been Beaverboosh’s blogroll

  29. It’s probably best not to think too much about how many people believe the kind of rubbish BD is spouting in that video.

    Film recommendation: Bad Day at Black Rock with Spencer Tracy.

  30. Interesting–thanks for the link!

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