corset friday 19.2.2010

ok so I’m not wearing a corset this week. Synchy and I were having a bit of fun when we took these shots. Hope you enjoy your visit from the nurse…..

70s is having a kaftan friday and gnukid sports the boxers

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  1. I’m quite looking forward to the medical care that I’ll no doubt need in my old age …… you have booked me a spot haven’t you?

    • Of course darling. I have a lovely bed in the dementia unit

  2. MEDIC!!!

  3. I can’t quite read the case–is it Pretty N’ Funk? Love it!! BTW, I just acquired a new bookshelf b/c I have such a hard time getting rid of books…what will I purge?

    • Pretty N’ Punk πŸ™‚

      • Even better. Nice find!

  4. Oh my!!!! I have a splinter in my toe…can the sexy nurse help me with it??

    • Just let me grab my Hello Kitty tweezers…..

  5. too funny!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. I needed a nurse last week – not today!

  7. The donkey is uncontrollable!

  8. I’m starting to wish I was coming down with something.

  9. It’s like a storyboard. It’s story time! Is there a happy ending?

  10. I hope there’s a lollipop in there…

  11. Pretty n Punk, does that bag hold LP’s?

    • Only Enema of the People πŸ˜‰

  12. You know, most nurses only put on a glove that comes up to their wrist. I’ve always assumed that’s because they don’t plan on going any deeper. Yours goes all the way up to your shoulder. My first thought was, “bend over and let me check your brain stem.”


    Love the outfit.


    • Ha ha… we took several glove photos before Synchy thought of the story idea. I deliberately placed this photo last to give the impression that they were donned after arrival….

  13. Cute!

  14. like writerdood, i noticed the extra-long vinyl glove… can you check my tonsils while you’re in there?

  15. I… I think that those gloves are turning me on…

  16. that’s so great lol you look like naughty nurse barbie! πŸ™‚ if i had a great bod i would be showing my face too tho lol

  17. Any chance of a quick cavity search here doll?

    • For you Jimmy? Any time….

  18. Hee hee hee! Looking forward to more fun tomorrow, Nursie,

    • Me too darlin’

  19. good lord, woman, i would love a housecall from you! feel free to go berserk!

  20. […] Friday 19Feb10 By thegnukid That time of the week again.Β  Joining the delicious and berserk Nursemyra! Doc Seuss is still a […]

  21. So you do make house calls. Nice.

    Now what differentiates a Berserk Medic from your common garden-variety medic? Other than the vinyl gloves and the Poetry and Punk handbag.

    • Shall I come over and show you the difference?

  22. Very Punkesque… I am having a Kaftan Friday ,, very sad lol πŸ˜‰

  23. At least the t-shirt is clean. The urge to make it all grubby is very strong.

  24. Excellent Mardi Gras outfit, all you need is red boots to match and energy for the march!

  25. Nurse, we think you are swell.

  26. Is that the Batman distress signal on your arm?

  27. Are those Batman’s red gloves?


    Now these are what I call CORSETS.


  29. Ha I love the β€˜beserk’ T-shirt and the bag is so cool, not to even touch on the brilliant glove…. You have some serious style Nursemyra!

  30. batman gloves? you look, as always, awesome.

  31. Boy, I’m glad I sashayed over here to catch this set of photos. Proving that that thing my mother used to say about leaving things to the imagination is often sexier than baring all. Love the glove!

  32. I like this better than the corsets actually.

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