a toothsome bosom

***Nita Naldi played opposite the great lover, Rudolph Valentino in several movies. She won the part of the vamp in Blood and Sand in a very entertaining way.

Nita Naldi found here

A friend of my mother had an apartment on Riverside Drive, and she invited me to come and visit her for a supper party, so I did. There I met Mr. Blasco Ibañez, the writer, the man who wrote Blood and Sand. He had written several scripts such as The Cathedral, which impressed me as being violently communistic, but we didn’t use the word “Communist” in those days.

His theory in The Cathedral was that all the riches and all the things from the vestments to the all the magnificence inside the cathedral—should be given to the poor. Well, if you give everything away to the poor, nobody would have anything anyhow. As our Lord Jesus Christ said, “The poor are always with us.” Unfortunately, myself included.

Amiens Cathedral with sandbag reinforcements (1917) found here

Mama’s friend, Maria Barrientos, had a huge dish of punch in the middle of her salon, and when I met Mr. Blasco Ibañez, I said, “Well, you monster of iniquity! You sacrilegious lout! Now that you’re a success, I suppose you’ll change your entire theories for expediency.”

punch bowl found here

And, my dear, the man got so excited trying to deny the fact that he was a Communist, or communistically inspired, that he dropped his false teeth in the middle of my bosom. I had a very low-cut evening gown on. And Maria Barrientos, who knew me from the time I was 4 years old, reached down in my bosom, pulled the false teeth out, put them in the punch bowl, practically sterilized them (much to the edification of the rest of the guests), and stuck them back in Mr. Blasco Ibañez’s face.

Scarlett’s cleavage found here

So then he screamed at me, “You are Doña Sol; you are a very evil and very wicked woman.” So he decided that I would play the part of this horror, this sadistic demon. And nothing would ever change him. Many others were up for this role, but I got it. He wouldn’t have anybody else do it. I kept saying to him all the time, “How dare you insult me? This woman is a monster; she’s a sex maniac; she’s a sadist, she’s a horror, the worst type.”

image found at Claroscureaux

And he kept answering me back all the time that that would be his revenge.

***story found here

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  1. Ha! Thanks for showing me where I can find Scarlett’s cleavage, NM. I was looking for that.

    I guess my question is; did they still drink the punch?

    • well they were a Riverside Drive crowd…..

  2. I know I should be attracted to Scarlett… But I just can’t muster up any interest for the girl…

    • Yeah, I’m more taken with Penelope Cruz

      • And two for the price of one in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Given a choice (in my dreams!) it’d be la belle Cruz every time.

  3. I’m finding it hard to believe Scarlett’s hooters are natural. Too much elevation.

  4. Gorilla Bananas, elevation comes from the scaffolding of a garment such as inbuilt stays and wiring in a dress or corset rather than the cooper’s ligaments of the breast tissue. As a fellow natural owl myself, I believe in Scarlett’s elevation, having got high myself in a similar fashion.

    Alex L, no worries there, more for the rest of us.

    Nurse, we have both used “bosom” in our respective posts today!

  5. I think this is still going on in some casting places in New York and Hollywood.

    • Check your cleavage for teeth, Ricardo

  6. I really want that punch bowl. Oh, and could you throw in Scarlett’s cleavage?

  7. You know i really do think that’s it’s totally the height of hypocrisy how the churches spend tonnes on decorating the church with garish, expensive stuff when there are so many people dying of hunger just outside!

  8. That’s so weird, because just yesterday a friend of my mother invited me to a supper party…I turned her down of course, but still.

  9. A most funny story! A perfect landing spot to catch the teeth before they hit the floor. The photos on this post are beautiful. For some reason the church reminds me of one I visited in Cooper Pedy…is that how you spell it? Been too long. But the church was underground. The sandbags created that look.

    • You’re one up on me Gropius, I’ve never been to Coober Pedy

  10. The donkey has a little weakness for Scarlett… I don’t know why!

  11. This is an outrageous story! I don’t believe a word of it! False teeth in a punch bowl? This can’t be true, can it?

    Scarlett is currently on Broadway in Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge.” She got universally glowing reviews and there’s a gaggle of men at the stage door every night. For real.

    • Are you going to see it UB?

      • I sure would like to see it. It’s been one of the best reviewed plays so far this year. But tix are impossible to get. I may have to resort to same-day standing room. I’ve done it before. It’s not too bad.

  12. Hmm…false teeth landing in one’s cleavage (if one is fortunate enough to possess cleavage). Certainly not a big turn on but if it gets you the part, I’d say it’s worth the yuck factor.

  13. I think I’ll grow some man-boobs for when I drop my teeth – at least I’ll know where they’ve been …. ooo, the hair could be a problem I suppose ……

  14. I’m so out of touch. I had no idea who Scarlett was until I looked her up in Wiki. So, she’s an actress. Not only are her boobs probably not real, neither is her hair or her lip color. I know I am a woman, but I must be missing some critical genetic element. Oh, no. Maybe I just managed to avoid being brainwashed by the life I led as a child, isolated from mainstream media. I mean, we had no television until I was 16, and the only magazines we had in the house were Scientific American, Model Airplane News, National Geographic, and Playboy.

    Doesn’t sound like Hollywood has changed much, has it?

  15. another wonderful article.. Love the cleavage shot of Scarlett… It would take a bit more to give me that kind of uplift!

    Ms. Naldi is gorgeous, I’ve never seen her photo or heard of her.

    • I hadn’t either Laura. I really love that top photo of her, the heavy dark hair against the milky skin

  16. If I saw a punchbowl with that color of fluid in it, I wouldn’t drink it anyway. Looks like fluorescent piss with dates and limes floating in it. And then, after seeing someone dunk some dudes false teeth in it, I’d definitely decline.

    Sounds like a BYOB kind of party.

  17. I’d not heard of her before! Somehow I bet the woner of the dentires would ahve been happier if the dentures were still in his mouth when they landed in cleavage!

  18. holy crap nursemyra! are you sure youre not a teacher? it’s really something how naive i was a year ago before becoming a regular visitor to the gimcrack. you are THE source for all info outside the norm! you must have colored outside the lines as a child.

    • Ha that’s too funny. People who know me in real life know I ALWAYS colour inside the lines. All my books and dvds are in alphabetical order too 😉

      • interesting factoid. I’d have taken you for a ‘out of the lines’ person too… just goes to show how little we know of the woman behind the nurse avatar!!
        As for books, I’m joining a book challenge to read 100 books in 2010. I’ve posted on it on my new blog http://www.apageofmyown.com... I need to start reading much more if I’m going to have a shot at making it! Only at 6 or 7 at the moment.

      • the link doesn’t work Laura 😦

      • It’s true, Nursie’s stuff is all alphabetised. So is mine, actually.

  19. i usually find assorted detritus from the day in my cleavage as i prepare for bed. no teeth, however…

  20. I’d really appreciate some advice here nurse. I mean, what’s a chap to do when S. Johansson’s upper elevation is presented to him on a shelf? I would look at her eyes but it’s hard you know. If the Gimcrack ran classes on this kind of thing I’d sign up, totally.

    • Sorry Inky. If you get a date with Scarlett you’re totally on your own

  21. I hope they removed the punchbowl from the table…

    (And what the hell was in it to ‘practically sterilize’ the teeth? Eep.)

    Nit is very beautiful.

  22. Nita, that is.

  23. eww, teeth in a punchbowl. that must be the reason i’m not a real punch addict.


  25. This post should be read while playing track #2 at this link

  26. Hmmm, I’m surprised nobody is interested in discussing Scarlett’s cleavage.

    • It depends on what you mean by a discussion. Ten previous readers mentioned her cleavage in their comments…..

      • Nursemyra you need to check your sarcasm meter, it’s either broken, or set to “miss obvious sarcasm”, either way…sheesh

      • Ooops…. sorry, I think someone borrowed it yesterday. Have got it back now

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