t shirt friday 26.2.2010

ok here it is, the last Friday of the month again. February’s t shirt has been borrowed from my son’s house guest, Sascha from Zurich, who also took the photo of me standing on the chair.

This pink poodle actually has a function. I keep telling my son it’s a urinal bottle as it has holes in the right places. For some reason he won’t believe me. Do you know what it is?

Syncopated Eyeball is wearing a t shirt today too. And so is Sledpress

HMH has two t shirts and some amazing photos of the Grand Canyon

malach does wolverine

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  1. My kind of t-shirt. For obvious reasons, I suppose. The tights are pretty snazzy too. But the poodle has to go…

  2. It’s a sex toy. Don’t know how, don’t know whose, but it’s a sex toy.

  3. Yummy t-shirt! I think I know what the poodle is for but I’ve seen it for real so I’ll suggest alternative uses: peg holder, handbag, hat, skirt, raincoat.

  4. Sascha you lucky… Swede? I wanna say… where is Zurich again?

  5. Love the legs

    I’ve got that sex toy too – it’s quite difficult to put the batteries in that model?

  6. Scary t-shirt! Great legs!

    Poodle looks like a watering can.

    • Spot on Azahar. A watering can it is!

  7. Never mind the T-shirt – that’s one serious looking sex toy at your feet.

  8. Nice barber pole stockings. I’ll go with watering bottle.

  9. i was thinking ‘watering can’, but once ‘sex toy’ was suggested? my thought train derailed…. “BUT IT HAS A FACE?!?!?!”

    love the stripey stockings! and the legs in them!

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a t-shirt, stockings, and boots combined like this before… but I like it!

  11. A pink poodle bong? 😉

  12. Here’s a possibility….


  13. I love those stockings…especially on your amazing legs! The pink poodle is a nice touch too.

  14. Several ladders in those stockings [I’ll just have another check – I am a leg expert as it happens] ….. and I really didn’t see you as a pink girly girl …….

  15. I keep bubble bath in my poodle but urine would also be nice.

    Lawerence Welt

  16. i like stockings.

  17. I like skulls… they’re very pirate-ish 🙂

  18. My son in law would love the t-shirt. I like the boots.

    One Single Impression – Insomnia

  19. The stockings are cool, and so is the shirt.

    The poodle is a shampoo container purchased from the “Little Pink Poodle” shampoo factory in Sasparilla KN. They went out of business in 1969, and now those poodles are considered quite the collectors item. That one you have there is known as a “Shelby” and is worth about $2000.00. They were very popular with “Satan’s Hooligans” – a kill for hire biker organization that left these behind after every murder. They also used them for shipping cocaine.

    • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😀

    • That is so much more inventive than the real answer. I’m going to stop using it as a watering can and start shipping my cocaine in it

  20. Can we just confirm that you *are* wearing tights or stockings?

  21. I love your t-shirt! I played today:

  22. I know what that pink poodle is. It’s the perfect regift item at the next office white elephant party…

  23. Love the stripes.

  24. Definitely sex toy. Most shampoo bottles once they’ve lost their innards make great sex toys. I’m wearing my son’s FUCK BONO t because it’s casual Friday but have to cover it with my red sweater on account of apparently it’s not that casual.

    • It’s that casual in Australia Rebecca, you can wear a Fuck Bono t shirt any day of the week here

  25. A shampoo bottle who’d a thunk it! Great t shirt and may I say also you have great legs!

  26. It’s a rather crude blow-up sex toy for horny male poodles.

    • I hadn’t even thought of that. You may be on to something. We need a picture of the other end to verify though.

  27. Holes in the right places…. hmmm, it reminds me of a girl who used to boast about her ability to stand and pee.

    Nice legs hen, and no… not the ones on the chair.

    • I can stand and pee. Well, it is sort of crouch slightly and pee. Learned the technique from my mum who developed it of necessity before her knee replacement surgery. And no, you don’t wind up peeing on your feet.

      • Out here in the desert the indigenous women always pee standing up.

  28. I don’t know what that poodle thing can be for but it does look as if it has some use.

    Love the shirt!

  29. Those are the best stockings I’ve ever seen.

  30. I got me t-shirt on, but forgot my striped nylons, and the dog is a watering can

  31. Ah, good – I see you are still as unrelentingly gorgeous as ever, m’dear! All is well in the world!

    I can only hope you can forgive my recent transgression in not being here more often! Suffice to say, I shall be wiling chastened if needs must!

    – Lord Likely.

  32. I will try to find a pink donkey!

  33. if you hadn’t told me it was tee shirt friday, i would have guessed patterned stockings.
    not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    patterned stockings would be a great thursday treat. hint hint.

  34. MMM stripy legs.

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