the little people who live in your head

Thomas Edison was a deep thinker who pondered on many different things

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What I believe is that our bodies are made up of myriads of units of life. Our body is not itself the unit of life or a unit of life. We have myriads of cells, and it is the inhabitants in these cells, inhabitants which themselves are beyond the limits of the microscope, which vitalize and “run” our body.

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We do not remember; a certain group of our little people do this for us. They live in that part of the brain which has become known as the “fold of Broca.” Broca discovered and proved that everything we call memory goes on in a little strip not much more than a quarter of an inch long. That is where the little people live who keep our records for us.

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Some of the little peoples who enable us to remember things do nothing else during our entire lives but watch moving picture shows. The optic nerves bring the pictures through the small holes in the front of our skulls into our brains where the little peoples whose function it is to remember can see them. We do not remember everything we see because everything is not worth remembering. Little Peoples, like big peoples, are of various degrees of intelligence.

There may be twelve or fifteen shifts that change about and are on duty at different times like men in a factory. I infer this from the fact that we sometimes have to send for the particular ones that have the records we want.

We have forgotten a man’s name, for instance. We ask the shift of little peoples who happen to be on duty, “What is that man’s name?” They were not on duty when the name was given to them to remember and they don’t know. After a while, suggestion or something else summons the shift that has the name and they give it. I therefore take it that the possession of what is called a good memory really means the possession of the ability to summon the particular groups of little peoples who have the records we want.

Little People corkscrew collection found here

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  1. I bet those little people are related to the chap in the fridge who kindly turns the light on and off when you open it ……

    • my fridge chappie appears to be on vacation

      • they are called “Geishbas”, and they live in the butter dish.

      • For many years now, I have had Princess Peanut, a wee fairy, as a lodger. She moves my stuff around. I think she is related to The Tooth Fairy and The Sock Fairy.

  2. Hee hee hee! Oh, I love this! I am a little person with little peoples in my mind and little peoples on my shelves and little peoples in my garden!

    • mine live in little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes, little boxes and they all look just the same…..

      • Wonderful! You watch Weeds!!!!

      • Not yet! But I got season 1 as a xmas present so I’m about to….. is it the theme song?

      • I heard that song at age 17 – one of my teacher’s played it for me, because, like, my non-conformity really needed help. Great song!

      • Ooohh I haven’t heard that song in AGES!! WHo sang it??

      • Lots of people recorded it, I was thinking of the Peter, Paul and Mary version

  3. Ah where would we be without the little people in our heads. Perhaps I would not eat that sixth doughnut!

    Something strange happening with comments on blogger. I am getting notification of the comments you have left on the Poor Mouth but when I go to reply there is no comment. How strange…

    • perhaps Edison’s little people are interfering with my comments

  4. But what happens when your little people turn against you and rebel, go on strike, or just …..what the hell was I going to say???


  5. Edison was a twat, who got lucky thanks to being in the right place at the right time.

    You know my opinion on Edison, my dear nursie!

    • Indeed I do. Bite me Edison 🙂

  6. My little people grew and I got the hell of a headache

  7. Edison was a head case and Tesla could so kick his ass.

  8. Some of my little people seem to have taken a hike these days. I miss them…

  9. Fascinating & so cleverly illustrated!!! I love this post.

  10. my little people are dead, all dead all dead lol

  11. “I got thirteen little men
    in my head on the graveyard shift
    I got thirteen little men
    in my head on the graveyard shift
    I gots to put those men to sleep
    So I can just drift and drift…”

    Excerpt: “Baker’s Dozen Blues” by
    Blind Melon Balzac

  12. I am so glad that Edison didn’t decide to go into medicine. Or psychology.

  13. I think he was speaking metaphorically. I HOPE he was. Geez. What happens when the little people in your head decide to have a giant orgy? You get Alzheimers?

  14. One might end up in the Gimcrack with all this talk of the ‘little people’ in one’s head! Yikes!

  15. My little people love procrastination as much as I do… I think some of them died of over-excitement while we were shooting arrows at people 😦

  16. it is very thoughtful of u!
    beautiful writing!

  17. Surely those tiny people are responsible for state worker mentality. This gave me an idea for a story.

  18. March 2, 1982

    Science fiction author Philip K Dick dies of a stroke in Santa Ana, California. Since 1974 the author had been possessed by a superalien who arrived in his head via a beam of pink light.

    • I want access to a beam of pink light!

  19. Boy, this explains a lot. I have some little people who apparently have gone on strike.

  20. Looking at that picture..hmmm, so we are all made up of Mickey Mouse cells?

    • did you click the link to the Horror under the Microscope bearman? lots of good images there….

  21. People living in my head is why I write Renal Failure.

  22. I have my little people clean the house, not sure why it get messier and messier everyday

  23. I think a lot of my little people have died. One thing I struggle with getting older is my declining ability to remember things: words, names, even events. I had such a good memory when I was younger. Sigh.

  24. I used to hold a view of myself very like edison’s when I was a kid. I used to wonder why I couldn’t experience the world through the perspective of my foot or my hand or something, only (it seemed) through my head. Of course I wasn’t pondering the essential nature of cellular constitution, just completely failing to grasp the concept of a central processing unit.

  25. Oh my god, I am enthralled with this idea! But, um, can Edison take credit for anything, or was it his Little People?

  26. I think he may have been on something.

  27. I wish my little people would plan my lessons for me … I need to be freed up to watch countless episodes of ‘Mad Men’.

  28. My little people are telling me that there’s a bed somewhere in the house that belongs to be and that it’s time for them to let the next shift take their positions!

  29. sorry I’m late!

    • oh that’s great Kevin!

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