no corset friday 12.3.2010

photographs of nursemyra taken by syncopatedeyeball

healingmagichands is also wearing something special this friday

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  1. I think these are jolly nice, if I say so myself.

    • They are more than jolly nice. They are beautiful photographs of a sexy beautiful woman. Thanks for brightening my day.

      • Thankyou. That’s a very nice thing to say to Nursie and me.

  2. i forget its already friday on your side of the street.
    mmm. i love yellow. it’s so springlike.
    sexy too. i hardly ever wear yellow.
    i haven’t seen flight of the conchords. and i have hbo too. there is no reason for not seeing it, maybe it’s opposite american idol or something else i watch? is it even still playing?

    • buy the dvd – that way you can always watch an episode when you need distraction from life’s woes

  3. I like no corset Friday as much or more than I like corset Friday. Those soft textures and soft yellow do you proud, oh lovely one!

  4. Damn, Nurse! When I saw the first picture, part of me was hoping that you’d loosen your grip on that yellow sarong!

    • For you maybe GB……

  5. You may well say so Syncopated Eyeball …..

  6. On friday there are always “haute couture” events here!

  7. Peachy.

    • With a bite of lemon 😉

  8. Diaphanous dame, deceptively tame!

  9. these are very sweet! viva no corset friday!

  10. How lovely! Well done both of you.

  11. Dayum!

  12. :sighs dreamily:

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    [falls in love again]

  14. Ha, you look great in jammies.

  15. I feel like I haven’t commented in a while and just wanted to say hello. These pics are extraordinary. Cascading hair gets me every time.

  16. No corset friday’s alright with me, that’s a very sexy look there Nurse.

  17. It just occurred to me that you could clean up by inviting people to send you their favorite fantasy lingerie to pose in.

  18. As Spock would say, “Fascinating Captain.”

    Kirk, of course, wouldn’t care about fascinating. He’d just move in and shut the door behind him. “See you in a while Spock. I need to check the uh… little shuttle craft. Take care of the ship for me while I’m gone.”

    • Haha…. that sounds exactly like something my friend King Willy would say.

  19. BTW, it’s Print Your Blog Day:

    If you decide to use this article, don’t put it in the bathroom at work.

  20. Sleek.

  21. I am not missing the corset. Very springlike indeed. I have some crocuses and daffodils that would accessorize that outfit beautifully. Are those purple streaks in your hair?

    I’m showing my age here, but would someone please explain to me what the appeal is of those sorts of hair treatments? I just don’t get them. But when you explain please bear in mind that all my boots are workboots and I own no makeup whatsoever, so you are dealing with a fashion challenged person here. I think I’m missing a gene or something.

    • The streaks are red and I’ve had them since 2004. My eldest son used to be a hairdresser and he retouches the colour every couple of months. I just like the stripey effect and I also like that it’s something he does for me, it feels like an expression of love.

  22. On the spur of the moment, I have decided to join you in No Corset Friday. happy spring to you, Nursemyra.

  23. how about a no clothes friday?

    • Not on my blog. Not before my skin shrinks. You would be amazed at the wrinkles I can produce on my thighs right now. . . Ask me again in 18 months.

      • Not for me either. I prefer creating a glimpse or an illusion. But feel free to go for it on your blog beaverboosh. I’ll be right over for a perve!

    • If I get random I’ll post my “calendar pictures” from the year I got divorced, at the end of the nineties. Getting divorced will make you drop weight precipitately and I went for it while I was extra lean. I got a guy who used to shoot pages for Colt magazine.

  24. I love the yellow, NM!

    I also love your hair. I so wish I could rock that red streak…

  25. Look at your hair highlights! Love them. Great bit of sunshine yellow too.

  26. I cry foul, that is not a corset!

  27. Growing the hair out for the winter? Looks really good, nurse.

  28. Corset or no corset… love the highlights on your hair.

  29. OK no corset but still very sexy. Even more so than corsets in some regards.

  30. Well, it may not be a corset, but it is more diaphanous than most of the T-shirts. So, I approve, as always.

    BTW, your note about the lack of Spassfabrik has been addressed.

  31. just catching up

    rather glad I did

  32. What a stunning figure you have!

  33. very mellow yellow.. & very easy in the eye 🙂

  34. Beautiful as always. I love that shade of yellow

  35. […] You can view the original here, unless I’ve got the address wrong. I’m still learning. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. Tagged Nurse Myra, people, PHOTOGRAPHY, portraits […]

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