diane and me

Some people think that after we die we reincarnate in similar looking bodies. Actually we don’t even have to wait for our earlier body to die before we get reincarnated as Joseph Myers points out when he talks about Madonna and Marilyn Monroe

“Many who may consider themselves knowledgeable concerning reincarnation have no real background of research or study. But they make assumptions which they believe have validity. The assumption that a soul-entity cannot possibly be reborn before the passing of the previous physical body is an example of such.

It appears to have been a case of overlap with regard to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 but Madonna was born four years earlier in 1958. The character, talent and physical appearance, combined with the memories experienced by Madonna, appear to validate the reality of this being a case of an overlapping rebirth.

According to brianstalin, beautiful and troubled 1920s actress and part time lesbian Tallulah Bankhead has been reincarnated as beautiful and troubled part time lesbian actress Anne Heche, Tallulah’s father is now Lindsay Buckingham and her mother is Stevie Nicks, both members of Fleetwood Mac. What a fascinating line of thought, I think I might run with it…..

Tallulah found here and Anne found here

Diane Keaton is several years older than me, but in the past my resemblance to her, especially in the role of Annie Hall, was often remarked upon. From this, can I deduce that I am in fact the reincarnation of Diane Keaton? Let’s see where we overlap.

She had a love affair with Woody Allen (I have an infatuated lesbian parrot named Woody), her mother was a Methodist homemaker, her father an Irish American Catholic (same as my parents), she appeared in a series of deodorant commercials (I use deodorant!), she has a reputation for eccentricity (well, blow me down, so do I), she likes vintage clothing and gloves (me too), she directed episodes of China Beach and Twin Peaks (I have been to China Beach and have a copy of Twin Peaks)…..

Twin Peaks in Ares Vallis, Mars found here

Who have you been reincarnated as?

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  1. I don’t know if this works very well because when I do the research it appears I was reincarnated from Tallulah Bankhead. πŸ˜€

  2. When I was younger I was sure I was reincarnated from Jim Morrison. Now it all makes sense! There is one quote of his that perfectly epitomizes my life, β€œI see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments.”

  3. http://bennymay.wordpress.com
    Hey Nurse Myra.
    It’s me, again.
    I’ve summarised my story about illegal activities in the RAAF… in case you’re interested in the condensed version.
    I hope all is going well.

  4. Shit, I spend enough time trying to figure out who I am now!

  5. Now I’m worried. My father was a carpenter and everything my mother did was immaculate…..

    Don’t cross me.

    • I think you’re under a misconception πŸ˜‰

  6. Ever notice that nobody is reincarnated as (or from) perfectly ordinary, albeit anonymous people?

  7. I am pretty sure that I am Ben Franklin’s little-known younger brother, Ken Franklin. I constantly cry out for attention and I invent things that don’t work.

    Ken Franklin (see!)

    • You’re so funny! I wish you had a blog!

      • I second that

      • You are kind. I followed some friends onto facebook not long ago and write some there- I just did a facebook search for “nursemyra” and found Princess Emyra and Nuremyra Salehuddin. I can now ask them to be my friends along with Ken Nordine and the Firesign Theatre guys. Who knew?

        Leif Allaiton

      • You’re friends with Ken Nordine!

        I’m so jealous!

        The King

      • Your Highness-

        If you ask him, he will accept you as his “friend” too. He appears to be completely indiscriminate, as he accepted me immmediately.

        Das Faceboot

  8. I do believe in reincarnation. And now, yet another possibility. Could I be the reincarnation of someone born after me? Maybe it’s my own dog, I seem to identify with her so much. But seriously, this is a fun question. I love it when modern day celebrities flatter themselves by suggesting they are the reincarnation of someone even bigger & more infamous than they currently are….like Jesus.

  9. Ah the days when Madonna had curves and boobs.

  10. Bea Arthur. Every day i look more and more like her… (sigh).

  11. I am the reincarnated Bond, James Bond. Oh…waitaminute…he’s a fictional character. Well, in many respects, so am I, so I’m sticking with that.

    A play just opened yesterday with Valarie Harper playing Tallulah Bankhead. (The review is in today’s NY Times.) I didn’t know anything about Tallulah. What a party gal! Girls like that use to chew me up and use my bones to pick their teeth.

    • Oh can we be fictional characters as well? I’ll be Modesty Blaise!

  12. I have no idea but I hope it isn’t Benny Hill ……. or Joan of Arc ……..

  13. I’ve wondered about that… when I listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons I find myself in some of that music, feeling as if I’d lived in that time? Hard to explain….
    Have you seen the Madness of King George (of course you have!) His wife is running down this corridor to find him and that image comes up when I hear parts of Vivaldi! ?

  14. I’m a reincarnated lesbian longshorman / voodoo priest who died in a tragic lawn gnome explosion during the filming of a fertilizer commercial. Either that or Neil Diamond – what’s the difference?

    • Those lawn gnome explosions are becoming way too common. someone ought to start an investigation!

      • There was an explosion two buildings down from where I live early last Saturday morning. Apparently a few aerosol cans in the kitchen. The windows blew out but fortunately no one was in there.

  15. I went fishing once, by a slow river, and happened to sit next to a frog. We had nothing in common, didn’t even like the same foods, but I swear he was the reincarnation of me, because he was sitting beside a slow river doing the same as me… hoping to survive at least until sundown. We were both breathing the same air, and staring at the same flow of water. Eventually, we both ended up in the water.

    • Now is probably not the time to mention how much I love frog’s legs with chili and lemongrass

  16. So, Nursemyra, when are you going on the stage or screen? Oh wait, you are already performing on a weekly basis, much to our great pleasure.

    I was reincarnated in this life as me. All of us are reincarnated as our present selves. The question really is, who is being reincarnated as you?

    Seeing as how I believe in reincarnation and have done some extensive looking into past lives, I find that the commonalities noted vis a vis Madonna and Marilyn to be unconvincing. Reincarnation is not a deal so you can repeat and repeat things over and over. Very infrequently do you experience the same lessons unless, of course, like the creep in fourth grade who has been there for two years and towers over everybody, you didn’t bother to learn the lessons presented to you in the past lives you already inhabited. Did Marilyn learn her lessons? If she didn’t, would she come back as Madonna? How would that help her learn the unlearned lessons? I believe she probably did learn her lessons, and at present is now working as a personal trainer somewhere on the East coast.

    Whatever. So far I have learned this about my past. I’m pretty sure that I have been a modestly land endowed herbalist near Toledo, Spain, questioned and then burned at the stake by the Inquisition, I have been an agricultural laborer in ancient China, I was a modestly successful master of a clipper ship in the China trade, I was a minor priest (or priestess, I’m not sure of my sex in this life) involved in the building of Tenochtitlan or one of the pyramids near there, I have been a shaman of a Plains indian tribe. Note, please, that none of my pasts involved famous people. I am hoping that I will not have to come back too many more times. Anyway, if I do have to experience physical life again, I want to be one of azahar’s cats.

    • How do you know this HMH?

      • This is a very long story, and I did not find it all out at once. Some of it happened during hypnotic work and some during breathwork sessions. It is pretty electrifying to have a total recall of how you left a past life. I suppose it could all be traced back to my subconscious making up cool stories. But there has to be some good explanation for some of the things I have “just known” when I encountered them. It’s all about as convincing as the descriptions of why homeopathy works. But the question is, how do you know what you did when you were at nursing school? Because you remembered it. I have remembered past lives just like you remember parties you went to at school.

    • Very interesting Healingmagichands. I don’t know what I think happens when we die. I have conflicting ideas, yet to be sorted. Good on you for throwing in some serious discussion whilst most others are joshing. πŸ™‚

      • Reincarnation, serious?

        Lordy there’s hope for Shootag yet.

        The King

      • Many people believe in some kind of reincarnation. I don’t actively believe in it but neither do I dismiss it out of hand. Our thoughts, memories, emotions etc; our selves, are a form of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, right? So where does it go when we die? Does it remain discrete or go into some sort of collective pool? Or just dissipate into the atmosphere? I’m sure I don’t know but I wonder about it.

    • “Anyway, if I do have to experience physical life again, I want to be one of azahar’s cats.”

      Yeah, me too!

  17. Also. Did Madonna have the same nose job as Norma Jean? If you have to have plastic surgery, dye your hair and wear a ton of makeup to cause a resemblance. . . Oh I give up.

    You should all read Don Marquis’ book “The Lives and Times of Archie and Mehitabel.”

    • I’ll have a look for it next time I’m at the library

  18. I’m indulging in some wishful thinking – Audrey Hepburn?
    More likely, Lucille Ball.
    (The deodorant thing cinched it for you and Diane Keaton.)

    • Yeah, that and the Twin Peaks thing πŸ˜‰

  19. I don’t know about reincarnation….but I have a doppelganger. (Besides being an identical twin….) I often get told that I resemble Sarah Jessica Parker. (Personally….I think my twin looks more like her.) Hee!

    • oh yes! I’ve seen a photo of you and the resemblance is noticeable

    • Oh, I remember when I lived in Fairbanks back in 1979 there was a woman named Maggie who apparently looked exactly like me and hung around in the most diviest of dives. I know this because I was accosted more than once in filling stations and once at the library by men who were SOOOO glad to see me and all ready to repeat their experiences which apparently started at the 2nd street saloon.

      • hee! awesome…

  20. If I had a choice in the matter, I’d be the reincarnated form of the wittier aspects of Dorothy Parker.

  21. That’s the great thing about reincarnation, you get to choose whose reincarnation you are. Whereas actual ancestors were either boring peasants or unpleasant invaders.

  22. Hannibal

  23. So if I’m the reincarnation of Madonna, that means I can be the reincarnation of Monroe too, and that means I can kick Elton John’s butt for rewriting that song he wrote about her, er, I mean me? Because someone needs to do it and it’s just not getting done. I thought that was just too tacky for words.

    • the tackiest thing Elton John’s ever done is get married at the chapel up the road from me. And to a woman no less!

      • ew.

  24. Whoever I’m the reincarnation of, they had a lot of problems.

  25. I would assume, if I believed in past lives, that they would include things that I’m interested in but never pursue.

    I’m pretty sure I was probably a cowboy. Oh! And Queen Elizabeth. And a redwood.

    • Do redwoods make lists?

  26. ernest borgnine as marty.

    • Not as Fatso Judson?

  27. I just hope whom I’m reincarnated from is dead, its going to be awkward if they aren’t and we ever meet.

  28. Sadly I’m just a reincarnation of a couch potato…

  29. Overlapping rebirth – who knew? They say you learn something new every day and it’s apparently true. And now I’m really curious about possible overcrowding of the soul variety – lol!

  30. “…she appeared in a series of deodorant commercials (I use deodorant!)…”

    I’m not sure about the reincarnation thing, but I have to tell you that this quote made my life.

  31. Y’all have to know that Elvis is a reincarnation of Jesus. Jesus was born in a state of grace in a near-eastern land, while Elvis was born in Graceland in a near-eastern state.

    Coincidence? I think not! πŸ™‚


    • A quick correction! Elvis *lived* in Gracelend. Still, the similarity is uncanny, no?

  32. You may be onto something! Diane Keaton is a huge talent as well.

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