corset friday 19.3.2010

all photos of nursemyra taken by syncopated eyeball

and healingmagichands has got a real treat for us today

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  1. Bondage, boots, pussycat, and a big rock on your right hand…thats enough for a good short story.

    • Perhaps you could write it, Mr Jelly?

      • I agree, FJ should write it!

  2. Ha ha ha ha! I still think it looks like you have a huge penis in the fifth one!

    • Haha, I saw it too Synchy, but waffled on saying anything.

      • she can have AS MANY huge penis’ as she wants!

      • But of course she can, Miss Daisy Fae!

  3. Well- we all know she has balls!

    This is just one step away from ‘Corset Friday – the video’

  4. Pablo seems rather nonchalant about you being tied up and on the floor…

  5. love the stripes – on your legs, on the dress, in your hair… the rookie prison chick is taught a lesson…

  6. more of bondage in a corset friday?

  7. is it friday already? nice pics NM but i absolutely want to know more about that ring!!

    • I inherited it from my favourite aunt, it’s one quite large diamond surrounded by ten smaller ones and the large diamond is from my grandmother’s original engagement ring. I love that I can look at a little piece of my family history every day

      • whoa, it’s fantastic! i love to hear stories like that one about the ring. thanks cutie!

  8. This is a great series! Love the stripe thing you have going on. Takes me back to the days when I was flexible enough to really get off on bondage. Nowadays it is really too much strain on the old shoulder girdle, haven’t played that game for a few years.

    You are really branching out and exploring new ideas with a new photographer on board! I expect to see a lot of excitement and moaning engendered by this post. . .

    • You are full of suprises! Which is fantastic! 🙂 And thankyou for the appreciation.

  9. The epitome of cool. Great colours, and beautiful bondage. Possibly your best Friday yet.

  10. I like you tied up… wait, I mean… no actually I had it the first time

  11. I bet the cat wondered what the hell was going on. And then scarpered.

    • Pablo doesn’t do much scarpering these days, he seems to place himself in the frame whenever the camera comes out. It can be quite difficult to get a good shot without some part of him in it as well. Then again, that’s all part of The Cat’s greater plan of world domination isn’t it?

  12. Looks like fun was had by all! You need some good black leather hand restraints to match the boots!

  13. nothing like a little bondage with my coffee.

  14. Well, nursemyra, I have been inspired to join you in the fun. No bondage, though.
    Sorry. It was before I discovered it, actually.

  15. Do you and this Syncopated chick ever get it on?

  16. Middle picture, top row… forever long legs. I like!

  17. Well, that sure woke me up this morning! I was just about to call the police…

    Great shots, NM!

  18. Nice biceps.

    • I wish that were true sled, but the camera angles are deceiving. About the heaviest thing my poor back ever lets me lift is an overfed cat

  19. Oh my, my my. What am I going to do with you? Beg for more? Beg you to stop? I simply cannot decide.

  20. you gimcrackers are all perverts! perverts!!
    so… so dirty and so… typical.

    and jack? bad form, jack. bad form. you derserve a spanking.

  21. This is the sexiest, most beautiful, most stunning, most radiant image I have ever had the good fortune to lay eyes upon. And I say that without exaggeration or hyperbole. Thank you Nursemyra!

    • I’ll dedicate this one to you RF

  22. Delightful. One of the very best spreads – – – umm I mean layouts – – – I mean – – – umm – I like your pussy.

    Whew, I think I got out of that one 😉

  23. I like those socks, I want them

    • Malach would look hot in those socks. As for Myra de Nursington, burnings holds in the stratosphere as we speak – hotness par excellence. ‘Bout time things got out and out kinkified! Whistle woo hoo whistle!

  24. I know I know!!!! Colonel Mustard in the library using the lead pipe !!!!!

  25. Ooh, bondage stockings. Very interesting.
    Sorry I’m late, wanted to give you this…

  26. Wow, now this one is my favorite by far! I love a little playful bondage and you look amazing!!

  27. I see we have ourselves a little bondage!

  28. you put some colour in your hair!

    • It’s the same colour I’ve had for 6 years now 🙂

  29. Ooh the tied hands……i would pay good money to see you in an S&M video…

    • Eeek! A video? That’s not gonna happen

  30. Just jumped over from S.E.’s link.
    Fridays can be so nice.
    Is it Friday yet?

    • haha RJ…you are a year too late.

  31. Ha!
    Shh,,, maybe N.M. forgot about that, Bearman…

  32. […] can find that post here at The Gimcrack Hospital. Like this:LikeOne blogger likes this. Tagged bondage, boots, legs, Nurse […]

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