sexually deviant food

An early version of the New Testament banned eating rabbit because it was believed that they grew a new rectum every year and that eating their flesh would fill the diner with an urge to sodomize.

Jessica Rabbit found here

The same text claimed eating a weasel instilled an insatiable urge to perform oral sex because it was thought the animal procreated through its oral cavities.

weasel coffee found here

Hyena sandwiches were a complete no-no because the beast’s well-known habit of changing its sex at the full moon inevitably induced bisexual impulses in the unsuspecting gourmand.

from the hyena men exhibition by Pieter Hugo

The misconception that spotted hyenas are bisexual was perpetuated well into the twentieth century by people from Hemingway, who as a writer of fiction can be excused, to biologists, who should have known better. The truth about spotted hyenas is arguably as bizarre as the myth.

image of Hemingway found here

Female spotted hyenas bear, suckle, and care for their young like any female mammal. But although their genitals are clearly female in function, they are male in form. The labia are fused into what looks like a scrotum, complete with two pads of fatty tissue that resemble testes. In addition, the clitoris is elongated to the point that it is nearly the size of a male’s penis and is likewise fully erectile. Astonishingly, females mate and give birth through the long, narrow canal running down the center of this “pseudopenis.” During mating it retracts much like a shirt sleeve being pushed up, and during birth it stretches so much that it looks like a water balloon. From a human perspective, the process can be thought of as giving birth through an unusually large penis.

Gregg Valentino pushes his sleeves up here

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  1. While munching a voluptuous oyster
    She said: it’s making me moister
    So she put down her fork
    To grab at his dork
    Whereupon he proceeded to hoist her.

  2. I’m speechless… rabbits? An animal I find so cute!
    Where on earth did people come up with such fears and superstitions?
    Though in the case of the hyena it sounds plausible.
    I now know more about this topic than I had ever hoped to learn!

    • Something to tell your friends over coffee perhaps

  3. why yes, Gregg Valentino seems to be an unusually large penis…

    • Are those arms ridiculous or what???

      • I’m sure he must have done a lot of ‘training’ with that arm.

        The King

  4. Most Christians I’ve met seem to have a new rectum every time I see them – oddly enough in the middle of their faces. With all that shit pouring out it’s no surprise that they bugger their chute so quickly or have the local priest do it for them.

    I think the New Testicle is one the money, my favourite reading from the Bible though is good ol’ Deuteronomy 23 – hard to beat so to speak.

    The King

    • I wrote priest, but I really should have said ‘rector’ for the full effect.

      The King

    • I had to google Deuteronomy 23 seeing as I don’t have a bible in the house… ooh, nasty…..

  5. While slurping a voluptuous oyster
    She said: it’s making me moister
    So she put down her fork
    To reach for his dork
    Whereupon he proceeded to hoist her.

    • Nice seeing you here again Ian, will reply to your email tonight

  6. Don’t remember seeing that scene in the Roger Rabbit movie.

  7. Hello,

    You left a comment on my blog re shopping tips in the Dordogne, it really depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for antiques etc a good place to start is the brocabrac website as this lists all the vide greniers/brocantes and you can search by department, Dordogne is department 24.

    Hope this helps,


    • Oh thanks Leeann! My main shopping interest is vintage corsets and old books. Though I won’t be buying books while living out of a suitcase….

  8. Holy shit that dude’s arms are HUGE! WTF?

    You know, Jessica Rabbit is the hottest cartoon girl ever. But why does her expression always make her look like she’s completely wasted? I guess that’s what Disney animators find attractive. Hot and wasted. Hmm…

  9. In the spirit of the Turducken, in my oven at this very moment I have a weasel baking inside a rabbit. Large portion in mind for the missus.

    Graham Kerrnal

  10. I know someone I want to feed a weaselburger to. But I’ve got to cut back on the rabbit: This blog entry explains a lot…

  11. What if they’re spotless?

  12. Fascinating Nursey …… I bet those girlie hyenas aren’t laughing when they give birth …… ouch

  13. Interesting Nursie, you gotta love the intersection of evolutionary ecology and human superstition.

  14. I just love redheads!

  15. What strange notions. soe after eating a bunny Roer rabbit becomes an act and not a character? As for what Elmer Fudd was planning…

    • Elmer Fudd is not to be trusted

  16. Only to hyenas would giving birth through a pseudo-penis be a laughing matter. And the people who come here.

    • Ah yes… one can always rely on the people who come here. Except for that nasty stalker

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good Lord! Ha ha ha!

  18. So many reasons to go vegan…

  19. Gregg Valentino is a sick man

  20. What a fascinating bit of info on hyenas. I had no idea.

  21. Make sure when you cook your rabbit that you use rabbit seasoning. I made the mistake of using duck seasoning on mine once and it tasted awful.

    • Do you cook, Atlas???

      • I’ve been known to cook a dish… If the recipient is also a dish.

  22. Okay your last choice of photo illustration did make me laugh.

    • Well it goes with the last sentence pretty well doesn’t it 😉

  23. I love the first image, it did a little something for

    I’m still shuddering thinking of giving birth through my ‘pseudo penis’ agahgh.

  24. I really wonder why these people formed such strange opinions about animals because it is clear that those making up these theories did not really study or observe the animal. It does make for good humor.

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