t shirt friday 26.3.2010

It may not look like one but this top is made of stretchy T shirt fabric and it pulls over my head like a T shirt so I’m proclaiming it a Tee

anyone joining in for t shirt friday?

syncopated eyeball has one up

and so has sledpress and silverstar and 70s

and Malach as well!

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  1. Sledpress, too.

  2. What’s in your lunchbox Nursey?

  3. That is one sweet ass! And one sweet scar on your thigh. 😀

    Or is it just a divot from the couch? lol

  4. It’s Thighday rather than Friday, Nursie! Boy, they look tasty!

  5. There’s a joke I could make about lunchboxes ……. but I’m tooooo much of a gent ……

  6. you make housecalls? i’m sure you’re a busy, busy nurse!

  7. you had me gasping after the first and whimpering by the second picture…

  8. I made a concerted effort to get here today, especially with my awfie tardiness of late.

    I’m glad I came… twice.

    • I’m presuming Siobhan benefited too 😉

      (Tell her she’s welcome, I like to support the sisterhood)

      • Wicked.. wicked girl!

  9. You seem to have forgotten to put pants on… silly girl.

  10. Lunchbox? I was guessing toy bag, tool kit?

    • Yeah it’s a partitioned lunch box – or a Bento Box actually, another clever Japanese idea.

  11. I thought it was a kiddie nurse kit like I used to have.

  12. i’ll join the other gentlemen on here and not comment on the whole lunchbox thing, even if my dirty mind wants too.

  13. it’s nice, the neckline has an asian flair to it. is that a lunchbox or a nurse’s bag?

    *wondering what kinds of goodies nursemyra stores in it*

    • oops sorry i just read the rest of the comments. bet ya never thought you’d get so many inquiries about that box.. (smile)

  14. no arguments from me girl… like the first aid kit… i have a bit of a fever

  15. Nice Tee and the lunch box is something my wife would love…so cool.

  16. OK, I want a shirt like that, although I think I’m too full busted to pull it off. I have a T-Shirt up too.

  17. […] sure to drop by Nurse Myra’s to see who else is […]

  18. Love the bento box, and the outfit!
    Now I want sushi.

  19. We both have asian-themed posts! (Er, kind of?)

    I would kill for your wardrobe. You Aussies always have the best clothes and footwear. Maybe because a lot of your international layovers are in Hong Kong…

  20. Love the kimono/Chinese looking tee and you have some fab accessories. That didn’t just make me officially gay did it?

    • Yes it did 😉

  21. Hi nursemyra, just stopping in at the internet cafe in San Pedro de Poas Costa Rica to check on Jim. Couldn’t let a Friday go by without taking a looksee. Nice how you made tshirt friday very sexy too.

  22. I was going to say, “I like a lady who is proud to display her box.” but my residual gentlemanliness prevented me.

  23. Did I miss something?

    What happened to corset Friday?

    • It’s always t shirts on the last friday of the month Thomas.

  24. SyncEye is right, #4 is exquisite. Showing off the scar, very nice.

  25. lets hope you have some sedatives in that case after these pics 🙂 [btw I am in this week… just]

  26. Some shirts have all the luck!

  27. When is a T-Shirt a PT-Shirt? Apparently on Friday.

    Daniel DeFoeldelaundry

  28. Pretty.

  29. Man I thought that was a cake on your shirt, I am kind of sad now

  30. i don’t need a calendar. i always know when it’s friday from visiting your blog.
    i love the nurse’s bag. i’m sure its full of fun things!

  31. Are you sick? It looks like you’re feeling a little blue pail. 😀

  32. You may proclaim it a Tee but i must proclaim it wonderful!

  33. That’s so hot, NM. Speechless and respectable.

  34. this is a very refreshing change. the shots that show thigh are simply outstanding.

  35. T-shirt? That’s too fancy and stylish to be called a T-shirt.

    • My blog, my rules 😉

  36. I didn’t know about t-shirt friday but here’s one I prepared earlier

  37. I have been so busy that I have forgot about one of my most loved pleasures, Friday’s here. Looking good as always and you have given me the strength to press on this week during my big move.

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