half a corset friday

The top half of this cutaway dress is tight and boned like a corset so it’ll do for this week’s corset photos. I’ve just woken up from a nap after a trip to Bilgola* with queenwilly and The King. queenwilly went swimming but The King and I just lounged around in the royal marquee eating fish’n’chips and raspberry bullets. How did you spend Good Friday?

* you have to scroll down past Balgowlah to see Bilgola. We Aussies like to confuse people with our place names. And while you’re on the site, take a poke around and read about Alan Waddell’s magnificent obsession.

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  1. The skin on your waist in the bottom centre picture looks invitingly ticklish, Nursie. Are you ticklish?

  2. I am only two hours into Good Friday, so I can’t say how the rest of it will go. You look great as always. BTW, what are raspberry bullets?? It sounds good whatever it is!! 😀

    • Chocolate covered raspberry flavoured liquorice lollies

  3. Nice dress Nursey …… and Alan’s obsession seems to be similar to mine …… wind ….. [great photos …. and Queenwilly sounds fun as well]

    • queenwilly is the most delightful royal one could ever meet

      • Ahem!

        The King


    I’ll let it slide though…;)

    • I seem to have my dates wrong how embarassing…

      • You’re forgiven Alex. Happy Easter to you btw

  5. You to nurse, I hope you get to gorge yourself on your choice of… gorging… stuff… CHOCOLATE!

  6. love the mix of textures – lacy stockings, silky dress, tickly flesh, leather boots and wristband!

    spending good friday with a final half day of meetings, then to the blue sea of the carribean for one final day! book, nap, surf, sun…

  7. lace is my FAVE. thank you for a beautiful wake up to the day. you’re delicious.

  8. Very nice indeed

  9. Great outfit!

  10. Ooooh! Love it. That hose is gorgeous. Never underestimate the power of gray.

  11. damn, i love that corset with the side cutouts! i used to have a tight dress with the side cutouts, i loved that dress. if i saw it in a store ~i would buy it!

    glad you had a good Good Friday. it’s just now morning and rip and i are about to fish off the dock here at our new place! 🙂

  12. 93! Mr. Waddell is an inspiration – he certainly puts my physical fitness regime to shame. Perhaps it’s not too late…???

    Oh, yeah, and you’re an inspiration too!

  13. Love the stockings.

  14. I am so jealous of your stocking collection. I’m afraid I would have to travel several hundred miles to find someplace to buy anything so beautiful. I may have to do some on-line shopping here soon.

    You look fabulous as usual, but I have to say the bottom left shot is probably my favorite. Happy Easter, nursemyra.

  15. shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather- done in my best Lou Reed impersonation.

  16. Those stockings make the entire outfit!

  17. What does it mean for an article of clothing to be “boned?” I always assumed that meant it had buttons or some kind of decoration on it that were made out of bone, but maybe it’s referring to wires inside to make it hold shape?

    • Yeah, the boning is mostly hard bendable plastic nowadays, but it’s the essential item in any corset if you want fit and support

  18. You’re back in black and I’m loving Good Friday! Sweet nylons too. I spent the entire day walking up and down hills in the sun. I did decide to go cold turkey, so I’ve just been exhausting myself so I don’t have to sit around craving.

  19. queenwilly? But isn’t a willy?…Oh, skip it.

    • The King’s nickname is Willy and she is the Queen of His 😉

  20. Love the corset, NM…not to mention those tights!

    I’m back home for the weekend, so I’ll be spending Good Friday with good friends.

    ps. Thank you for introducing me to Alan, NM. How cool is he???

  21. Happy Easter Dear NM you are looking wholesome and edible as always … [I bet there are loads of folk out there taht wish you were their Easter Egg ;)]

  22. Oh – how many years do I have to wait after kids to get my body back??? Would love to be able to wear that corset with those tights but it’s not a good look when the tickly flesh bulges out of the cut outs 😉

  23. I don’t care if it’s half a corset, you always know how to put together a complete package for Friday. There’s nothing about this outfit I don’t like.

  24. Very nice, Nursie. X

  25. Beautiful photos nursemyra. (Almost) makes up for not seeing you in your g-string bikini at Bilgola.

    • Those days are long gone Your Majesty

  26. I could spend all day looking at Alan’s photos of mailboxes. Fantastic.

  27. Hey nursemyra, I ordered Bukowski’s “Post Office” after enjoying an excerpt. Thanks for the heads-up, and now it’s like I have and insider / friend by my side, when I read it. The P.O. in-fighting and B.S. is quickly making itself known. Your most excellant corset display has made my Friday very good. Okay . . . that sounded a little like Bschooled’s “Iron Chef” parody. You’re all highly influential on reader’s behavior . . .

  28. the pink cross goes well with Good Friday! Praise Jeebus!

    • aha! someone noticed my religious reference 😉

  29. […] half a corset friday « gimcrack hospital (PG) […]

  30. Very nice!
    Who shot these?

  31. That’s a dress???!!!!!! OMG!!!! I absolutely adore it!!!! I love the side cut-outs!!! So so so so hot!!!!

  32. Well, unlike the Welsh, at least your place names are pronounceable.

    Outstanding–or reclining, for that matter–hose.

  33. I’m in bed sipping on a gin and tonic and these pictures will give me a good nights rest!

  34. This is hardcore hot. Right down to the accessories. And I love those stockings…

  35. myra, Happy Easter…I have Easter Bunnies.

  36. The widget is fixed, myra. Failed experiment. Back to normal now.

  37. I really have to find some lacy stockings this winter.

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