mental champagne

Lydia Languish was a character in Sheridan’s play “The Rivals”. Apparently, she also wrote for McCalls……..

At any rate, bright afternoon as it was, several people who ought to have been better employed gave utterance to their views upon a subject which has often concerned my mind – the importance of suiting one’s clothes to one’s mood. The Little Miss, a chit of seventeen, who knows a great deal too much, remarked inconsequently that for her part she couldn’t listen to Caruso in black ; and she was promptly sat upon by the Woman of Thirty (who is forty).

“You’re really and truly wrong. One can do anything artistic in black, feel anything artistic, be anything artistic. There is only one drawback to black : you mustn’t wear it on water and you musn’t go among flowers in it.

Sharapova dares to wear black near water

White to wear on water – blue water – and in gardens and near hills ; white for a green thought in a green shade, and when one is very young and fresh and innocent, and there is a great deal of mental champagne in the air.

Raquel Welch prefers white with her mental champagne

I suppose white is the right thing in which to dress to be made love to – white or black. I certainly say black, because ninety-nine men out of one hundred like a woman best in it, and it’s so more appropriate somehow.

Engineers are attracted to things that are black and white

I don’t think one ought ever wear navy blue if one feels sentimental,” remarked the Little Miss, meeting with instant agreement. “One shouldn’t wear navy blue in the house. Open air, and games, and dogs and things” (smiling at the man) : “when one sits on the grass with one’s elbows on one’s knees and one’s chin in one’s hand – that’s the real navy blue attitude.”


“What about pale blue?” said the man. “I think it’s difficult to put wrong. It may not always be suitable, but however wretched a woman may be, mentally or physically, I believe that wearing blue – a rather turquoisy sky blue – bucks her up, and all that.”

Turquoise Scarlett

“Heliotrope? Heliotrope is the color for red-haired women, only they will never see it ; and women in red-hair moods,” I added. It brings out all the lovely tints in their skins, and it tones down the ginger – no, I’m not alluding to color, but to the electricity which goes with the type.

redhead in heliotrope

“Ecru – biscuit – dun color?”

Wear them when you feel like a big black hat and one diamond brooch. The mood in which you want to look – ‘the gracious woman.'”


“Don’t ever wear yellow,” said the man, earnestly. I have been wondering why ever since.

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  1. Show me a woman wearing white, and I will show you an erection fit to burst a pair of iron trunks!

  2. Jimmy, I’m wearing white…..

  3. Crikey …… more complications ….. do chaps have to pay attention to their clothes as well young Nursey?

  4. Two points:

    I would switch teams for a shot at Raquel Welch.

    I am old enough to remember when slide rules were really cool.


    • you’d be the right man to make them cool again headbang8….

  5. Wearing all the colours of the rainbow puts me in a gay mood. Scarlett looks great in turquoise, but she would look good in anything – or nothing!

  6. Nurse… do not tempt me, I believe I’ve revealed myself once to a wider audience, I’m sure the photies are still floating around out there somewhere.

    • But I haven’t seen them 😦

  7. i tend to wear black, at least until they make something darker. but for our visit to the mediterranean, i should perhaps pack something white.

    as a matter of fact, a sea-side double corset friday should definitely be white. i would like to hear the sound of iron glaswegian trunks exploding from across the sea!

    • oh me too daisyfae – what a wonderful sound that would be!

  8. My sexual awakening can be traced directly to Batgirl. That tight costume. Those spiked heels. That custom motorcycle. You’ll have to excuse me…

    • Hurry back, it’s nearly Friday…

  9. Lovely post, Nursie. X

  10. Love the post but have a headache trying to understand the gibberish of the quote.

    • oh bearman, it was written in 1908. I love the flowery, gently sarcastic tone, the “Little Miss” and the “Woman of 30” who is really 40…..


  11. My preference is black – it often goes well with my mood.
    And I inevitably spill when wearing white…

  12. I wear whatever color t-shirt is in the front of the drawer. I rotate them by putting the clean ones in the back of the line. That way I can have them all wear out at the same time. . .

    I believe that the above quote and people who actually care about stuff like that has a lot to do with why I don’t read fashion magazines and why I live (pretty much) in t-shirts and slacks.

    As far as when to wear white, I always wear a long sleeved white shirt of closely woven cotton when I am going to be out working in the sun a long time. In the tropics or in the mediterranean sun, white is a good cooling and protective color. Also, mosquitoes don’t like it (maybe the glare hurts their little eyeballs).

    You girls be careful and don’t get sunburned while doing your mediterranean sea-side corset shots. . .

    • I just want to add that the “white” shirt is white in essence only, there is an awful lot of dirt mixed in with the “white.”

      I too tend to spill if I have white on, so I have no white slacks or dresses. Putting on one of those would mean an instant coffee accident. And my penchant for wandering outside and kneeling in the garden to weed regardless of what I have on has put paid to more “nice” clothes than I care to mention.

      Hence my habit of shopping at the thrift store and the free store.

      • I’m addicted to thrift stores too HMH. We have some of the best here in Sydney

      • Second hand stuff! Yay!

  13. Lighter colours are better for the bedroom. It’s a lot easier to find your partner in the dark.

    • That’s a dangerous comment to make in your neck of the woods Kyk 😉

  14. I don’t think it makes a difference what color that skin-tight Batgirl bodysuit comes in. Except maybe yellow… that might not work.

    • Uma Thurman worked a tight yellow suit in Kill Bill. I wouldn’t want to get into an argument about that with her darlin’

  15. I had no idea heliotrope was a color!

  16. I’ve always been a fan of motley. I think it goes with anything, and any occasion.

  17. I look hideous in both black and white, which is why I looked like a face floating on the wall for most of my nursing career. Thank Goddess for the advent of scrubs.

  18. All these sexy women, I lost it with Batgirl, excuse me while I go take a shower.

  19. I think somebody forgot to explain these common sense rules to Lady Gaga. I look best in black personally; no one has ever confused me with the good guy.

    You always find the most amazing images to go with your posts…it’s a gift!

    • Thanks Scott, I enjoy sourcing the images

  20. Nice job nursie, I have quite a collection of white oxford dress shirts that I wear all the time. But I like women in black.

  21. Ah Ms Welch, they don’t make like that anymore…

    • Me speak english good…

  22. Black is fine by me. Sharapova drives me crazy.

  23. blue is my favorite color, even my tile floor used to be blue…Scarlett Johansson is rip’s #1 favorite!

  24. Women in the NAVY do not really look like that woman. They look more like Ralph Kramden.

  25. A pair of “white out” contacts for the eyes would freak people out, but “black out” contacts – just a pair of shining ebony eyes – would really send them running. Just a thought for Halloween.

  26. A gr8 selection, as usual.

  27. I came back and had to look at Raquel again. She was so damn hot. I believe I had that poster for 1,000,000 B.C., which still holds-up today, by hotness standards. Her simmering beauty made us all look like silly little boys. Whew. Thanks, NM!

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