corset friday 9.4.2010

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  1. Very pretty. I really like pink and black together.

  2. Nice to see your back for change, Nursie. I think I’d like to see more of it. Top-right picture looks like the body of a 16-year-old girl.

  3. Gotta love black and pink…duh, I see SE beat me to it.

    • I remember your wonderful pic of wiggly black and pink lines in a hair salon. 🙂

  4. love the details on this one – the little appliques on the straps! and how on earth did you take a shot of the back by yourself – are you doing yoga?

  5. I like that little detailing on the back. Adds so much charm…

  6. The pink/black and the delicate details are gorgeous. Love it.

  7. I love fridays.

  8. Delicious! No other word even comes close.

  9. What a kissable neck!

    Another reason that I’m glad it’s Friday.

  10. i ran like hell to get over here!! well okay …so i didn’t actually run, but you were my first blog stop of the morning!! i’ve been trying to read your latest blogposts all week but every time..and i mean EVERY time i had to stop for one thing or another before i could comment. so you can imagine what a great friday it is waking up to this sexy little number!! ~bottom row far left my fav…♥♥ xx

  11. Soooooooo pretty!

  12. There’s some complicated stuff to deal with there ….. very tricky!

  13. magnificent!

  14. Once again I am blown away by your lingerie collection! I love this number even though pink isn’t my favorite color, this set is delicious. Makes me think of birthday cake — sweet and ready to eat. . .

    • Makes me think of a birthday present, because this is what I’d like to see waiting for me on my birthday.

  15. Yay, Friday’s here again! And there’s no better way to kick it off than a visit over here.

  16. Wowee kazowee

  17. Ah, Friday. Very Nice, myra. Oh, there’s another poll.

  18. Very pretty.

  19. A lovely combo NM 🙂

  20. A+

  21. Woof.

    Very chic and tasteful…in a slightly naughty way.

  22. I have a very slow internet connection up but I’m just in time to see you my dear.

  23. If you were to travel to somewhere chic and tres sexy like Paris, France, you’d better pack this little ensemble and wear it underneath your can-can skirt. Tres belle!

  24. You are the opposite of disappointing…is that appointing?

  25. I like that one, tis cool, will it fit me?

  26. O la la. Those are pretty!

  27. Looks great, NM.

    How you have the patience to put one of those on is beyond me, but it definitely looks a million times better than my jogging pants and wifebeater…

  28. Smoking…

  29. Very pretty indeed!

  30. Yummy!

  31. Of corset is, slipped my mind. nice.

  32. i love lingerie fridays.
    it occurs to me that
    you have more lingerie
    than i have clothes!

  33. As always a pleasure, now we’re getting into winter I expect (and hope) they’ll be a bit of a nip in the air.

    Toodle pip

    The King

  34. Stunning combination of color and nice detailing!

  35. We need to see the back of your neck more often. Very nice.

  36. Very beautiful..I see the entertainment I’ve been missing by not stopping by lately.
    If only I could look so good in an outfit like that.
    Between you’re pics and Daisy bragging about her new found strength, I think I will exercise more.

    • Do you still have a blog? There’s no link with your name so I can’t pop over for a visit…..

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