the tall one, the broad one and the siamese cat

Falling on your head is never a good idea. Unless you’re sure it will result in a best selling book or three


“In the U.S., a sign painter named Allen Noonan fell off a ladder, banged his head and found he had awakened strange psychic abilities in himself. He was soon communicating with space people and undergoing all kinds of strange experiences.

In Holland, a man named Peter Hurkos also fell on his skull and the accident turned him into a world famous psychic who has spent his life helping police solve crimes.

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In 1947, in England, a struggling British writer named Cyril Hoskin told his astonished wife that he had decided to change his name. A few months later, Cyril Hoskin became Carl Kuon Suo by court order.  He abandoned his home and moved to a distant district where he was troubled by hallucinations and developed a kind of split personality, the Englishman being slowly replaced by an Oriental entity while his appalled wife watched. Then, on June 13, 1949, while climbing a ladder in his garden, Carl Kuon Suo fell and cracked his head, suffering a mild concussion. When he recovered, the Englishman was gone and had been replaced by a Tibetan with full memories of growing up in Tibet!

Deportation of Tibetan prisoners found here

Carl changed his name again to Tuesday Lobsang Rampa and began publishing books about his various experiences.

Despite having been originally rejected as a hoax and receiving horrendous reviews, The Third Eye became a massive international best-seller. Lobsang Rampa’s publishers admitted that they, too, had had doubts about its authenticity, but thought it would make a good read anyway. They prefaced it with a statement saying that many of the author’s stories were “inevitably hard to corroborate”. On one occasion, to test the author’s veracity, Lobsang Rampa’s editor at Secker & Warburg read out some phonetic Tibetan to him to which he didn’t react. When he was told that he had just failed to understand a single word of his “own language”, Lobsang Rampa threw himself onto the floor, writhing in agony. He explained that he had been horrifically tortured by the Japanese in the war and had blocked out all knowledge of Tibetan by self-hypnotism.


Lobsang Rampa produced another 18 books, becoming the 20th century’s best-known exponent of Tibetan Buddhism. In Doctor from Lhasa, he tells how he learnt to fly a plane, was captured by the Japanese during the Second World War, spent time in concentration camps as the official medical officer, and was one of very few people to survive the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Nor did he restrict himself to mere terrestrial travel, recounting a visit to Venus aboard a space ship and meeting two aliens helpfully named “the Tall One” and “the Broad One”. He admitted that his fifth book, Living With the Lama, was not by “Lobsang Rampa” at all. It had all been dictated to him by Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers, his Siamese cat.

all these siamese cats with their famous owners found here

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  1. 27 years ago I was a Swedish porn actress starring in many hardcore erotic fillums. I was unfortunate enough to fall off of a pink furry trapeze during a moment of passion and high-end cinematography.
    I was unconscious for 53 days, and when I awoke I was amazed to find myself transformed into a 6ft 7″ Glaswegian builder complete with stubble and a white transit van (complete with roofrack).

    The fillum work tended to dry up after that.

    ….Leah has your link by the way!

    • Don’t you wish you could have been your old self and your new self at the same time – even for just a couple of days?

      I’ve just been over to Leah’s. Where’s the link?

      • Link will be available by email hen.

        That’s you by the way… the hen… the link will not be arriving by a fowl of any kind dragging a message.

        …and I’ve been feeling myself ever since the 53 days.

    • Seka?? Is that you??

  2. That cat/famous person link is fantastic!

    • Isn’t it just?

      • It is great except I could have done without Martha Stewart in a cat persona. Even dressed as a cat I hate her.

  3. I am going to use that being beat during the war excuse everytime I forget something.

    • you’ll have to be pretty convincing to pull that off 😉

  4. sometimes when i drink 12 pints of beer i can time travel. i think i’ll write a book….

    • I’ll be your stenographer daisyfae

  5. ou’d be surprised how many cat authors there are out there. All of Peter Carey’s books were written by a small silver tabby named Baphomet

  6. By odd coincidence, there is a septuagenarian stripper who performs at our Senior Center and goes by the name of Fifi Greywhiskers. Quite the dance artist despite double hip replacement.

    Sean Itahl

    • haha… Fifi can have a bed at the Gimcrack anytime

  7. I hesitate to say this but – I – umm – remember those Tibetan books actually being released, one by one. Fascinating reads in their time.

    Or is that just a memory caused by being hit on the head by a cricket ball?

  8. Cyril/Carl/Lobsang’s life illustrates the fact reality can be highly overrated – and if he made big bucks with these books, kudos to him.
    Still, I will continue to protect my head.

  9. My cat Scabbers does all my work, his hearing in the high frequency range is better, he doesn’t smoke and never misses a meal.

    A new quadruped will be appearing on the grounds tomorrow – very exciting!!

    The King

    • But surely his paws don’t have the same dexterity?

      • Well yes I guess so, and his Brynners are long gone…

        The King

  10. It helps infinitely if you don’t die while perfecting the technique. Dead people are notoriously bad writers not to mention psychics.

  11. this is going to run long…
    i once had a house formerly owned by a famous psychologist. Charles Shultz modeled his Peanuts character, Lucy Von Pelt after the guy. luminaries various are said to have paid visits. for years i took the tales with a grain of salt. then a poet friend of note came through town on a speaking tour. she stayed the week. over several bottles of cheap wine, she deduced that her uncle had been best childhood pals with one of the psychologists sons. it happened that this uncle was in town to attend her speaking engagement. he came over the following day. he explained that he was virtually raised in the house. he confirmed visits by Tim Leary, Alan Watts, Anias Nin, and Henry Miller, among others. he told of coming down for breakfast one morning and having to step over and among twenty plus sleeping Tibetan monks to get to the kitchen, only to discover that Leary had eaten all the cereal and used the last of the milk. but my favorite story was that of Nin arriving to a party with Miller but taking up with Watts soon after arrival. Nin and Watts made loud love in the bedroom above the kitchen while Miller fumed downstairs. eventually the psychologists wife turned the house into the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery on the west coast of North America. i believe the sects name is Karma Thegsum Choling. and the family kept a spider monkey as a pet. it lived in the laundry room. a huge Belgian hare nested in a giant Australian clam shell that sat on the livingroom floor beneath a baby grand piano. -an elderly neighbor confirmed the pets, explaining that the hare had run of the neighbor hood. finally, in ’95 i was working under the house and discovered a hidden cookie tin. it was stuffed full with seed packets of morning glory, all dated 1959. this last point bringing a certain veracity to the alleged history. i let the house go in 2003. sometimes, like now, i could hit myself over the head for that. alas.

    • P.S. sorry for the bad grammar and stuff too. i’m in a rush to go play pretend grown-up. alas.

      • P, you always have the BEST stories!

  12. I wonder…if I do a swan dive off my roof, will I wake up with memories of having grown up in the Playboy Mansion?

    • Ummm… no, I wouldn’t advise it

      • Well, it was a thought…

  13. I’m just a little bit psychic , I’ve always thought that if I could find the right combination of hallucinogenics I’d be able to unleash my true potential. Maybe I’ll try just jumping headfirst into empty pools instead.

  14. Falling on your head is never a good idea.

    Ah, an introduction catered specifically to Malach.

    • Don’t be mean to Malach or I’ll have to come and stamp on your foot. Really hard. With stilletoes.

  15. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa is an anagram of “lasagna based rump toy”. That sounds like more fun than Tibetan mysticism.

    • haha…. how long did it take you to come up with that one?

      • Not long at all Army Nurse

  16. Confession time – when I was in my ‘tweens’ I read every Lobsang Rampa book I could get hold off. 😳

    Loved them all. And though I was sceptical about the veracity of the books themselves, they got me started reading about buddhism in general

  17. Sadly, anytime I’m hit in the head it inevitably results in a sore noggin. Some folks have all the luck, don’t they? Crop circles on their property, multiple UFO sitings, alien kidnappings, alien sex. I object. I want some of that alien action too.

  18. Hmmm. Makes me wonder if I was dropped on my head.

  19. I have a Siamese… wonder why he isn’t sharing any books with me?

  20. All my posts on Renal Failure are dictated to me by a cat. Or from an alternate personality caused by falling on my head. Or dictated by a cat who has fallen on his head.

    • So Bernie is the brains behind the blog?

  21. I fell on my head when I was ice skating back when I was 9. That could explain a lot, actually.

  22. I have a client who not only fell out of a 40′ tree onto his head, but the axe he was carrying also landed in his head. He lived.

    • Keith Richards fell out of a tree onto his head. I think he has more lives than a cat and I hope he has more than Mick Jagger.

  23. I was hit a lot in the ring, but don’t like to admit this. Tonight my wife asked if I mailed the taxes, and when I asked what taxes, she freaked out and said I don’t retain anything anymore, so now I’m a mess. BUT . . . I went to Hartford where a big “Last Minute Tax Mailing” party was in full roar, and I mailed the damn thing, and later partied with some pot growers down the road. Quite an enchanting night, so head trauma works sometimes! I need some sleep . . .

  24. That elephant graphic is hilarious. Damn.

  25. In Manchester, England, Amanda Flowers fell from her Wii Fit board, and has developed Nymphomania. She now requires sex 10 times a day (Daily Star).

    In my home, I have sprained my shoulder pushing Mrs Affer off her Wii Fit board in the vain hope that….

  26. Its a known fact that literally half of all New York Times Bestsellers were actually dictated by household pets.

  27. I had a bad cut to the back of my head when i was six. I was probably too young to have noticed any personality changes.

  28. […] Friday favourite Nurse Myra reminded me some weeks back about the supernatural consequences of a bang on the head. Apparently a number of individuals […]

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