corset friday 16.4.2010

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  1. ‘No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!’

    • Haha, “Now poke her with the soft cushion.” Could the comfy chair be next??

      You look great in red Nursie.

  2. Red & black … always my favourite colour combination.

    Spanish inquisition … hahaha!

  3. Beautiful cross.

  4. Can’t resist but here’s old ‘eyebrows’ for your entertainment:

    The King

  5. Come over and see my Cross Nurse Myra

    it has a stiffy!

  6. fire engine, indeed! a bit goth, a bit frilly… and a whole lotta hot!

  7. Our chief weapon is… our two chief weapons…

    Wow, such a nice color on you.

  8. I like red.

  9. You look Great in Red, Ms. Myra! And you may have visitors….

  10. Definitely the cats whiskers this outfit… you can even see them if you look closely enough.

    ….I did.

  11. Meow!

  12. You look stunning, love the colors, gloves, necklace and …all the rest. For some reason this outfit has me thinking of Patricia Kennealy…when she was young and hot.

  13. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need a tissue…..

  14. You do look good in red. If that is the new wear of the Spanish Inquisition then I can see lots of men wishing to confess their heresies!

  15. Nursemyra, mistress of the night. Gothic delights abound.

  16. hothothot

    Blimey I just burnt my eyes!

  17. yep

  18. Sizzling red hot. Damnation, Nurse. I’ll confess anything right about now.

  19. Such a seductive red outfit to sport with a cross. And love the gloves!

  20. I just love that whole outfit, the whole layout is beautiful and I covet the corset. That’s it, I have to save up some money, I need some lingerie.

  21. Sexy genuflexy!

  22. Holy Moley!

  23. Is this one for Easter?

  24. Outstanding. It’s almost as if you were inspired by my Hot Vampire Babes poll–but it could have been the other way around.

  25. YES! This is what I missed………..

  26. ….wood…..

  27. definitely a case of naughty and nice.
    i love the crucifix.
    red is the longest wavelength of light that humans can see.
    red stimulates the heart.

  28. Immaculate!

  29. Ha! It’s a good thing you’re a (pseudo) nurse, NM. It looks like half the commenters on your thread are going into cardiac arrest right now…;)

  30. Is that the hand of lucifer in the red glove?

  31. That looks downright tasty! 😀

  32. what?!! i thought this post didnt happen until the 29th. i have it set on my calendar and i was going to participate this time. Aargh!

  33. oops sorry forgot my comment..this is the nicest of them all to date. love love love the red! ♥♥

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