Lennon in her living room

Rosemary Brown was a widow with two children, struggling to make ends meet when John Lennon appeared in her living room in 1984.


John  was not the first famous musician to contact Rosemary, Liszt had been doing so since she was seven. He often accompanied her shopping and was knowledgeable about cheap bananas.


Rosemary Brown, a Medium from Wimbledon, London, claims that John first arrived in spirit form in her living room in 1984. Since then he has dictated over two dozen songs to her. She says, “He is taller than I always imagined him in this life. I seem to see him as he looked at the height of the Beatles early success – he looks to be in his late 20s or so, he is clean shaven, fresh-faced, doesn’t wear glasses.”


Mrs. Brown also observes, “What has most surprised John is that there is a continuing process of learning and evolving on the other side He told me that the afterlife is very much a continuation of this life. You pick up where you left off. You don’t suddenly change or know everything.” He also told her that he still loves Cynthia, his first wife; that he wants his son Julian to record the songs he has dictates to Rosemary and that he is now against the use of drugs.

image by Ronald Traeger found here

Rosemary is not the only medium to commune with John in the afterlife. Bill Tenuto of San Diego had this to report

It also seems that parties are held on ‘the other side’. John held a party in which a number of late personalities appeared, including Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. John’s spirit said, “… Carol Lombard was there, and I took to her. I want to tell you, I really took to her. We are capable of having sex over here…we do the same thing that you do except without the body. We love sex as much as anybody who’s got a body. The sensations are a bit different, with an interplay of energies that take place when we have sex. We don’t concern ourselves with Planned Parenthood since spirits can’t propagate a baby spirit.


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  1. Holiday plans: interplay energies with Carole Lombard.

  2. I heard a similar story from a woman who said that she was receiving night visitations from Lennon. She stated that he was unable to reach the ‘other side’ because so many people were thinking about him or saying his name or playing his music all the time, etc. Apparently, according to this woman, he was in some distress about this.

    I also heard that Elvis Killed Kennedy:


    and then afterward, declared war against John Lennon, ultimately killing him. The ensuing war between the Lennonists and the Elvisites still rages to this day, in multiple dimensions and planes. It’s true.

    • Ann Margret is a lot more vengeful than I suspected

  3. With all this visitationing it seems he is not actually resting in peace.

    • I blame it all on Carol Lombard

  4. I am very very much pleased to leran that there is still sex going on on the other side…so i cant stop worrying about getting laid here on boring earth 😛

    • No you have to still keep on doing it here if you want your mojo to work on the other side too

  5. Carole Lombard’s postmortem romance just goes to show you: when, ummm, life gives you Lennons…

  6. John Lennon’s choice in childrens fashion is what the anti-christ was to the wee Pope fella and his holy babble.

    A fecking nightmare to understand, and extremely hard on the oul eyes.

  7. So how come she hasn’t published his songs/?

  8. Wait, you can have spirit sex, but you cant have a spirit baby? Someone really should seize the opportunity here and look into this for some new wave contraception…

  9. never count on the afterlife for anything… get it whilst the gettin’s good!

  10. Well live and learn. I always thought spirit sex was had you did after getting stuck into the vodka

  11. Mediums and their ilk have always irritated the hell out of me. They prey on people who are vulnerable and usually in some sort of crisis. People who are looking for answers. And if you think about it, are organized religions that far removed from these fakers?

  12. The afterlife is sounding much more appealing… 😉

  13. Did she happen to elaborate on where you could buy these cheap bananas?

  14. I think that Elvis is still hanging around this realm/world too. I can just tell. I find her description of the afterlife being a continuation of this one comforting. I’d hate to think that this one was a waste of time.

    • Waste of time? Not in your case Scott – kicking back in sunny Spain

  15. Imagine!

  16. Ah yes, Liszt’s famous (but tragic) and ultimately fatal banana fetish.

  17. Hhmmm – if Julian Lennon was to record some of these ‘spiritual’ songs written by his dad, would Rosemary Brown expect a share of any ‘royalties’ derived from these songs? 🙄

    Just asking !!! 😉

    • P.S. Speaking on behalf of Yoko Ono – and all others who have lost a loved one – while those of us left behind are grieving for our partner, it is not exactly welcome news to think that while we are living lonely celibate lives, our dearly departed are having a fucking great time screwing all and sundry in the afterlife. Ggrrrr !!! 👿

      • I spoke to John about that. He says you must remain celibate in the afterlife until your partner on earth gives you permission to go for it.

        So far I’m still saying No.

      • Hey, “til death do us part” seems to me to be the legal extent of it. Get ready for the orgy.

  18. Well as long as we can keep bonin’ in spirit, I don’t see anything wrong with dying.

  19. I get visited by the spirit of Lenin. He calls me a bourgeoisie bloodsucker, and then he eats all my Pop Tarts.

  20. So I won’t have to wear a spirit condom in the next world? That’s cool, I guess.

    And can you still do kinky stuff when you’re a ghost? How do fetishes work when you have no physical form? Is there ghost bondage? Where does one get ethereal handcuffs? Can one spirit pee on another spirit? Why would ghosts have to pee in the first place? Do ghosts have feet? Is it easy to clean up when you drop a load in a ghost’s hair? We need answers!

    (Hmm… I think I just came up with a new RF post here…)

  21. No body, no corsets.

  22. Of course John wants Julian to record the songs he has given to her. Is she providing them for free? Hm?

  23. See, I had the same sort of question as duncanr. Why are these songs not recorded? And if they were, would a musicologist be able to tell if Lennon actually wrote them? Saying that songs were dictated and actually producing hte same are two different things.

    I’m so glad to know that I can have sex after I die. Right now I am sort of fixated on getting plenty Right Now.

  24. I have sex with ghosts all the time

  25. spirits can’t propagate baby spirits?
    well then, how do spirits get born?

    p.s. i can pick a mean banana too.

  26. Now I know where the term Medium comes from: fried people with half-baked ideas.

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