corset friday 23.4.2010

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  1. What a lovely outfit. You look lavishly dressed!

  2. I’d like to shop where you shop … and I love the mosaic layout, it’s fragmentation for fulfilling a Friday frisson!

  3. Black & cream … classy.

  4. How long have you been doing these? It never gets old. In case you were wondering.

    • maybe about three years now

  5. you have the most gorgeous thighs! great colors on the corset, too!

  6. Ah yes – this reminds me of my much younger days, browsing the Sears & Roebuck catalog. Except this is much nicer.

  7. I second Daisy, you have great thighs.

  8. I browsed Sears and Roebuck when I was a little girl and I don’t believe they carried this sort of lingerie. . . More like the “chastity belt” girdle and the cover everything bra.

    This is a great selection of shots. Very inspiring. I’d like to tell you that Corset Fridays has been one of my major motivators in my diet. This am my body finally informed me we have left the plateau. I am down to 158 and have only 8 pounds to go to my goal.

    • got get ’em, healingmagichands! still working my remaining 20 pounds… hope to drop at least 10 of those before nursemyra and i hit the beaches of greece!

  9. Chic Alors – Madam a du classe aujourd’hui!

  10. Tres Jolie!

    Le King

  11. Very classy indeed. Sophistication certainly becomes you hen.

  12. There you go.
    Black Magic…definitely has the mojo workin’.

  13. Its Friday already!
    gr8 photos.

  14. oh no! those thighs are all wrong! they need to be on MY body!

  15. I was wondering what you’d do for an encore after last week. I shouldn’t have been concerned!

    Way to go, healingmagichands! Keep it up!

  16. Very nice outfit Nursy! I love me some Friday!

  17. girl, you should consider a new career… man that’s hot! x

  18. Dwon Under becomes more exciting as the weeks go by.

  19. Classy and dangerous! Love all of your finds.

  20. Corset Friday never disappoints. Those legs seem to go on forever.

  21. Seriously, NM. I need to follow your work-out regimen…

  22. ps. Oh, and just so you know, if you say that you don’t have one, I’ll be irate…

    • I run up and down the stairs at work a lot. And I walk to the pub on the corner…. 😉

  23. 23rd comment on the 23rd of the month…And my current post is a quote from a RAW book. Pg. 253, to be exact. Synchromystical, n’est ce pas?.

    Oh, and you look luscious…

  24. Very classy… 🙂

  25. I’d Paint that

  26. black and gold: one of my favorite colour combinations. very classy.
    i like the little golden bows.

  27. Lets see some pics of the bikinis you wear that make part of your hooters pale.


  28. I think the bows are very sweet. Adds a nice touch of demureness to proceedings.

  29. Thigh. My! *sigh*

  30. that’s what I’m talking about . . . or at least I will as soon as I can get my tongue back in my mouth.

  31. Your boobs look amazing!!!!!!

  32. can’t believe how much I have missed whilst on ‘Mum hospital visiting’ this last week … however you are still looking knock out …loving the ivory on black 😉

  33. Fridays rock! Thanks NM . . . you take corset fashion to a higher level. I’m sure that the spectacular body features help, but your taste in corsetry is superb.

  34. been a bit down the last day or so but this brings many things “up” so to speak.

  35. Most impressive. The corsets of course. I only drop in to look at corset Friday for the clothing. True – – –

    • Hello god, I don’t believe I’ve seen you here before

  36. What a stunning corset but then you have a great figure

  37. Ms Myra, you get more beeeeoootiful every Friday.

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