corset friday 7.5.2010

The rosary beads I am wearing were a present for my First Holy Communion

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  1. What a flashy blue! Very pretty.

  2. Yep.2.!.
    I still have my Rosary Beads (somewhere) too but the praying has been a bit thin on the ground for the last 40 or so years.

  3. very spring like colors (though i know it’s fall down under). love the lacies. let us prey… ummm… pray.

  4. Not a big fan of blue these days, but this one is pretty!

  5. the combination of the rosary beads, the gorgeous blue and the nipple piercing makes me happy!

  6. Very pretty. And that blue garter reminds me of ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’.

    • I actually wore that garter at my wedding

  7. Ah, that’s just evil, in a good way.

  8. I don’t know about evil but it’s certainly got some good Catholics trembling in their boots, somewhere.

    Wonderful little bits of detail!

  9. Crucifiction or not, that jesus is a lucky bastard.

    • Amen to that.

  10. I love pink but powder blue is quite lovely, too.

  11. Nothing like mammaries to cheer up a cheeky monkey when he’s feeling down!

  12. wow … sight for sore eyes 🙂

  13. The oblique-angle booby shot made me crane my neck, Nursie.

    • Do you need me to massage it back into place GB?

  14. Very nice indeed but surely a corset like that would get you a penance of 10 Bloody Marys and 10 How’s your fathers!

  15. Fine shade of blue and good to see the rosary beads being used to such good effect.

  16. I just hope you go to Confession before Mass this week!

  17. My God I love that color of blue…love those shots of you too! Lucky Beads…

  18. There’s an act of contrition I wouldn’t mind doing… ha ha!

    • Well, I’m already down on my knees RF

  19. awww… so lacy and blue… i like!

  20. Holy Communion Batman!

    The King

    • Bless me Father for I have sinned….. in thought and word but not in deed…..

      • Yet …

  21. Got the blues I see

  22. I am so jealous. You have the most gorgeous lace — I love this blue number and rosary beads have never had a more beautiful setting.

  23. Very pretty – my students approve! Do you know these good folk

    • No I hadn’t seen that site before. Very pretty though it’s hard to tell what body part I’m looking at sometimes. I particularly liked “Midsummer Maiden”

  24. Well, now I know why all the best-looking Latino guys are catholic…

    Gorgeous as always, NM. And the fact you were able to endure a nipple piercing makes you all the more “kickass” in my book.:)

    • It wasn’t all that painful really, it’s over in a few seconds and then you get an endorphin rush

  25. Oh my oh my – I LOVE that frilly white and blue – like a Marie Antoinette type fantasy. Gorgeous Myra.

  26. lovely blue – you’ve made me want to go out shopping

  27. nice cross… very jealous you are going to spend time in Greece with those fabulous breasts…

    • Well I can hardly leave them behind 😉

      Wait, were you talking about mine or Daisyfae’s or Dolce’s?

      Three sets of beautiful breasts about to grace the beaches of Lesbos – woo hoo!!!

  28. Gorgeous!

  29. I am thinking many may have had a religious experience with these images .. like as in ‘OMG’ 😉

  30. you look unreasonable.
    let me explain. there are things people wear that are very reasonable. think: comfortable shoes. cotton shirts. wool sweaters. sandals. black tights.
    then there is blue lingerie. it’s unreasonable to the max. it serves no purpose other than to make somebody feel sexy.
    it has no other application. think: one can’t go grocery shopping in blue lingerie. it’s not practical at the beach. one can’t even sleep comfortably in it.
    but ooo lala. tu sont sexy. et perfectly unreasonable.

    • Sera, I love your comments xx

  31. Hi! The “Cross” is a great touch!

  32. Ooh the blue is just lovely!!!!!! Looks soo great against the colour of your skin….really!

  33. With the crucifix. Most sinful indeed nurse.

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