I’m just walking the fox

Carrie Fulton Phillips was a scarlet woman. She was the one time mistress of Warren G Harding, 29th President of the United States. When he accepted the Republican nomination, Harding disclosed the affair and revealed that Carrie was in possession of hundreds of love letters written by him on Senate stationery.


“In return for Mrs. Phillips’ silence on the matter, the Republican Party would pay for an extended tour of Asia and the Pacific Islands. In addition, they would also pay an annual stipend to Mrs. Phillips in return for her silence on the matter for the remainder of her life. In her later years, Carrie Phillips was known as an eccentric. Her home in Marion was overrun with German Shepherds, and she was known to walk the dogs while wearing large mink coats with little on underneath.”

Natasja not Carrie

There have always been rumours circulating about the death of President Harding, some thought he was poisoned by his wife but here’s an even kookier idea.

my favourite Scandinavian vampire

“On the night of August 1, Franklin Prevost received an urgent call from Jess Smith asking him to meet the Presidential boat as it steamed into the harbor. Prevost boarded the boat on a typically foggy San Francisco evening and was informed by Smith that President Harding had been bitten by a vampire some time the previous evening. Smith told Prevost that one of the ship’s hands, a Norwegian named Olaf Johans, had done it, and that he had leaped overboard after the attack. Prevost entered the Presidential Suite and found Harding in a vampiric coma, the telltale puncture wounds on his neck, his wife Florence at his bedside. A brief discussion arrived at the only reasonable course of action, and the President was put out of his misery with a dose of cyanide.”


Of course, Harding is not the only politician to scandalise the public by having an affair. Congressman Wilbur Mills went off the deep end over dancer Fanne Foxe.


Mills, one of the most powerful men in Congress, splashed into history with a bridge-leaping Argentine stripper who would come to be known as the “Tidal Basin Bombshell.” Mills and four companions were pulled over near the Tidal Basin by U.S. Park Police for speeding with no lights on. One of the occupants jumped off a bridge into the murky water below. Her name: Annabell Battistella, also known as Fanne Foxe. Mills, clearly intoxicated, was bleeding from the nose and had scratch marks on his face. He later said the injuries were a result of his trying to restrain Foxe.

The married congressmen and the married stripper (also billed as “the Argentine Firecracker”) were reported to have been frequent companions, though he initially denied even being at the scene when she took her famous dive. Despite the scandal, Arkansas voters reelected him to another term. But later, after a bizarre appearance onstage with Foxe in Boston, he stepped down.”

Fanne Foxe

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  1. Oooeerrrrr – a foxy fanny! I’ve known a few – but then again, too few to mention – – – ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ooooeerrr indeed Archie

  3. I used to walk my dogs the same way…only my coat was a trenchcoat.

    Oh, and I didn’t have dogs.

    • bschooled – why don’t you come to Greece next month with daisyfae, dolce and me? Think of the fun we’d have…..

      • You’re going to Greece??? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

        Had I not just quit my job, I’d be all over that trip like…well, like a mink coat over Carrie Phillips, I guess.

        Seriously NM, I don’t even want to think about the fun we’d have…

        Now I’m bummed.

      • I’m going to France first with queenwilly and The King, then Lesbos with daisyfae and dolce.

        How about next year then? I’m thinking of going to New York again but I’m up for anywhere that’s warm in June or July

      • I am so in…

        I kid you not, New York is at the top of my list.

  4. It’s good to see that the Grand Old Party of the USA hasn’t changed much over the last 90 odd years. I think the saying goes, still crazy after all these years.

    • Somehow I never thought I’d see you quote Paul Simon

  5. Being paid to be silent. That sounds like my kind of job.

    • Loose lips sink ships

  6. Wikipedia says he died in a hotel and arrived in San Fran via a train not a boat. I get all my facts from Wiki..haha

    • Let me see….. which version is more likely to be correct… the one written by The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency or the Wiki version?

      I’m leaning towards Wiki for some inexplicable reason


  7. Mmmm, Eric the vampire!

    • I’ll second that! Eric the Vampire….yummy!!

      • Hey, hands off – Eric is mine! You two can fight over Bill instead

  8. Fanne Fox rang a bell, and then I remembered trips to the old Combat Zone in Boston when we were high school seniors (1976). I didn’t make the old Pilgrim House where Fanne did her act, but I remember the Naked Eye very well, and some guy taking a brutal beating inside a peep show, from a bouncer with a night stick. Our curiosity was satisfied quickly, and we fled back to the countryside a little more wise and wary. Wow. And all that hoopla about Bill Clinton . . . WTF. Great post.

    • Thanks Dan, I’m looking forward to more of your letterbox photos

  9. Did anyone accuse Harding’s wife of being a vampire? I would. The new season of Tru Blood starts in a few weeks. Do you know what that is?

    Politicians and sex seem to go hand-in-hand. Like a slice of cheese on a hamburger.

    • I got Season 2 for Mother’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh, vampires schmampires. I believe the cyanide, administered by his wife. The rest? Marvelous fiction.

    I used to float nude, and one of the reasons we have a privacy fence is so I can weed and water naked if I so desire.

    Why are we so surprised nowadays when our politicians show up with broads and boys in tow? They haven’t changed in centuries. Thanks for the history lessons, nursemyra, I’m always intrigued.

    • How big is your privacy fence? Your garden always looks like it spreads for miles – fencing must have cost a fortune

  11. I love the way that you masterfully blend one tale into another.

    And apparently Argentine mistresses/lovers arenโ€™t anything new.

    • Masterfully? Ha! One of the Gimcrack’s visiting tradesmen has been flirting with me for months. Yesterday he said “there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you by any chance a Mistress”

      I suppose I should stop wearing shiny knee high boots to work

      • hahahaha like I said…masterful-ly!

      • You could have slapped him smartly across the face and made him kneel down to present you with an obsequious apology for flirting and leering so outrageously! Uppity tradies.

  12. Mills probably stepped down because he was panned by the critics and couldn’t live with the shame.

  13. Warren G’s grave is within driving distance from here… i have the urge to go dump a 40 ounce malt liquor on his grave and leave some dog turds in honor of Ms. Carrie…

  14. Too bad Warren Harding wasn’t a vampire killer like Abraham Lincoln… then again, Harding was a pretty awful president.

    Argentinian women got it going on!

  15. loving you fav vampire too….excellent eye candy ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Vampire, vampire vampire.. where do people get this nonsense from? Everyone knows that he was a werewolf

  17. i love the term scarlet women. it reminds me of a ‘fallen woman’ which is a great thing to aspire to.
    considering the men in your story, there is no place to fall but up.

  18. All the presidents have mistresses.

    • And all the Mistresses have presidents.

      • Where’s mine??

  19. The vampire is hot…

  20. Wilbur Mills and Fanne Foxe – it has the ring of an outdoorsy hunting tale.

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