corset friday 14.5.2010

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  1. lovely and a wonderful friday awakening as usual. so just how did that velvet get crushed, nursemyra?

  2. you look like a superhero!!

  3. i’m addicted to the feel of velvet… and those tights? yummy! is that a monocle?

  4. Lovely colours and a very nice bottom.

  5. those tights are both trippy and awesome, mmm velvet.

  6. damn, that first pose is so seductive! Nice work..

  7. Nice profile.

    • hey woeful – I was thinking of you today. The shirt I’m wearing is very prim and proper when buttoned up and I teamed it with a grey pleated skirt. One of my coworkers today remarked that I looked like a librarian!

  8. And here I thought that Red Velvet was a cake! I’m only too pleased to discover otherwise!

  9. “You wear it well . . . a little old fashioned but that’s alright.” Actually, that’s all great.

    • the red velvet bodysuit (I’m cheating today – it’s not really a corset) is very old fashioned with that high cutaway leg, looks like it’s from the 80s. I bought it for $5.00 in a second hand shop

  10. okay, i’m not much for the funky stocking thing but i am absolutely in love with that crushed red velvet bustier!! nursemyra you keep reminding me that i NEED red lingerie. β™₯ oh and the monocle is a unique touch but i like it, it reminds me of steam punk.

  11. tasty hott.

  12. For some reason this outfit reminds me of a superhero. A smokin hot superhero!

  13. Are you auditioning for Cats?

  14. GREAT legwear!!!

  15. Awesome!

  16. very sexy … I like t-shirt friday but also corset friday πŸ™‚

  17. Crushed velvet and a monocle? Is there decadence in the offing?

    • Drop by for high tea in the conservatory, I’ll reserve a chaise longue just for you

  18. Oh my! I loved that first pose, very very sexy, what a great bum you have. And those stockings … red velvet … I am in awe.

  19. wow, i am a bit dizzy after looking at that…

    • Jane Tennison will soon take care of that

  20. Wow, that’s quite zingy!

  21. There’s only one thing on the Internet that makes me feel better more than cat videos, and that’s Corset Friday. And I really needed Corset Friday today.

    Love the total package here, especially the tights.

  22. I need those tights. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow and they’d jazz up my LBD ensemble. πŸ˜‰

  23. Lovely outfit. And the first picture is very artistic as well as being sexy!

  24. WOW! Is that like Willie Wonka of Lingerie? I need to see the whole thing at once.

    • the Willie Wonker of Lingerie would make a good blog post title

  25. I gotta get me a corset… and then a fine ass looking lady to put in it…

    • I’ve got 3 beautiful nieces living in Victoria Alex. Actually 4, but that one is way too young for you…

      • Well… are thier standards… low?

      • I’d have to check, but probably… no….

  26. I like to think of you as a top-notch story teller and cultural anthropologist but you also look nice in your underwear.

    Hugh Maninterest

    • The human interest stories do it for me Hugh

  27. I think the pastor in White Ribbon would be very cross with you indeed.

    • I think he would have been apoplectic if he’d seen last Friday’s entry…..

  28. Were I not a gentleman I would drool.

    p.s. please excuse shaky keyboarding.

    • Anything for you Mr Musgrove πŸ˜‰

  29. Those tights are sick!!! (And I mean that in the cool “kids these days” way).

    When we go to NY, I’m shopping where you shop…

  30. Those tights totally rock Nurse dearie!!!! Where do you get this stuff from!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  31. Splendid!
    Well done, Nurse.

  32. Pristine, colorful, lovely.

  33. You are looking very Regal in your claret coloured crushed velvet πŸ˜‰

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