a ring, a cross, a rosary

Back in 1974, Jean Danielou was found dead in the apartment of a Parisian cabaret dancer. What made this newsworthy was Jean’s status in the catholic church.


“At three forty-eight the police received an urgent message from a Madame Santoni, who occupied an upper floor apartment in a none too reputable quarter just north of the Boulevard des Batignolles. Her message brought the police rushing to the scene, for she told them that no less a person than a Cardinal was dead on her premises.

French police rush to the scene

He, Daniélou, had called there soon after three-thirty. He had, so someone told her, run up the stairs four at a time, then collapsed at the top, purple in the face, and soon became unconscious. She had torn his clothes apart, and summoned help. But it was impossible to revive him.


Father Coste, Superior of the Jesuits in Paris, arrived at the apartment and addressed the gathered  reporters. It was essential for them to maintain the utmost discretion, and, having said that, he went on to state that the Cardinal had died in the street, or it may possibly have been on the stairway, after he had fallen in the street.

‘Oh no, he wasn’t’, broke in Madame Santoni. The lady in question thoroughly deserved the title of Madame. She was well known to the police, a twenty-four year old blonde who traded under the name of Mimi, sometimes as hostess at a bar, a go-go girl at an all night cabaret, or as a strip-tease dancer in the Pigalle. Her home was run as a bawdy-house by her husband. It was then, however, temporarily out of business, as he had been convicted only three days previously for pimping.

This sort of happening supplied the Left-wing anti-clerical papers with copy for a week. One such, Le Canard Enchaine, had no hesitation in saying that the Cardinal had been leading a double life.

He had been under observation for some time, a step that was ordered by no less a person than M. Chirac, the Prime Minister who knew perfectly well that the Cardinal had been paying regular visits to Mimi.


In the Rue Puteaux, Paris, there is an ancient church, the crypt of which serves as the Grand Temple of the Grand Lodge of France. Some three years before Daniélou’s death, the Bishop of Paris, Daniel Pézeril, had there been received into the Lodge. Cardinal Daniélou had also been a frequent visitor to the crypt, where he was seen in consultation with one of the Lodge Masters who had been honoured with the title of Grand Secretary of the Obedience.

Masonic Pierre Cubique

Then, in 1975, a bishop by the name of Monsignor Roger Tort caught the train from Toulouse to Paris.

Excitement centred on the Rue du Ponceau, again on the left bank, a quarter notorious for brothels, prostitutes, and sex shops, where red lamps shone invitingly. The woman who raised the alarm kept one of the brothels. She had come across a man, who was obviously ill, in the street outside her door, and she enlisted the help of two others of her kind to drag him inside.

“The French Prostitute” found here

The stranger died of a heart attack, between seven and eleven o’clock, in the street, or in the corridor, or in one of the rooms. A news-hungry reporter said that the Bishop, once his identity had been confirmed, had come a long way from his lodgings. The reporter went on to say, backed by a snap judgment from the police that, as in the case of Daniélou, the body appeared to have been hastily dressed.

A clerical apologist later advised all those interested to put away such thoughts as being totally unworthy. He pointed out that Monsignor Tort, when found, was wearing his Bishop’s ring, and his pectoral cross, and that his rosary was still in his pocket. Of course the presence of those objects was enough to prove that ‘no inadmissible intentions’ had brought him into the district……

16th century skull rosary found here

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  1. I can hear Dan Brown typing furiously in the background.

  2. wow – you’ve got much better hearing than me darlin’

  3. I want that skull rosary

    • I bet Synchy and tetherdcow want it too!

      • I think it’s wonderful, except for the question marks on the skulls. Picky, picky.

      • No, no Synchy, you’ll love them even more when I tell you they’re not question marks – they are hinged lock thingies… the skulls open up

  4. That is an impressive rosary .. I can’t see my old mum using it though!

    • Maybe not your mum, but how about you Jams?

  5. The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church astonishes me. Have you seen the latest where they excommunicated a nun for agreeing that a woman should have the abortion to save her life? This was in Arizona, the fetus was only 11 weeks, and the woman and the baby were sure to die if left to term. Better to let them both die I guess.

    BTW, I’d love to see you in that last necklace on a Friday…

    • No, I didn’t know about that Scott. How sad for all concerned.

    • What is it with Arizona? It sounds like an awful place.

      • When I was a kid I used to love that Mark Lindsay song…..

  6. Well it goes without saying that the presence of rosary beads proves no ill intentions. I can’t think of a more watertight excuse in fact. It also makes me now think that it was obvious that Jean’s clothes were torn apart because Mimi, skillfully, thought to practice CPR….

    • Yes, the beads certainly convinced me

  7. Still better in the brothel than buggering the poor altar boys surely…

    The King

  8. I concur with The King!! a little more mimi is the answer!!

    ps.. i was thinking about that movie and poor Natalie at the time..

  9. I remember when I saw the pink panther was going to be on TV when I was a kid. WTF. Who is this inspector and where is my pink guy?

  10. A history of cover-ups – in more ways than one.
    The presence of religious paraphernalia as evidence against wrongdoing? Ha!

  11. Between the story and the picture of the French prostitue it really makes me miss Montmartre.

    • I’ll be in France in less than a month! Woo hoo!

  12. I once dressed up in Cardinal’s robes but I didn’t get to meet Mimi – – –

  13. So much of excitement out there!

    • Bet your history teacher didn’t tell you about this did she Terra?

  14. Those French Police must have really strong thigh muscles…

    • I’ll try and find out if that’s true next month…. 😉

  15. Lovely to return to a religious experience …… *hugs*

  16. I wouldn’t mind being found dead in the apartment of a Parisian cabaret dancer, though I would hope to meet my end there under much more pleasurable circumstances than the Cardinal.

    • How about in the terrace of an Australian nurse? Ooops… I keep forgetting, I’m not a real nurse

  17. I thought that the Catholics could not be Freemasons.

    Actually, the story reminds me of this joke:

    Two Irishmen were digging a ditch directly across from a brothel. Suddenly, they saw a rabbi walk up to the front door, glance around and duck inside
    Ah, will you look at that?” One ditch digger said. “What’s our world comin’ to when men of th’ cloth are visitin’ such places?”

    A short time later, a Protestant minister walked up to the door and quietly slipped inside. “Do you believe that?” The workman exclaimed. “Why, ’tis no wonder th’ young people today are so confused, what with the example clergymen set for them.”

    After an hour went by, the men watched as a Catholic priest quickly entered the whore house. “Ah, what a pity,” the digger said, leaning on his shovel. “One of th’ poor lasses must be ill.”

    • Haha… funny joke Tom. And I also thought that about the Catholic Church. Perhaps things are different in France. Or perhaps the source at which I found this article is not correct. Click the link and see if you think it is to be trusted

  18. Rue du Ponceau? Surely not nursemyra. That name is just too good to be true.

  19. the truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

  20. I’ve said it a million times: It’s NOT NATURAL to live a celibate life! Our pals in the Catlick church could have saved themselves a whole lot of grief if they had allowed priests to marry.

  21. Guess they learned that Mimi was a practicing Catholic…rather, practicing on a Catholic.

    • haha…. good one Gropius

  22. That Mimi must have been something else for a guy to take the steps four at a time for! I wonder what kind of corsets she wore?

  23. proof that fables of the “whore with the heart of gold” are based in fact! oh, what a dear woman… risking her business trying to save a cleric with a bad ticker!

  24. Hey Catholic Church, Repeal celibacy for priests, that would solve a lot of your issues.

  25. Ah, Inspector Clouseau. I remember his debut.

  26. Hey at least they were going after women instead of young underage boys.

  27. the duck calling the cardinal fowl?

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