dining with the queen on corset friday

queenwilly and The King have invited me to dinner and a movie at the castle tonight so since I’ve no time to take a new corset friday photo,  here are two outtakes from a few months back

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  1. Have you turned over a new leaf?

  2. Nurse darling although i do have an appreciation for nature and all, i certainly cant appreciate it when it’s covering your boobs!!!!

  3. it’s posts like this that bring a tear of joy to my eyes. good morning, nursemyra!

  4. Oh lordy…

  5. flowers! you could have a special ‘flower friday’ in the spring where you’re wearing nothing but petals!

  6. Outtakes are good… i second what Daisyfae says.

  7. Damnation, I should have offered to take photos in front of our roaring hearth tonight!

    Oh well, the prawns went down a treat, and no photo does NM justice anyway.

    Most enjoyable, now as for that movie, well, at least it had boobs!

    The King

  8. Well that’s not fair. We want to see you in a corset AT the castle!

    • Tell that to queenwilly and The King, I am merely their humble handmaiden.

      • You won! I mean you already win by looking like you do and all, but you won the caption contest too. Tied for the win anyway.

  9. Was it a good movie? Did Human Centipede get out to Australia yet?

    • It’s a pretty crap movie, in fact it’s really bad – but we did get a few laughs. Sly Stallone is still exactly the same, in desperate need of elocution lessons. Carradine acts as though he’s not really there (which seemed to be the case in all his movies) and the acting is truly awful. The massage scene was fun however and many of the deaths were quite humourous.

      I’ve seen a trailer for the mad german doctor, not sure if it’s been released yet though.

      Castle photos, hmmm, perhaps a french chalet instead?

      The King

      • Eeeekkk…. I just watched a trailer for the Human Centipede! Whoah!! Cronenberg on steroids!

        Perhaps queenwilly will take a photo of nursemyra in a corset in the french chalet we’ll be sharing in less than 3 weeks. I think The King will be too busy on the throne for photography

  10. Mind blowing!

  11. enjoy your evening !!!

  12. Nice out takes .. hope you have/had a great night with the Willy family 😉

    • Is that a play on The Windsor Family? The royal hound is not a corgi but the royal feline could just about pass for one.

      • All felines are royal, aren’t they?

  13. Lettuce alone ……

    • …is just diet food

  14. Somehow the outtakes make me think of staying in.

    Brad Manners

    • With all the comforts of home?

  15. Your outakes are my intakes. Hope it was a great night for you aristocats!

  16. Sometimes we are busy . .

    • … more often we are not.

  17. I hope you had a wonderful time nurse. Give the royalty there my best.

    • haha… we talked a little about you Ricardo. The subject came up about extras. The ones in Death Race 2000 were particularly bad

  18. Thank God It’s Friday 🙂

    • Well it’s Sunday over here now but I can appreciate the sentiment Walter.

  19. Hope your evening was lovely!

  20. These are even better than the outtakes at the end of the Rush Hour movies!

  21. Was dinner good?

    • Delicious! The King cooked prawns, I drank ginger beer…. and we all ate chocolate coated raspberry licorice for dessert

      • In fact I had made fluffy mango mousses, but we were all too full of rasberry licorice to eat them.

  22. dinner and a movie sounds wonderful.
    i hope you had fun.

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