t shirt friday 28.5.2010

last friday of the month is t shirt friday. healingmagichands is joining in. anyone else? And many thanks to syncopated eyeball for giving me this great tee! Hooray for Malach – he’s in a tee too

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  1. It’s great to see your whole figure, Nursie. An amazing combination of slim and booby!

  2. You’re more than welcome, darling. I had such fun that day. I can’t play today – phone will still not upload pics but I have phone calls and net access and vids again. 🙂

    • hope you get the problem sorted out soon Syncy

  3. That’s art–the shirt is nice too.

  4. What a fun t-shirt!

  5. nifty t-shirt! can’t wait to see you in less than a month! woo hoo!

    • counting down the days now!

  6. i can’t take my eyes off of her cheeks… very fun!

  7. I find this to be just as titillating as the corsets. Sometimes, it’s nice to imagine what’s underneath.

    Astonishing that you and Miss Daisy will soon be occupying the same space. Lucky girls.

    • don’t forget Miss Dolce is coming now too… 😉

  8. Love the tee!

  9. What does the button say at the bottom? Looks like “Left Bin,” but I doubt that’s it. Very colorful. I like it.

  10. What a cool tee shirt! I also loved the cheeks. . . I used to have a sweatshirt that only had the eyes, ear hair, nose and whiskers of a cat. The boobs made the whole thing very three-d and the whiskers were right in the right spot. Hmm. I may still have that garment squirreled away, maybe I’ll model it next month.

  11. This may the only time I’ve seen a boob down around someone’s waist and it was still very nice.

    • ARG. It’s a BOOB.
      Maybe it says “left tit.”

      • When in doubt, everything’s a boob.

      • haha… good one RF.

        the words are “left big”

  12. That is very odd ……

    • I thought so too …

  13. quite the figure you’ve got their nursemyra. Jealous!

  14. All I know is that I can’t stop myself from looking deep into her eyes…

  15. Wow a gret t shirt and a great figure!

  16. that tee is all face!
    i’m waiting to see if you can move your ears.

    • No I can’t. But my younger son can move his 😉

  17. I did it, and is that tee? Define t-shirt!

    • Yes it qualifies – tank tops are just tee shirts without sleeves

  18. A spectacular shirt!

    Maybe I’ll be able to join in next month

  19. And another month goes by!

  20. Pretty cool t-shirt. “like”

  21. I love the shirt. If you ever need help taking it off….

  22. Love the T … I can see the eyeball connection 🙂

  23. whoa girl, i did way too much drugs in the 70s to be even able to look at the shirt, suggest you take it off…

  24. Like!

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