corset friday 4.6.2010

all photos were taken by syncopated eyeball

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  1. Lace, chains, corsets, gloves, stockings, feathers – Something for everyone!

  2. Textural delight!

  3. Ooh i love love the corset! Have u ever used it on a night out?

    • Never. I only ever wore my corsets for Stephen

  4. OMFG, how the hell will I be able to concentrate at work today?

  5. i love this corset – there is no substitute for black. the chain straps and necklace? magic! you look fantastic, as always!

  6. GREAT corset – my knickers are just like those!!

    • I’ve had those knickers for about 10 years. I don’t think that style goes out of fashion

  7. Ho.

  8. damn fine. daaaaammmmnnnnnn fine.

  9. Unf!

    I’m going to need some time to take this all in.

  10. By far the best CF!!!!

  11. Ooh very nice! The expression Hubba Hubba springs to mind!

  12. I like the chains at the top. Very cool. And the necklace matches. You should sell this stuff.

  13. Good God Damn! The bottom pic is my favorite pic in the history of the entire world!!

    • You bet!

  14. Oh dear, have you put your back out?

    • No, touch wood 😉

      • If you do I can fix it… just give me a moment to learn Astral Projection.

  15. The gloves really make this outfit — such a touch of elegance. Love the chain detail on the corset too.

    I always like the poses you get when Syncopated Eyeball is there for the shoot. Great tour de force, ladies!

    • Syncy brings out the best in me 🙂

  16. I think Brucehood summed it up best – something for everyone! Nice.

  17. This is a winning ensemble, everything working together in sexy harmony. The corset, the gloves, the chains, the shawl.

    And to show how big a dork I am, I looked at the thing connecting the chain near your breasts and thought “That looks like a Playstation controller.”

    • haha – it does! I hadn’t noticed that before

  18. The chains are a very nice touch. They give the outfit a little extra interest. Not that it needs more… 🙂

  19. Now THAT would wake-up The Gimp.

  20. See now you make me want to play a Barbarian in my next Dungeons and Dragons Excursion

  21. Just like this!

    • I’m not allowed to share with you guys coz I live on the wrong side of your borders 😦

  22. Class, pure class.

    I have visions of a 2011 fundraiser calendar – “Corset Fridays” …

  23. Wow! Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing next Friday in France.

    • T shirt and shorts as I sip a cocktail by the pool with you and King Willy! Don’t forget to let me know if I need to pack any warm clothes

  24. syncopated eyeball gets all the fun !!!

    • She took those photos a couple of weeks ago – we had a slumber party that night. It was a lot of fun!!

  25. How old are you? Like late 30’s early 40’s?

    Either way you are still a fine piece of ass.. Keep up the good work. 😀

    • Late 40s

      • Me too.. 🙂

        But I fel like 70. ime to hit the gym. lol

  26. Don’t know who Jack is but he gets right to the point!Nicely done my dear.. sexy and hinting at all the most luscious.
    I’d suggest to Jack that he revise his statement, “either way you are STILL a fine piece…” Geez!!!
    30s and 40s are no where near the end time! Hell women in their 40s and 50s are just getting into their/our prime!!

  27. Lace, Leather, Chains, Choker…All the major food groups.

    • haha… that’s funny Mr Bullit

  28. One day I will have the privilege of snaping some famous Nurse Corset Friday photos.

  29. this is my *favorite* one so far!

  30. Chains and fringes…I can but sigh.

  31. Dear Lord!!

  32. Vampy, in a very, very good way.

  33. […] think much of the credit for this recognition should go to nursemyra. Had she not retired from her Corset Friday duties–leaving me to inadequately fill the void, as it were–I would still be blithely […]

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