a snuff coloured beaver

Not long after tobacco was introduced to Europe, snuff taking was developed.

making snuff

A huge snuff user was the Emperor of France, Napoleon I (1769-1821). It was estimated that he would use three kilograms of tobacco monthly. He did it often during the day, as in his time, there was not yet a way of consuming enough tobacco to last a whole day. It was a year before his death that the snuff double barrel pistol was invented . The amunition chamber was filled with tobacco and the barrels were placed under the nose, the trigger was pulled, and the shot delivered enough tobacco to the nose to last for an entire day.

snuff bottles

Not everyone was taken with the pistol up the nose method and different social classes used different ways to inhale.

The French historian Henri d’Allemagne aptly describes this:

“To take snuff, people of noble birth were meant to tap on the lid, take a few grains with the tip of their slender fingers, to make a slight gesture and to inhale the powder with ecstasy.

On the contrary, the countryman digged his thumb and forefinger inside the snuff box in order to take out a large pinch of tobacco, putting it on the back of his left hand and snorted it in a noisy way while rubbing his nose.”

Record of a Sneeze

In 1904 Margaret Thompson demonstrated her love for snuff by including these instructions in her will

“I Margaret Thompson being of sound mind etc. do desire that when my soul is departed from this wicked world, my body and effects may be disposed of in the manner following: I desire that all my handkerchiefs that I may have unwashed at the time of my decease, after they have been got together by my old and trusty servant Sara Stewart, to be put by her, and by her alone, at the bottom of my coffin, which I desire may be made large enough for the purpose, together with such quantity of the best Scotch snuff as will cover my Deceased body.

But I strictly charge that no man may be suffered to approach my body till the coffin is closed, and as it is necessary to carry me to my burial which I order in the following manner: Six men to be my bearers who are known to be the greatest snuff takers in the parish of St. James, Westminster.

Instead of mourning, each to wear a snuff coloured beaver hat which I desire to be bought for the purpose and given to them. Six maidens of my old acquaintance to bear my pall, each to wear a proper hood, and to carry a box filled with the best Scotch snuff to take as their refreshment as they go along.

modifications of the beaver hat

I desire my old and faithful servant, Sarah Stewart, to walk before the corpse and to distribute every twenty yards a large handful of Scotch snuff to the ground and upon the crowd who may possibly follow me to my burial place on which condition I bequeathe her £20. And I also desire that at least two bushels of said snuff may be distributed at the door of my house in Boyle Street.”

No snuff was required at King George V’s funeral cortege

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  1. “snuff double barrel pistol was invented ”

    Is that where the phrase “to snuff somebody out” came from?

    • Hmmmm….. I don’t know bearman. Will have to do some research

      • “each to wear a snuff coloured beaver hat”

        Is that where the question “Where’s my snuff colored beaver hat?” came from?

  2. Ahhhchoooooo !

    Pardon me.

  3. Margaret Thompson seemed to have been directing her own snuff flick… but i suppose they didn’t have movies back then.

  4. I know a few beaver hats I’d like to try on…

    • I’ve got my eye on one beaver hat in particular right now. But I’m loyal that way. To my hats. Of the beaver variety.

  5. She had to emphasise that she was of sound mind… hehehe

  6. Ah yes – in those days long before teh internetz, we youngsters pretty much had to depend upon those pictures in National Geographic for our, er, amusement.

  7. I’ve tried snuff – didn’t do much for me …… I’m sticking to my cigars …..

    • So that’s why TG sends you to the garden shed so often

  8. I love the idea of the snuff gun. Snuff is something whose time has passed. Perhaps it is time for its time to come back again… Far less noxious than cigs and a snuffo would be easier than a smoke-o in this day and age I’m sure

    • It may be slightly safer than smoking tobacco but it’s still implicated in oral cancers. You only need to see a few photos of what oral cancer looks like to be turned off snuff for life

  9. a bit needy in her death was she not?

    • Oh I don’t know Ricardo. I’ve made a few odd funeral plans myself. I’ve got all those corsets to consider…… 😉

  10. Hm. The idea of putting a gun to my nose just doesn’t appeal. No matter what’s in it. 🙂

  11. It’s a shame Snuffalafagus wasn’t around for Margaret’s funeral. He could have led the cortege and shot snuff from his trunk.

  12. Spam? Oh boy! I don’t know why that’s happening! Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll do some research on that.
    I tore down the post titled ‘Help!’ because I didn’t like those photos too much.
    And yes, I do visit fundamentaljelly.com.
    Thanks again!

  13. Incredibly interesting, Nursemyra! I just mentioned snuff on Clifton’s blog not realizing you had this posted. You may want to visit Unsolicited Advice and link this over.

    Thanks much for your research on all of this peculiar stuff!

    • Thanks Stuffy 😉

      I’ll head on over now

  14. bushels of snuff? kilos of snuff?
    no way! beavers, i know for a fact,
    don’t wear hats. you’re funning
    with us again, nurse myra.

    • I like funning with you Sera

  15. I wonder how many people overdosed on the snuff double barrel. Nicotine is one of the most toxic naturally occurring substances on earth…. Or am I wrong?

    • I’ve heard ‘experts’ say it’s the most difficult addiction to kick. I’ve never been a smoker so I don’t know….

  16. A snuff-coloured beaver…..now THAT is not to be sniffed at.

    • I’m not even sure what colour snuff is…. beige perhaps?

  17. I wonder how much of that was cocaine? Naughty!

  18. And then came the snuff film, oh wait . .

  19. I hope you gain success all the time!

    warm greeting 0_0

  20. Wonderfully entertaining Nurse Myra, loved learning about the double barrel snuff gun, and hearing the old dear’s funeral plans, what great consideration she gave her snuff! A true fan

  21. I just put a pinch between cheek and gum and swap it when it goes dull.

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