I will if you will

George Hazeltine, a rich American who died at the age of 86, spent his last days in a Los Angeles hospital, where he became very attached to two of his nurses, Lillian Pelkey and Madeleine Higgins. So he announced his intention of making a new will, in order to leave $10,000 to each of them. The two nurses protested against this proposal, but agreed to humour the old man.


Since there was no writing paper available, Nurse Pelkey wrote the will on her underwear, which Mr Hazeltine signed, the Misses Pelkey and Higgins acting as witnesses. This resulted in them both being barred from receiving their legacies, but neither of them wished to do so in any case. The will was however, admitted to probate and a great niece who was also a beneficiary and under no disqualification, inherited the estate under its terms.


Lingerie also featured in the will of Ellen Collins of Philadelphia in 1932: “I bequeath my white flannel embroidered petticoat to Mr Albert Cummings.”Tragically, Mr Cummings died before his intending benefactress  who presumably had some reason to believe he coveted her petticoat.


This will be my last post for a little while. I’m flying off to the south of France to meet up with Queenwilly and The King for a week or so, then on to Greece where Daisyfae and Dolce await. We three girls are going to scare the pants off Athens then head over to the Isle of Lesbos to laze about eating Greek salads and drinking retsina…… here’s to foie gras, truffles, mah jongg, blue skies, sandy beaches and good friends…. see you all soon….  xx

Lesbos Fashions 1873

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  1. I’ve warned Athens, there is likely to be more rioting after the 3 amigos arrive… Lesbos… well, they’ll never know what hit them… Small favour please… will the three of you each leave me a token legacy in your wills… scribble on a pair of knickers each, sign and post… I would be most grateful…

    • I’ll have to ask the two D gals first. We’ll get back to you….

  2. wow… lost in a moment there, apologies! Have a fantastic tour… give the girls big hugs from me… can’t wait to see the piccies! BBx

    • oh there will be piccies 😉

  3. Good luck and have a fun filled vacation in where you don’t remember half the things you did, and for the half that you do, you avoided appearing in the newspapers.

    Barely. 😀

  4. Enjoy the trip, sounds very cool. Hope to hear about it on your return. Do have a grand time.

  5. I wanted to leave my body to Science. Science begged me not to.

    • How about being a Crash Test Dummy?

  6. i think you could pay for many travels, nursemyra, if you started auctioning off signed corsetry on eBay! see you soon, hotstuff!

  7. After my mother’s estate was settled, we were each awarded $86. But the love we got was priceless.

    Bon voyage.

  8. I’m so envious.. would love to travel with a couple of good girlfriends. Enjoy.
    Nice seque from lingerie to your travels. You’ll be missed!

  9. I just wanted to tell you to have a fantastically amazing trip Nursemyra! And if you want to send my anything, some signed underwear will do nicely.

  10. Have a lovely time, keep safe and behave yourselves …. and remember, men aren’t just for Christmas ……

    • Rats. i’ve been doing it backwards. Christmas was my day off…

  11. Have way too much fun, and don’t return home until you do.

  12. Change money little and often……the Euro is on the slide and Au$ are probably in better shape right now.

    Have a great holiday.

    • It’s still a woeful exchange rate 😦

  13. Write your next post on your underwear, and then post a picture of it.

  14. Have a great time!

  15. Lends a whole new texture to the idea of an autograph will.

    Have a wonderful time; Greece is always someplace I have wanted to go.

  16. Is the model in the first pic Lee Majors??

    • No. But I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the lovely model in the petticoat…..

      • haha..I just hovered over the link to see where that came from. So is that Lee Majors in the petticoat?

  17. So who gets your corsets when you depart from the world of the living, dear nurse?

    If you come to New York next year, it’s almost a lock that I’ll be there for an adventure. I’ll have a Tag Larkin shirt made so you can recognize me.

    • Well that news is enough to make New York a lock for me!

      Who’s up for that trip….. Lynn, daisyfae? bschooled maybe? What’s happened to JimmyBastard? Ricardo and unbearablebanishment are already there…..

      • i’m in…

  18. New York is a quick drive down the pike. Now I’m just scared. Have a great trip, NM!

  19. Have a lovely time, Nursemyra! I’m sure you will!

  20. Athens is fab … I spent two weeks there and had a blast (of course if you ask my bosses I was working of course) … great people, great food…. it is a city that never sleeps .. have a ball hun xxxx

  21. p.s. look out for the men in tights and pom pom shoes [great thighs;) ]

  22. I think you’ll have so much fun! See you when you get back. X

  23. I hope you have the time of your life. Indeed there’s nothing like joining forces with women friends to love life and explore new sights together. We just got back from a weekend in Sanibel with 6 of us and had a ball, feeling renewed and ready for another adventure instead of work. And I never even thought of wills in underwear before this post…always something new to consider. Enjoy your time in Greece!

  24. The Isle of Lesbos . . AWESOME!

  25. Enjoy your holidays, Nurse 🙂

  26. Just switch off, relax, and enjoy some good company, some good scenery, some good wine, and some good conversation. Have a whale of a time and come back refreshed and invigorated and with many pleasing memories to treasure !!!

  27. I’m envious of your trip as well. I wish you a safe one. don’t flirt with more danger than you can handel.

  28. The girls… Island of lesbos… I’ve had dreams that ended like that.

    Have fun anyway, and go easy on all those poor poor greek lads.

  29. Ooh what fun…i am soo sooo jealous!!! Hope you guys have a smashing time!

  30. so very cool! pictures please!! *she says beggingly* 🙂

  31. sounds fun….enjoy yourselves!

  32. I could contemplate leaving someone my underwear, but only if it was clean. I’d die of shame if it wasn’t. Enjoy all that Lesbos has to offer.

  33. Have a wonderful journey! Send a postcard – on a pair of underwear!

    • Thanks Don – and all my other well wishers. Getting on a plane in two hours….. Paris here I come!

  34. I think you should bring a pair of unmentionables for writing on, as well as corsets for The King’s photo shoot ( he has already scouted the perfect location – very royal!)

  35. Oh, I fear I missed sending my bon voyage in time for the actual voyage! Oh well, it will find you well somewhere, sometime I am sure.
    I love, love, love Greece, and daydream to this day of an island life
    Live the dream NurseMyra!

  36. Are we there yet?

  37. Have fun, NM! Promise me you’ll have a few (dozen) drinks in memory of me…

    And don’t spend all your money on those Lesbos fashions…you can do that next year, when we’re in New York.

  38. In view of recent events, don’t you think Athens has been traumatised enough? In any case hurry back – I miss you’re brand of elegant filth!

  39. Good times await! Please don’t have a Shirley Valentine revelation and shack up with a local bar-tender; mind you if it’s on Lesbos, she may be quite the catch! Bon Voyage, bold Nurse. Happy travels to the whole gang!

  40. Enjoy Lesbos! The island, too. And do try to stay out of the line of fire.

  41. If you’re going to Athens you must, really absolutely must, watch the changing of the guard.

    • @kevin – we’ll definitely hit that, and might even get there for the “big” change – with the military band.

  42. Will miss you terrible nurse. Say hello to the king and queen for me, will you?

  43. Was thinking about you and your exotic holiday, thought I’d better check your blog — and voila! You’re off! Have a wonderful time.

  44. No CF photos this time?

  45. I wonder if my family would fight more or less over my grandparents’ wills if they’d been written on knickers.

    Your trip sounds incredible. I’ve always been curious about Lesbos. Well, from at least age 21 or so.

  46. Wills on lingerie. You never cease to amaze, and you should be making a GOOD living from this. If I ever figure out how to do it myself, I’ll set you up with an independent blog and ads so you can get stinking rich off all these bloody pervs who read your blog. Doncha hate people like that?

  47. Am reading “Not Another Greek Salad” by Ann Rickard and falling about laughing at the thought of the fun times you must be having on Lesbos! Can’t wait to see the photos and hear the stories.

  48. france and greece will never be the same.
    have a wonderful holiday.

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